To get your planning started for the new
year to help make next year your best year yet today I want to share ten
things that you might consider planning out before the year begins of course if
you are watching this video after the new year it is never too late to get a
jump on planning out these items so whenever you are watching this video I
hope these ideas inspire you number one choose a theme for the year one of the
things I’d love to do before the start of the year is to give the year ahead a
theme either to be like a mantra for how I want my year to progress or just as a
simple form of visualization to set the tone for the year I normally like to do
this through a theme song so I will often choose a song to be my anthem for
the year last year my theme was dj khaled all I do is win and the year
before was Michael Bolton’s go the distance from the hercules soundtrack
I know another popular method for doing this is to choose a word for the year
either way choose the word or song that feels right for you and add the song to
your favorite playlist or leave the word written out in prominent areas of your
home or work to help you keep it on top of your mind number 2 set your goals and
objectives before the start of the year I go through a whole goal-setting
process and then take those goals and break them into quarterly milestones
that I then turn into project plans to execute on I have a few videos on
goal-setting that I will leave link down below but if you want to get in more
detailed process I definitely recommend purchasing my you got this workbook or
consider signing up to my new year goal setting and planning workshop links will
be left down below for you to check both of those items out number three plan
your meals now I don’t expect you to meal plan out for an entire year at one
time however there are a few simple things you can do before the start of
the year to get more organized when it comes to your meals I like to keep a
list of my favorite meals broken out on inserts from my meal planning bundle
that way when you do need to decide meals for the week or month ahead you
have a go-to list of items that you know you like to
to help make the process easier make sure to keep this list updated
throughout the year so that you’re always tracking your new favorite
recipes as you discover them I also recommend having the recipes for
those meals on hand if you don’t know them by heart and you can keep them in a
binder with your meal planning inserts like I like to do just keep everything
organized in one place making meal planning and prep an easy streamlined
process number four plan your wardrobe again when I say plan your wardrobe for
the year I don’t intend for you to map out 365 days of looks but something that
I do that makes my daily routine easier in the wardrobe department is that I
have a defined daily uniform now I went to private school in grade in high
school so I’m very familiar with having an official uniform and I know how much
of a time and stress saver it can be so for my daily life now I have adapted
this concept by taking the time to understand what clothing I enjoy wearing
and are appropriate for my life and the color palette that works for my style my
uniform for example is usually some form of legging with a simple light
long-sleeve sweater or blouse and trainers so my wardrobe is packed with
these staple pieces that I can mix and match and then add to or layer with
other items as necessary so every day I go to my drawers and I pick out a pair
of leggings and then to my closet to grab a sweater or top since my wardrobe
follows a simple color scheme black nudes and greens most of my clothing
easily works together without me having to give it much thought
so I recommend defining your uniform choosing a color scheme and if you can
identify something like 5 to 7 go to outfits so that you know your look is
ready to go this will also make shopping much easier because moving forward you
can stick to purchasing within your uniform parameters a good portion of the
time and build yourself a versatile but full wardrobe of interchangeable options
number five planned holiday time off from work before the start of the year I
like to take a glance at the calendar for the year ahead and mark off the
holidays and get a sense of when I will want to take time off I think it’s a
great idea to compare work and school holiday schedules for yourself your
spouse and children so you can see a clearer picture of when you might want
to take vacation time together and be able to submit those sorts of vacation
requests as soon as possible at the start of the year for anyone who might
need to get their vacation approved number six create or update your
perpetual calendar I personally keep a perpetual calendar that I like to keep
updated year over year if you are not familiar with the concept of a perpetual
calendar it is a simple monthly calendar where you list out events such as
birthdays anniversaries or any days that you might want to celebrate or keep
track of where the date doesn’t change year over year something I like to make
an effort of doing however every year is to make sure I update the calendar to
reflect the number of years for an anniversary or birthday so that I don’t
miss key milestones for these types of events number seven create your reading
list if you’re an ogee of mine you know I’m a voracious reader but I don’t like
to plan or assign books to a specific month instead I like to keep a to be
read list of books that I’m interested in reading I usually keep this in a list
in my planner just to have on hand and to be able to help me track what I want
to read and then any new recommendations that I want to check out number eight
choose skills to learn I am a major proponent of perpetual learning and one
way I like to execute on this in my life is to choose a skill that I want to
learn or develop throughout the year these skills could be personal things I
want to learn like a language or a field of study or they can be something work
or career related like programming or photography either way I recommend that
you consider what skills you need or want to learn and choose one to focus on
for the year and then do a little research to find out how you can learn
and practice your skill on a regular basis throughout the year
number nine plan the bad habits that you are going to break we all have a few bad
habits in our lives that we would like to work on but changing habits is a
process that requires a fair amount of effort and planning in order to execute
on successfully before the start of the year I recommend deciding on a few
habits you might want to work on and for each identify another habit that you can
use to replace the bad habit with habits are a very hard
thing to break but they are easier to replace so if you can plan to swap a bad
habit with a good habit and then work on this change for at least a month at a
time you will vastly increase your chance of
success so keep it simple choose the most important habits that you need to
break and don’t overwhelm yourself work on just one swap a month maximum and
number 10 plan some life hacks and time savers to help you get ahead in areas
you might struggle with we each have our own personal strengths and weaknesses
when it comes to our planning and time management and I’m sure you are keenly
aware of the areas of your life where you struggle more than you’d like to
admit so I think it is so important that if we know where we struggle that we
take some time to plan and prepare ways to make our lives easier especially in
these delicate areas no matter what area of your life you struggle with maybe
it’s meal planning perhaps it’s cleaning your home or
waking up early in the morning I guarantee that if you take some time to
do a little googling you will find some great life hacks to help you take
control and get ahead in this area of your life that you can then plan to
implement for the new year thank you so much for watching today’s video I
sincerely hope this list inspires you to make the upcoming year your best year
yet by getting a head start on planning don’t forget to check the description
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