10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

hi this is Nicki and welcome to another
episode of Design Like a Pro in this episode I’m going to go over the most
frequent InDesign shortcuts that I use almost every time that I open up
InDesign and start working on a project now some of these are already pretty
well known InDesign shortcuts that you can’t get away from but there may be a
few in here that you didn’t know about that will make your life a lot easier
and quicker when working on your project so let’s go ahead and dive right in now
the first one that I’m going to show you and I just have a project here a typical
postcard to get us started with various elements to show these shortcuts in use
but the very first one I want to show you is the one that I absolutely use the
most and I didn’t use it right away until I discovered it and this one is
not listed and a lot of shortcut guides that you may find online so it’s not as
well-known but it’s definitely a lifesaver for me and this is the alt
shift to duplicate something so basically holding down alt is going to
duplicate anything for you so if I just hold down alt and this works for Mac and
PC and start dragging this I can duplicate anything that I have ready to
go see duplicate alright but the reason I had the shift in line is because it
keeps it in line and a lot of times when I’m duplicating something that’s
essentially what I would like to do is keep it in line with what I already have
so I’ll be holding down alt and shift now you can see that I’m duplicating and
I’m staying in line with the item that I’m duplicating so this is a very quick
way to just hold down alt shift select the item and quickly duplicate it while
keeping it in line with the other design so this is great for line art this is
great when you’re working with items that need to stay in a grid system for
example or just keep things in line the way that you want to so that’s my
all-time favorite little shortcut there that definitely is my top pick the
next one I use all the time and it’s just hitting W to go in and out of
previews so a lot of times now I design in preview to get rid of seeing things
off of my artboard and what preview does is it shows you basically the print
version so it removes the excess bleeds and you’re looking at what this would
look like if you printed it so it just is a cleaner representation so as I’m
designing I’m constantly hitting W to see what this looks like without any
boxes anything on it any of that stuff clogging up my view I can instantly see
this and get a nice idea of where things are going with this design so W to turn
it on and off just keep hitting W to go to preview mode and then normal view
alright so super handy tool there the other one that I love is to be able to
fit my page interview which it is now but a lot of times you’ll be zoomed in
here and you just want to quickly see the whole thing where you’re at you can
do that by hitting command or control 0 so on a Mac ctrl 0 command 0 PC would be
control 0 and it brings you back out so that you can see everything in view so
this would be whatever your artboard size is hitting command or control 0 is
going to fit it into your view and that said going back and forth in zoom i
never grabbed the the tool you can see the tool is over here you can hit Z to
pull up the tool to zoom in and out but I like the shortcut which is just
holding command or control and then plus or minus so on the Mac I would hit
command and then the plus key is going to zoom me in and the minus key is going
to zoom me out using that all the time when I’m designing so that I can get a
better view of what I’m looking at and again if you’re in here just hitting
command 0 is gonna bring me right back out quickly so I don’t have to
necessarily zoom in and out the other next shortcut I like is great for
working with text when you want to quickly add some tracking or kerning
so let’s grab up here I always like to add space between my letters when I’m
using all caps so you can definitely do that over here in your character palette
by adding some space some tracking between your letters so you can add
default sets here you can just add what you want to but there’s a much quicker
way when you are typing out your text and that is to highlight the text and
let’s say you just want to add some space to the first word you would just
highlight the text that you want this to apply to holding down alt this is the
same for a Mac or PC by the way so holding down alt then you just hold that
down and with your arrow keys your right and your left arrow keys you can
increase the space and you can see that number is in fact increasing here as
well but I absolutely love to just select the text hold down alt and bring
that over and really mess with that because I can see it quickly as I’m
doing it so I’m not paying as much attention to the number but more what it
looks like on the screen when I’m doing that so again just hold alt arrow key
right or left to bring it in quickly add some tracking to your text the next
shortcut is a favorite of mine for resizing objects from the center now by
default you may be let me come out of preview here you may be used to coming
over to the box transforming it by holding down ctrl or command and then
bringing it down and it sizes it that way but say you like where your item is
positioned but you’d rather it size from the center that way you’re not messing
up exactly where your item is positioned so you just want to make it a little bit
smaller so in order to do that we can still work from the corners that that
isn’t gonna affect it it’s the shortcut we use so on a Mac we’re gonna want to
hold down command and then alt shift so there’s three keys command alt shift and
then on a PC we’re just going to be holding down ctrl alt shift
three keys here grabbing our inner corner and you can see that it’s
starting to size it differently it’s actually sizing it from the center now
so we’re keeping it in the same position it’s just sizing it out like that
now butter example is something that’s a little bit smaller on your page so let’s
grab this little icon here and let’s duplicate him and I’m just gonna move it
so you can see it let’s just go over here in the center and the white alright
so it works really well with small items that you just like to increase but you
like where they’re positioned you just want them to be bigger
so again command alt shift and just dragging out and you can see it stayed
in the same position it’s just now larger than it was so that’s when I
really like to use that set of shortcuts when I have something on the page I like
where it’s positioned I just need it to be a little bit larger or smaller but I
wanted to stay in the exact same place so that is handy for that the next one
you know you may have a need for this this is something that I don’t use all
the time but it is something that is handy nonetheless if you’re dragging
something out and you want to remove the color and this can be anything that’s
holding colors so let’s just grab this over here it already has a fill but if
you just hit the backslash bracket it removes the color or stroke of that item
so in this case it was a stroke but by hitting that backslash key it just
removed it all together so that’s a little handy thing so you don’t
necessarily have to come over here and then hit none you could just hit
backslash after you select your item and it removes the color for you the next
one is something that I frequently use and that’s toggling the fill and the
stroke so if you want to add a stroke to something or you want to add a fill to
something just hitting X is going to toggle whichever one you want and you
can see that happening here in the left panel that depending on what I hit now I
have the color selected now I have the stroke selected so X is going to allow
us to quickly switch between the two and then if you want to swap the colors
so if you have two colors one in the fill and one in the stroke you can just
hit shift X and it’s going to swap it see now I don’t have a color because I
just swapped it for the stroke color so now I have a stroke instead so that’s
just a handy little way to switch between the two especially if you have
the wrong one selected which let’s face it that’s probably one of the most
annoying things in InDesign that happens is that you don’t know whether you have
the fill or the stroke selected so knowing the shortcut is going to allow
you to quickly fix that so again X is going to toggle between the two and then
shift X is actually going to apply either the stroke or the fill to the
item that you have selected the next item that I have is for situations a lot
of times I use this in publications where I have multiple pages going on and
I need to find something and quickly replace it with something else
now this worked when I did a catalog and I had to change all of the previous
years into the next year so for example if you’re working in a project that has
2016 all over you can quickly change it to 2017 by using this shortcut so in
order to do that we are going to hit command or control F and it is going to
bring up basically the find and change dialog box now that in itself is just
the shortcut but while we’re here why not show you how this works what you can
do is you can type in now we don’t have these in here but you could essentially
type in 2016 change it to 2017 and you can limit it
to the document so if you had multiple pages you’re going to have more options
here to keep it just to the document keep it to that one section that you’re
working on or you can apply it all the way across the board and when you’re
done you would just hit change all and basically it’s going to take all the
instances of 2016 convert it to 2017 as long as you’ve selected what you want
now be careful with this because there’s been times that I’ve done that and I
actually wanted 2016 on some pages so if you’re working on a Mar a large project
a lot of pages make sure that you are selecting just the
that you want this to apply to again command or control F is going to bring
that up note you don’t necessarily have to change anything either you could
literally just find it and then do what you want after you found it so if you
want to just find something on a page you’re not really sure which page it is
you can just use this just to find it you don’t have to put something in the
change to dialog box all right so there you have it a handful of shortcuts that
make your life easier when you’re working on your graphic design projects
I thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already please subscribe to
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leave a comment below with some of your favorite shortcuts if they were not
covered here I’d love to see some more I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts
that make life easier and again remember these are all programmed currently into
InDesign so these are not custom in any way they’re already built in thank you
guys for watching and I’ll see you next time you


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