?CRUISING GREECE ⁄⁄ CatCreature ?

?CRUISING GREECE ⁄⁄ CatCreature ?

-find stairs! wait no, elevator! thank you thank you -so look around, feel at home, if you need any help im here we’re wearing both of my prom dresses, and my mom is wearing lilith’s prom dress. so we’re really making.. an economical situation out of this pretty! hi! let’s go downstairs – *snickers* look at you two, so silly you don’t get dizzy jumping around ?? *laughs* just like that? today is tuesday, and we’re currently in athens. it’s been over a week since we’ve been in europe, I’m still recovering from a cold, which is why I’m a little bit lethargic, also, after we came on the cruise, the 3 of us, our energy level has just gotten so comfortable with being.. *sneeze* with being at sea, but we’re almost about ready to go, I haven’t really talked at all, hold on hold on- another sneeze just not been feeling super well, but I’ve been.. documenting some really nice moments, and meals during our trip, but there’s a lot to show, and I’m really excited, because we’re gonna take the metro up to the acropolis, we’ve studied this in school, I’ve kind of forgotten, it’s beena couple years the 3 of us are a little bit worn out, from a week in venice, we might come back early. and not stay until 8pm. -let’s go! -oh my god are you okay baby?? -yeah! -ohh it was a gentle fall. -thank god I think I filmed it *laughs* aiya *sighs* -he talked to you! *gasp* -I didn’t get the meowing part -aw *meows quietly* we have somehow made it back to the ship, with a combination of.. using the metro, and then walking all the way around, as i said, we ended up coming back early. so we can make dinner, and then finally rest our feet. -just one piece of bread. or else I won’t have room for the rest of dinner *giggles* deck 4 -oh that was fast we’re very happy, we’re very excited about this, my mom loves little towel animals, and tonight we have a snake. the other night, we had a snail. about to go to soak in the jacuzzi, my mom has this cover up, and then I’m wearing what I got yesterday so we’re about to go to the jacuzzi! this morning, we are going to mykonos, and I forgot- I almost forgot my memory card in the room, so I’ve come to get it, and my sister and mom are waiting for me outside, this is my outfit today, I’m so excited, my mom is really excited also, to take a bunch of photos, so we’re gonna take the tender to shore! bye bye! we are here in argostoli, and today is our last port of call. so tomorrow’s gonna be our day at sea, until we go home so we didn’t do any planning ahead, or excursions, because it’s just all about relaxing my mom is taking a lot of photos of the- -with the stick! *laughs* so we’re on our way to the downtown area, where we might spend an hour, before driving over to the beach, and relaxing and that’s kind of our whole plan. -yeah
-and then we’re gonna go to the ship for dinner. and that’s our last relaxing day. I suddenly remembered, they don’t allow us to bring water onto the ship hmm? returning… for the last time -yeah mom: hey this background’s not bad. should take a pic we just finished dinner, and we wandered up here to the lounge, while no one’s here, sister is taking photos of my mom. *watching a documentary on the great barrier reef* say goodbye to my brows *bye* it is the end of our last day here. I didn’t vlog any of our day at sea, because we were just getting things together, we ate, spent a long time fighting for a spot to eat, so most of the day was just eating, and resting, in our room. and now, our luggage is all ready to go, and we have to place it outside. so yay! it’s out last night! -wheres my hand?! I didn’t see that -you’re right there!! huh? I cannot see mom, you’re in the middle … oh oh now i see -what is that thing flashing on your camera? -it’s low battery oh okay, goodnight! *mom crying in exhaustion* *pants in relief* bye! love you!


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