10 OBSCENE Hand Gestures (YOU Might Use On Accident!)

10 OBSCENE Hand Gestures (YOU Might Use On Accident!)

10 OBSCENE Hand Gestures (YOU Might Use On
Accident!) [0:00:00]
[Music] So, in the United States, if you want to wish
somebody good luck, one of the things that you can do is say, hey, I’ve got my fingers
crossed for you. But, apparently, if you do this in Vietnam
and you point to that person, you are calling them a [bleep sound]. In today’s video, I’m revealing ten hand
gestures that you may not know are offensive. So, I went to the University of Texas, picked
up my MBA, and I remember in 2005 when we won the national championship behind Vince
Young, great team, and I learned how to do the hook ‘em horns. Now, for anyone that’s a huge metal fan,
you also know these are the devil horns and they mean rock on. Now, what you may not know is this is also
known as the corna and in the 1980s, we had a number of Texas Longhorns fans who were
arrested in Italy. Why? They thought they were doing the hook ‘em
horns, but apparently, they were telling all of the Italians around them that I am sleeping
with your wife. Now, according to my research what I read,
this sign is also offensive over in Mexico, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Brazil. But, I would love to hear from you guys from
around the world as I’m going through these signs, are any of these offensive in your
culture in your country? Let me know down in the comments. Next up, we’ve got the dog call. So, you put your hand out here, you have you
index finger extended and you’re telling that person to come here, and you’re basically
treating them like an animal. Now, what’s funny is I’ve seen many adults
use this with their kids. I don’t think I’ve ever used this, but
I have seen people use it and apparently, over in the Philippines, this is a very bad
thing, you’re equating that person to an animal telling them come here. So, for this next one, I’m going to share
with you a family photo. This is a picture my wife took of my baby
daughter, Arianna. I just absolutely love this photo, it’s
a great family photo, but all of a sudden my wife looked at it and she’s like, “Look
at the hand gesture.” I didn’t notice anything, but apparently
this hand gesture right here is known as the fig. The fig or the mano fico is apparently very
offensive in Slovak and Turkish cultures. It makes sense, I’m married to a Ukranian. So, it has origins in Ancient Rome and was
apparently use by the male head of the family to ward off evil spirits. It was also supposed to represent sexual union,
basically copulation. It was all about fertility with the Romans. Nowadays, you would use this if you wanted
to rudely deny a request. So, if somebody asks for something, you can
basically give them the fig. So, getting back to that picture of my daughter,
what I like to think is she’s saying, “You know what? I don’t want my picture taken.” Next up, we’ve got the A-Ok. Now, in the United States this means that
everything is fine, but apparently in Brazil, this is used to represent the asshole and
it’s basically calling you one. So, I think the most interesting about this
is apparently there was a high school that reprinted all of its yearbooks because a lot
of students were doing the A-ok which was found to be offensive. This cost that school $54,000. It’s also important to know that this gesture
has become associated with extremists. Next up, we’ve got the moutza, speak to
the hand. Apparently, over in Greece this is just as
offensive as the middle finger in the United States. This gesture is often accompanied by the words,
here, there you go, take this. And, apparently it’s even more offensive
when both hands are out and you basically smack them against each other. Next up, we’ve got the forks which I’ve
used many times in my videos, not meaning to be offensive, but apparently I was. So, apparently over in England and Australia
and New Zealand, this can be equivalent to the middle finger. So, if you walk into an Irish pub and you
ordered two beers, make sure to ask for it like this. So, this next offensive hand gesture comes
out of the Caribbean and Middle East and apparently you take your left hand, you put your fingers
together like this, you got the five points, you take your right hand the right index finger
and you go in right here. And you’re basically telling that person,
you have five fathers. Now, why is having five fathers an insult? Because when you think about it, that would
actually be pretty darn cool, a lot of advantages there. But, apparently, what they’re saying to
you is that your mom was promiscuous. I don’t know about you, but if somebody
insults my mama, I’m going to take my shoe off and throw my show at them which is another
insult that if you’re in that part of the world know that that is not a good thing to
do. So, if you’re down in Mexico over in South
America, in a Spanish-speaking country, you need to watch out for the el tacano. So, apparently this is when you take your
right hand like this make a fist. You take your left hand and you pat three
times on the elbow. Apparently, the elbow is associated with being
cheap, so if somebody calls you an elbow, they are calling you a cheapskate. And now, let’s talk about if you’re on
Xandar or any area controlled by the Nova Corps, apparently, this right here does actually
mean what it pretty much means in the United States which is [bleeping sound] you. So, don’t use it unless you want to get
tazed, bro. So, what video to watch next? How about style mistakes every man needs to
stop making. Guys, check out this video right here, I had
a lot of fun with it. How many of these mistakes are you making? Find out by watching the video. I will link to it down in the description. [0:04:57] End of audio


100 thoughts on “10 OBSCENE Hand Gestures (YOU Might Use On Accident!)”

  • Real Men Real Style says:

    Did I miss anything from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

    WATCH NEXT: 10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do! (Style Mistakes) – https://youtu.be/9JB6S3HnMD4?list=PLbAUemeg-Kyd8oLh6BvETag5LYR-hkk6m

  • Abdullah Kareem says:

    In Iraq, the A-OK gesture is really offensive, it means "damn your whole family." In our culture, damnation is a serious thing, so whenever you are in Iraq just pay attention to not to use it.

  • The corna is no longer offensive in Brazil. People have mostly stopped associating the hand sing with calling someone a cheates husband. We just say "corno", "chifrudo" and variations on that. It's mostly associated with metal and headbanging in general.

  • A-Okay is also used to celebrate a 3 in basketball and since the culture is pretty widespread its also (well at least from what I've seen and me and my mates do) developed into more of a celebratory gesture too.

  • I’m Hispanic and I’ve used the elbow a million times. It actually is a way to say someone’s cheap in a subtle way

  • In the UK equivelant to middle finger can be just using index finger instead. Or both middle finger and index finger at the same time. Then there's "shocker" but I don't think there's any non-obscene meaning for it lol 😀

  • ?No, Antonio! The "Ok" hand gesture was a joke for saying "White Power" in a discrete way (three fingers up= w, thumb and index=p). It was a troll by 4chan to get mainstream media to believe the lie, and then make citizens think that racists are everywhere, when in actuality it's just a benign symbol.?

  • 1:28 yes a Philippine flag I remember when my teacher called me and did the dog call
    Greetings from the Philippines ??

  • hellfire films says:

    The dog call is considered to be slutty and lustful in india

    and if you clap your hands when they are tightened with a pause in the middle is used to represent transgenderism again in india

    Also pointing the a index, ring, middle finger at the same time (what we use to represent three) is considered offensive in Germany

  • George Augoustidis says:

    No the rock on hand symbol is not offensive in Greece. Least that's what I know for the county I live, don't know for others.

  • Bullshit on the first one. I’m from Portugal and the Devil Horns are not offensive unless you are an extremely devout catholic.

  • Corna not offensive in greece unless considered satanic antichristian. We do call cuckolds "horned" tho like the corna gesture implies

  • Matt Cartwright says:

    Married to a Ukrainian? You need to get yourself to Kyiv. That is such a great city – and unbelievably inexpensive to visit. Had a great weekend there in February.

  • Miklos Ernoehazy says:

    … apparently, also in Germany, the A-OK sign is calling someone an a**hole,
    …also, the "thumbs up" in Germany is telling someone to "put your thumb up your a$$"…
    … avoid these gestures on the Autobahn when you let someone by in the passing lane, lest you spark an incident of road rage…

    …on a side note, I find it amusing how few Americans know (back then and now) that when Winston Churchill threw up the "V" for victory gesture in that newspaper photo, he was telling Hitler "Up yours"…

  • The 5 father thing is not offensive at all in the middle-east. And I am from Egypt and never saw this being done or that it's offensive.

  • "I am sleeping with your wife"…I got tickled so much I kept laughing thru the whole video every time I thought of it.

    Hey Antonio, ROLL TIDE brother, just don't give me the "five fathers" okay?

  • Here in Australia and I’ve been told the forks comes from medieval times and infantry would taunt archers about cutting those 2 fingers off.

  • weird that you said filipinos hate the dog call hand signal but they like to whistle at people to get their attention just like dogs

  • Gary from GLASGOW says:

    You showed the British flag but said the two finger sign was offensive over in England. The British Union Jack Flag represents the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland which includes England but also Wales and Scotland (Greatest nation on earth) 😉
    Blessings and top marks for superb videos much appreciated.

  • The okay hand gestures is okay but you fall the left mainstream media nonsense, it’s alright to do the okay hand gestures ???

  • Hanzel Vasconcelos says:

    Hello there. So, turns out that i'm a brazilian and also a metal head.

    About the horns m/ being offensive in Brazil, it doesnt go this way. In the 70's till the very begin of 2000's this symbol, to men, pointed that person as someone who got cheated (became a bull, horns and stuff) but more like in a mockery way than in a offensive way (yes, brazilians make fun of everything, no matter if its gonna hurt your little feelings).
    This was more common between not well educated portion of society, but to be honest, nobody was well educated in the 80's in Brazil.

    Today this symbol is more commonly viewed as part of the heavy metal community and is only remembered as a mockery sign mostly by the elders
    Now about the A-Ok sign. it follows the same logic. Yes, it could mean… butthole if you wanna mock someone but also means good, ok, fine if you use in a regular joke-free situation.

  • Antonio…. I just saw these loafers on the Huckabee show this week. Here is the link to the loafer
    A great gift for that special person…..

  • Seems to me this should be retired “How to offend people in different countries” as I am pretty sure some of these gestures wouldn’t be considered by most people day to day.
    But it’s useful to know what to do and when I guess!

  • The Corna….In Sicily or in Sicilian culture, The Corna is called the Malocchio (mal=bad occhio=eye) or the evil eye. (hope that's spelled right. I've never spelled it, just given it) It's a curse…The evil eye…That's why Italians wear the "horn" called a "Corno" around their neck, to protect them from this curse and any demons that may come along with it. To me and many others it's like giving the middle finger and are taken aback by it.

  • this entire video is offensive. when no more videos are posted i stop using hand gestures that have been used for centuries. /s

  • In the UK it more or less goes without saying not to give the “Forks” unless you want to be hated by everyone even if it wasn’t directed at them?

  • William Manche says:

    As an Australian the forks are not actually offensive to us. The middle finger is often considered offensive here also, but is largely used jokingly. However, turning your pint glass over in an Australian pub is considered offensive and means you want to fight. It used to be used heavily in the 80s when people wanted to start fights.

  • About the thrown shoe… it's a mid-east thing.
    Dan Rather found out the hard way that you don't cross your legs in a manner that shows Saddam Hussein the sole of your shoe- the bottom of your shoes touch the filthy ground and showing it is perceived to be an insult.
    This is why the press conference where an Egyptian journalist threw his shoe at GWBush was was an international incident.

  • None of those are considered offensive in my country, Romania. But we do consider that pointing at someone or something with your finger(especially your index finger) as a very uneducated gesture(even tho many people still do it here). So if you ever come to Romania and wanna point at something, use your entire hand

  • Philipp Starlinger says:

    Coming from Austria ?? I wouldn’t say the fork is offensive in ant way. It’s just a little weird if someone order two beers and makes the fork instead of a peace ✌? sign ?

    All the Best and Love from Austria ??

  • Frederico de Castro says:

    The corna in Brazil could be offensive, or not, depending of the context. The OK american simbol also. Some people know the simbol, but for most people it is a bad word.

  • Hey Antonio, the Metal sign doesn't mean anything in Greece. The Moutza though (showing an open palm) is a whole other matter.

  • So, you are teaching us how to swear? But in all seriousness:
    * The thumbs up is another gesture to add to the list. Some years ago, I was told that the thumbs up was the Italian or Greek equivalent to "stick it up your arse."
    * As for what you called "the forks," coming from a British line, I was always told that gesture came from archers. When you capture an enemy archer, you would cut off their middle fingers, because that would render them unable to use a bow. Showing them your middle finger and index fingers, or sometimes even showing ONLY your middle finger, that shows you are still capable of using a bow. It was the dictionary definition of adding insult to injury. So, there is your British lesson history for the day. Just like most stuff Americans do and say, the middle finger does not mean what Americans think it means. It means I can still use a bow, and you cannot. It is the victor's way of "rubbing it in."

  • DaMon Turnbull says:

    3:25 None of these are the Australian flag??. No offence has been taken. We expect it from Americans. ?
    In Australia, the 'forks" are not equivalent to the" middle finger", as well as the "forks" and the "middle finger" can be a playful way to say to answer a mate who has had a playful tease at you about the truth, eg You're short, you're balding, you're a bit drunk, or high, having a go at what you're wearing.
    I have to say so many people in the world take offence. You all need to chill the F&*$ out. Be more like us Aussies and relax and don't that things so much to heart.

  • Patting your elbow in Mexico means that you're you're calling someone cheap, when someone is cheap they usually call him "Codo" which means elbow.

  • I guess you can't keep everyone happy with the hand gestures, but of course things like giving or receiving something with only one hand (not both hands) is considered rude in Japan, so I guess you should mind your hand sings and gestures according of the person you're talking to.

  • Ronnie The King says:

    I'm Australian mate and yeah that won't offend anyone here sorry not sure where you read that but we don't offend easy ??

  • In regards to ‘The Forks’, it’s origins can be traced back to the medieval times and to be more specific, the 100 years war between England and France. The English longbow men were very deadly and because of that, captured longbow-men would often have their fingers cut off so that they could no longer shoot. The Forks was basically a mean gesture used by the English towards the French to show that they still have fingers to shoot (and kill).

  • The Fig sign is very offensive in South Africa as well. It's a gesture that's just as bad (if not worse) as giving someone the middle finger.

  • The "A-OK" sign only became offensive because Trump uses all the time and libs have tried to say he's racist. Then came a 4chan member who trolled the left by inventing the idea that it was an extremist sign. He TROLLED the left.

    The A-OK sign is still a-ok and has NOTHING to do with extremism, except in the imagination of the left.

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