? 9 Self Care Goals for 2019 | Plan The Year With Me ?

? 9 Self Care Goals for 2019 | Plan The Year With Me ?

hey guys ~ welcome back so last week’s video we talked about
my themes and manifestos for 2019 which were 4 words: commitment, consistency, ownership, and staying grounded so with themes, to me they’re more
big picture, abstract, North Star, guiding light.. they’re not as measurable
and they’re not as actionable so this video we’re going to focus on
9 things I want to do more of in 2019 that are actionable and that are measurable like I’m gonna do this
this amount of times this year it’s important to create measurable goals because it helps you determine a point
in which you’ve achieved your goal and I think this is really really
encouraging and motivating so with all that being said
9 things I want to do more of in 2019 and thank you so much to Skillshare
for sponsoring this video they’re offering the first 500 people
a 2-month Premium Membership trial so if that’s something that
you guys are interested in I’ll leave the link down below and I’ll talk more about this at the end of the video so… the first goal of 2019 is I want to take at least
one full day off every single week and this may sound kind of silly
because it’s like yes.. you should’ve already been doing this already but if you guys are new.. hello my name is Rowena I’m kind of addicted to work
and I worked a lot in 2018 and it is something that I think I needed I think I needed to do that and
to know how hard I could push myself for me to get to where I am today
so that I can find balance and so that I can know
the middle ground between the extremes for this year really I want
to spend at least one full day.. fully unplugged, fully not thinking about work fully just ~ 發呆 fa dai ~ like empty my brain
so that I can get more ideas so that I can have more mental peace and so that I can not be so stressed all the time this is something that my mom
reminds me of all the time she’s like Rowena.. you’re like a battery you can’t keep using and using
and spending yourself batteries need to be charged.. you do too and I’m like okay mom 👍 but every time she tells me I’m just like… ~ I’m so busy! ~ ~ I can’t recharge! no time! ~ but now I know it’s very very important to recharge and she always reminds me of this
in Chinese almost every other day 磨刀不誤砍柴工 which basically means.. for you to chop your wood better.. sharpening your knife will actually do you more benefit than delay your process of getting done
the tasks you need to get done for us to function optimally,
for us to be our best selves, for us to do our best we need to spend time to just be and exist and recharge so that we can do all the things that we want to do so the second thing I want to do more of this year is to do one thing that scares me every quarter so once every 3 months that’ll be 4 things that I do
that really really scares me so I think for the most part
I’ve gotten to a point in life where I don’t freak out over things as easily I don’t get as emotional when things happen because I think enough has happened
in my life where I’m just like okay instead of freaking out and
stressing and being overly anxious because it’s really not gonna do
anything about the situation at hand how can I deal with this or like how can I.. what can I do to make the situation better or what can I do to make me not as scared
or make me not as freaked out anyway being more introverted and just being a human I think we all have some degree of social anxiety or if you just care a lot about
what other people think of you which I actually do.. fear of judgment,
fear of people misunderstanding you fear of just all of these things that
I want to really face head-on and just do these things
regardless of all of these fears of all of these things that used to hold me back so for example public speaking, consulting gigs on my channel I’ve mostly focused on self-care,
personal development these kinds of things but there’s another side of me that
I have kind of just tucked a little bit away which is like the more business, marketing,
branding, advertising side that I want to develop probably not here.. maybe on here..
I don’t know if you guys want that but like maybe start a blog..
maybe start a podcast.. just do one thing that
I’ve been wanting to do but I haven’t because “I didn’t have time”
or that “I’m afraid of” like.. whatever whatever so no more of that 🙅 one thing every quarter it should be pretty awesome things I don’t know what they are yet
but they’ll come as they come and you guys will be the first ones to know the third thing is I want to start giving back I talked about this a little bit in
my 26 things I learned at 26 giving back in terms of monetary donations
to nonprofits I really care about like Shen Yun I did that last year
I’m gonna continue doing that this year beyond that is how can I give back
by being present more so like.. what I’m trying to say is
this is a very digital relationship it’s a very digital presence and all this is nice and while this is great because
I can reach so many of you with just one video I want to really be able to turn this like very… I wouldn’t say it’s like a
fake relationship but it kind of is I’m literally talking to my camera and you guys are literally watching me from a screen and I want to.. I want to break that
like I want to come.. *silly Rowena*
come through the screen I want to be able to meet you guys in real life so more meetups, more speaking
engagements these types of things doing more events with
kids in high school or in college and just giving back
my time to people like you who have spent your very precious hours
watching me and supporting me and doing the things that I do so that will be 4x this year and as we are on four..
we’re also going to move on to four so number four part is I want to have a
healthier relationship with my phone so with this I really want to figure out a
way to live harmoniously and peacefully and just… well with my phone and I guess social media in general because social media is
an extension of what comes with this so with that it’s how can I use my phone for good how can I use it to benefit my life
and benefit the work that I’m doing and how can I use it to enhance my life with all of that yes like.. how can I be and how can I live as
intentionally and as conscientious while still having this thing (phone) I think for the past few years it’s been.. this is a new thing
it’s a new gadget, it’s a new toy like.. I just want to spend all my time on it but now that I feel like we’re getting to a stage where.. you know what your phone does for you you know what it can do to you keeping all of that in mind.. I want to develop a healthy relationship with my phone where I’m not insanely dependent on it and that’s another thing and
another topic that I can get into as well just addiction to social media
and just addiction in general but anyway I’m just gonna spend a day or two I think I just need to spend an afternoon
to really figure out what this is and figure out what I want to do so that’ll be a video on its own (≧◡≦) so the fifth thing is I want to sleep earlier
and I want to wake up earlier I feel like I’ve been talking about
this all year and it’s kind of ironic because kind of ironic.. because my ‘How to Wake Up at 4am’ video has gotten a very huge bump in views
within the past couple of days yeah I haven’t been doing that
in a while now because life happens and you go through periods of your life
and seasons of your life where you can do certain things
and you want to live a certain lifestyle there comes a time where you can no longer
do that because you’re working later because you for whatever reason
you just cannot adhere to that schedule but I do know having observed myself
very intensely under a microscope for the past 2-3 years.. I know for a fact that if I sleep earlier
and if I wake up early I’m far more productive and I feel a lot better this is measurable daily and I don’t know if I’m going to actually like
write down every single day when I woke up and when I went to bed maybe I should.. I think I will do that and this goes along with sub point within this
of how like waking up early/sleeping early I want to keep like a daily planner / daily journal where I plan out the next day the night before and I want to also set a very strict nighttime routine which can also be another video and the sixth thing is that I want to meditate
for at least 30 minutes a day along with what I just said about the planner of keeping track of when I go
to sleep and when I wake up I’m also going to keep track of
if I meditated for at least 30 minutes so the goal is actually for me
to meditate for an hour every single day an hour just seems so daunting it sounds so much more unachievable
than just like 30 minutes 30 minutes totally doable totally fine either in the morning, either at night I can find 30 minutes out of my day this is why it’s important to set
measurable and realistic goals because I think humans and
what I used to do before it’s like.. I’m like shoot for the st… mooon I want to do all of these things and when I don’t do it within the first week I’m just like omg I suck.. I failed like.. I’m just gonna completely scrap this and I’ll work on it for the rest of the year so it’s important to set measurable
and also very releas… ~ realeestic ~ very realistic goals for yourself so that you can actually do the things you want to do it’s kind of like baby wins and small wins as well like what my mom says to me all the time 小小的改變大大的不同 little small incremental changes will lead to
big achievements in the long run *thumbs up* 👍👍 so meditation it’s very good for me
and is very good for us in general but it’s just finding time to do it and 30 minutes out of my day..
very doable the seventh thing is to read more I have a lot of books that I’ve been
meaning to read, that I want to read but because of this excuse of me
being too busy and having no time I haven’t been reading so those of you who have been
asking me for book recommendations books that I’ve been loving I haven’t been able to respond because I.. from what I can remember the only book
that I finished was ‘The Time Keeper’ I think I started a lot of books but I didn’t finish many I want that to change this year
by finishing one book a month every single month for the whole year so that’s 12 books by the end of the year 12 is enough and it’s not too daunting it’s very doable, it’s very realistic but an ideal world of course I’d read more than 12 this is just getting me back in the
habit of reading, of making time to read of carving out time out of my nighttime routine my very strict nighttime routine where it’s I leave work at a certain time no later than that I come home, I do the things I want to do meditate, read, skincare.. whatever it is that I want to do.. go to bed, wake up the next morning rinse and repeat, do everything over again so…. yeah for someone who really does not like routines I find that I actually need.. I need a routine desperately so the eighth thing I want to do more of is to cook more I feel like within the past six months.. half a year I might have touched my stove maybe 5x and that’s very strange for me
because I usually cook all the time I usually make all of my meals I usually eat really really really clean I haven’t been doing that but that’s something that
I wish to change this year so at least one day.. I’m gonna cook for one day which can
help meal prep for the rest of the week and this is attainable, it’s very realistic just do groceries at least
once a week.. maybe maybe that.. do groceries at least once a week so that I could cook myself a couple of meals because overall I feel like my body.. I’m.. I used to care more about how I looked so I’ll eat healthy so that I can look a certain way but now that it’s not about that anymore it’s more about I just want to be healthy definitely want to go back to cleaner eating more vegetables, more healthy stuff, more superfoods note about those things as well.. so I think the core of all of these goals
is really just to make more time to do the things that I know will be good for me commitment to taking care of myself ownership in the things that interest me consistency in doing these things and staying grounded by making time for myself just slid in all of my themes to this okay so the last thing.. the ninth thing that I want to do
is I want to learn more so this goes hand-in-hand with reading more,
with cooking more, with all of the previous points I’ve expressed this before in my previous videos where I feel like I haven’t been
learning as much as I used to because I’ve just been so preoccupied by this again I’m so glad that I went through what I did and I’m kind of still going through it and I get to continue going through it but moving forward I want to work far more smarter than just working myself like a mule
and just putting in long hours the thing that I’m doing it requires creativity it requires me to be inspired it requires me to want to feel like
I want to share things that matter to me and if I’m just stressed all the time I can’t keep just sharing me being stressed
and then me being not stressed and then me being stressed
and then me being not stressed.. so with all of that.. I want to learn more and with this I am committing
to one course a month on Skillshare same thing with reading ideally I’d do more than one course a month I’d just do whatever course that interests me because Skillshare courses generally
range from like 15 minutes to 1-1.5 hours which in the grand scheme of things..
honestly it’s not.. it’s not much it’s very bite-size digestible pieces
that you can come back to so what Skillshare is for those of
you who aren’t familiar.. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators there’s classes on design, photography,
business, lifestyle, productivity.. so many things whether you want to fuel your curiosity,
creativity, or even your career Skillshare is a perfect place for you to get started and for you to learn and thrive in 2019 so there’s 3 courses that caught my eye the first one is ‘How To Use Gmail
To Maximize Your Productivity’ ‘Productivity with Evernote’ also a course on bullet journaling
that I’m actually very very fascinated by if you guys have watched my videos for a while and if you kind of understand
who I am and the things that I like you guys are probably like
why doesn’t she bullet journal and it’s like I ask myself the same question why don’t I bullet journal? and I don’t have a good answer I just I haven’t.. last year was all about not having time so this year is all about committing to myself committing to the things that I want to learn committing to the things that I want to do more of committing to my creativity committing to my growth so, so dramatic ~ so with that, it’s just a combination of like yes these are all the things that I want to learn and at the core of everything it’s just
I want to make more time for myself and for doing the things that
I know can help me improve my life and help me make my life better and with all of that.. thank you again for watching this video I hope you guys are having a wonderful
amazing start to your new year I said this in my last video.. and I felt like all of you guys had the same.. feeling that 2019 is gonna be a really really great year so keep findthing of the good fight ~ ffthfffthfthfthfffthfth ~ I can’t talk dude keep fighting the good fight keep doing what you guys are doing keep believing in yourself,
keep dreaming, stay strong you can do this, you’re not alone and.. let’s do this ~ baiii ~ *waves goodbye*


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  • Hey Rowena 😀 what actually made a boost on my reading habits is Audible (I know I sound like an add right now, but I don't gain a thing by aadvertising this xD) I listen to it while I do chores, commute, walk or go to the supermarket 😀 you can pick your first book for free and give it a try ;D

  • I've been using time limits from screen share on my iphone and i'ts really helped me scale down my time on my phone 🙂

  • im super super interested in the business/marketing/branding etc topic – im thinking about going back to school for business but what to know more about the industry

  • Your point about taking time o recharge has been a theme that has been reverberating throughout my day. I definitely think its the universe attempting to send me a message. When you practice self-care you are more productive. Sharpen your knife.

  • Have you read Thinking Fast and Slow? I did a few pages and then I gave up???too hard to understand.

    And these videos had questions which I can ask myself as well so thank you! It helped me!

  • Ever Changing Spirit says:

    Your point about taking time o recharge has been a theme that has been reverberating throughout my day. I definitely think its the universe attempting to send me a message. When you practice self-care you are more productive. Sharpen your knife.

    I've also realized I feel much better with an early sleep and early wake schedule and I have the same goals for 1 book per month and more cooking lol. Cooking as a hobby, try new recipes etc., ( not as a chore) this mindset change might help 🙂

    I have been writing as I've been watching haha. Sorry for the long comment. Great Video
    Sending my love xx

  • Rowena, could you maybe someday make a video on meditation? I'm really interested in it (and I know there are many videos out there already) but I would love to see your view on meditation and why it's so important, etc. Ly lots!?

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  • "I'm so busy I can't recharge no time"
    Me in exam season right now ??
    Also keeping track of your sleeping habits and then analysing when you are most productive is something that really helped me realizing I thrive in the mornings! Not 4am but 6-7am wake up time is perfect for me.

  • Hi Rowena! For your sleeping goal maybe you can try using a FitBit. I also struggle with not getting enough sleep and it’s been great tracking my hours and sleep cycle. Given me so much insight and motivates me to sleep earlier 🙂 Good luck with all your goals this year! Love from Australia x

  • For your tracking of sleep and meditation, you could more than likely benefit from bullet journaling … its helped a lot with my mental and spiritual paths and makes my mind feel a little less jumbled and stressed

  • Measurable and actionable goals
    -Take one day off/week
    You’re like a battery you need to recharge
    -do one thing that scares me/quarter
    What can I do to make the situation better
    Social anxiety
    Not to care about what people think of you

  • 1. take one day off each week
    2. do one thing that scares you every 3 months
    3. give back every 3 months
    4. have a healthier relationship with your phone/social media
    5. wake up earlier and sleep earlier
    6. meditate for at least 30 minutes a day
    7. read one book per month
    8. grocery shop once per week to cook more
    9. take one online course per month
    “the core goal is to make time for the things that I know will be good for me”

    I made this for people who wanted the list quickly but I recommend listening to her for each one of those in depth because her talks are very inspiring and motivating ?

  • Thank you for sharing your goals – you have inspired me to consider whether the remaining goals I have are quarterly or monthly goals as I have so many ideas about what I want to do but have no time attached to it. 🙂 I have started a "bullet journal" this year because similar to you I wanted to create a routine that works. Unlike the traditional bullet journal, I'm only using my journal for habit tracking to achieve my goals. I have no intention of writing my to-do lists and things because I have a good system already. In my journal so far I have two goals: get a job and find my routine. And with each goal, I have a habit tracker where I colour in whether I have done the things I said I wanted to do daily. I think the best thing about the habit tracker I am doing for the routine goal is that it is a weekly habit tracker – so I have the freedom to make some changes the following week based on what worked and what didn't to find my ideal routine. Overall, journalling of any form is meant to help you express and make life easier. Thus, if you are going to bullet journal, keep it simple and add things that you need the journal to do for you – similar to your phone goal. Hope that helps and I wish you all the best for 2019! xx Veronica

  • Yes. Meditation is good for us. If only there was a lovely lady on youtube able to take us through the process of mediation so that those of us who dont find it easy could have a relatable/realistic road map instead of having to rely on new age artards who spout the same useless shit every shirtless douche-bag on campus lawns spouts all the while not helping anyone to quiet their heads … Oh wait ….

  • Mary Diane Duran says:

    I'm with you on the one book per month. Could you please, please do a review of the book you read for a specific month, every month? :))

  • A podcast would be so amazing! Yes yes yes and thank you sharing your goals! Your videos always help me to see other perspectives and ways and I love it!

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  • hey rowena, could you maybe make a video about how you're going to improve your relationship with your phone? that's something I'd like to do this year too, and it would be really helpful to see someone else's plan/ideas! <3

  • Hey Rowena , I am Imane , 16 years old, I follow your channel, and I love all your advice. I'm Arabic so I do not speak English very well so if i make mistakes please avoid it. As a teenager living in a racist country towards women, I hate myself every day because I am a woman who is forced to do many things that I do not want like wearing a headscarf, I was a physically and psychologically abused by my family. I wane To complete my studies far from my country, my decision to go is so difficult. I am afraid of failure, but I want to achieve my dream of becoming a mechanic engineering, and finally my family will help me to go my grandmother said that she will send me a money if I needed ,i can’t told them that I want take my headscarf off, they may kill me , what should I do ? Give advice please ! Thanks for reading my comment ♥️♥️

  • I eat like crap and make the excuse that I’m always working so I don’t have time to make myself anything more than freezer food/takeout. Seeing you setting realistic goals and making time for yourself has inspired me to try and do the same. I wish you good things in 2019 ❤️

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  • Rachel Bastarache Bogan says:

    Hi Rowena!! I'm excited to see how you're committing to more rest. I suck at this area too. I know you mentioned doing the bullet journal, but since you're talking so much about measuring your progress, I suggest you check out the 12 Week Year. It's a productivity and goal achieving system that gives you tracking, measurement and reporting on your progress. I have used this system for two years and I love it because I have an instant visual look at how I'm doing. The system was developed by Brian Moran and he has a book and website all about it. I truly love this system because unlike the bullet journal, you're crossing off check boxes and filling in information slots based on the things you decided you wanted to do and track. I have videos explaining how I use the 12 Week Year, but honestly, just find Brian Moran's book and give it a skim. The system has transformed my life and u can't recommend it enough! ?

  • I was so happy when you said you would take a day off every week. I really appreciate your hard work and it's been inspiring me a lot but I'm also really concerned about your health. I wish you an amazing 2019. Looking forward to your Podcast

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  • Rowenaaaaa, honestly I’ve been in a roadtrip for a month and I haven’t been watching your videos for a while. The second that you started talking in this video, you made me feel warm 🙂 Thank you sooo much ? I really hope I can meet you one day and thank you for all the positivities in real life ❤️

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  • FleurHatesCupcakes says:

    It's completely stupid but since I don't have twitter and I've been off ig for a while, I have nowhere else to tell you : THANK YOU ! I finally decided to treat myself and in May I'll finally go and see Shen Yun !!!! T-T I've been dreaming about it for years, but you talking about it encouraged me a lot ! You're the best. (and for other people see this, hey, hello, have a wonderful day, I'm happy I hope you are too !)

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  • I honestly think a Patreon would help you to create a more intimate community, in lieu of in person meetups. You can do livestreams or set up exclusive Discord servers or something with your Patrons. Patreon can be set to as low as $1 per month, which is much much cheaper than a meetup, and more accessible to a wider amount of people. (For example, I would never be able to meet you at a meetup, because even if you came to Toronto, it's $25 to get there via public transit for the one time, and although that would be valuable, it wouldn't be as longterm and it still would feel like running into a person from the Internet, rather than cultivating a relationship with that person.) You could donate your Patreon earnings as well, since that's another way you can give back.

  • Deema.s • ديمه says:

    Hi Rowena , I wanted to ask you if you could a video about how are you going to manage your time with these goals like how are toy going to fit these things into your daily routines ❤❤

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    Hi! I'm Eri, I want to say thank you..I started this 2019 the worst possible way, because I decided to broke up a painful relationship..I know..but sometimes the break up is more painful that to continue with the relationship, at least for awhile.. but you and your videos are helping me a lot..I can say that my mentally is a little changing each day, and I feel with more strength. I'm applying a lot of things you are mentioning in your videos and adapted it in my current life and I want to say again thank you, to help me, because your videos really helps me. I would love to meet you face to face to tell you ,thank you so much, thanks to help me to change my life to a better life and to be a better self.

  • ChantillyyyMarieee says:

    Thank you for mentioning your relationship with your phone. Yes, yes, YES! I literally want to throw my phone in the trash or out the window every single day… so, I have a very unhealthy relationship with this gadget, also. I have even considered swapping my iphone for a flip phone to detach myself from the digital world. Don't think that would work, but you know what I mean. It's difficult, and I'd love to hear your ideas.

  • This is a bit off topic but recently in my work my male coworkers don't take me seriously and it's honestly killed my motivation. I feel unheard and when I do talk I am belittled. I tried to laugh it off and then I tried to speak up but each has failing results. I don't know how to find my voice, I feel like I should stop trying because I'm not taken seriously. Please anyone advise me! 🙁

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    btw im a old sub but im re-watching vids hehe

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