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Remember having just a few apps for work? Nowadays documents are stored everywhere and work is fragmented. It’s almost impossible to stay organized and keep track of what’s happening. Introducing HQ! the workstation powered by your apps to eliminate switching between tabs. Simply connect to your existing accounts and enjoy one central place where you can find everything, […]

Quantify and Analyze Employee Productivity w/ OneView

Functions such as sales and customer service are most effective when callers can connect to people not voicemail This applies to inbound as well as outbound call activity In these environments managers want insight on How well is their team handling inbound calls? Are they staffed to handle peak call times? What percentage of calls end up in […]

What’s New with Coda | Templates in Docs, Pricing News & More…

Hello everyone and welcome back to keep Productive to the YouTube channel today’s feature We’re diving into what’s new with coda now Coda for those who don’t know is very similar to notion It’s a document application primarily that works in a way for teams to create these long form documents with Interactive content in the sense is […]

Bullet journaling 101: Mindfulness meets productivity | Ryder Carroll

When people ask me what the Bullet Journal method is I like to describe it as a mindfulness practice that’s disguised as a productivity system. So what sets Bullet Journal apart from regular list keeping and journaling? It’s not linear. So essentially you create these things called collections which are essentially lists or graphs or whatever you need […]

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