1000 Subscriber Thank You – Gaming Careers Growth ๐Ÿ‘

1000 Subscriber Thank You – Gaming Careers Growth ๐Ÿ‘

Hey guys, it’s Pete once again for the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. I just wanted to make a quick another video, just thanking you for the 1000 subscribers that we have just crossed. I know I only made a video like less than two weeks ago, thanking you guys for 500 subscribers, but we’re growing so quickly at the moment that I wanted to make it thank you to a thousand subscribers because I think that’s more of a milestone than 500. We’ve just grown so quickly and it’s been great, there’s loads of enthusiasm about the channel so thank you for all the comments, all the likes, all the subscribers obviously and I promise I won’t make another video until we hit 10,000 which will hopefully be at some point in 2017, but we’ll have to see. So just once again guys, thanks so much for subscribing and being in the first 1000. I’m really loving making videos for this channel at the moment and I hope you enjoy watching them. I’ll see you at 10,000!


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