10x Growth Con Secrets: My Never Before Revealed System

10x Growth Con Secrets: My Never Before Revealed System

– If you have the
perfect pitch once, and you do it once,
you get paid once. Now there’s a dude running
around this planet right now, he did three million dollars
in one and a half hours, three million dollars in
sales in one and a half hours. Half the stuff he’s talking
about, I don’t understand it, but I think I gotta get it. I bought his program. Think I gotta get
it again, okay? I wanna bring out
Russell Brunson. Come here, man.
(loud applause and cheering) This dude right here. (cheering) – Well I’m just gonna
spend a few minutes, uh, he asked if I would
come and just come back down and tell you guys a
little about what we did. First off, who here
invested real quick? (cheering) Thank you out there, yes. (clapping) Awesome, so the question that
kept coming over and over was like, how did you do that? How did you do that? We’re at a sales
conference and we just saw the greatest sales thing
that we’ve ever seen, how did you do that? As I sat with my team and
we were processing orders, I was like, you
know what would be really cool to do
for this group? How many of you guys
would like to learn how to sell the way
that I did yesterday? (cheering and whistling) Alright, about half you guys. The other half
don’t want to make three million bucks
in an hour and a half. How many of you want to sell
the way I did yesterday? (cheering) Okay, so the way that
I sold yesterday, the way that I
sell when I do it, it’s not something that
I just made up overnight. About 12 years ago, I went
to an event kinda like this and I was a shy,
awkward, nerdy kid, who sat in the back of the
room, awkwardly taking notes, listening to all these
amazing speakers. I remember the very first
time I saw a table rush. I saw a bunch of people jump up and run to the back of the room. I was doing math, two,
four, six, eight, 10, 20, and I was like, that dude
just made $80,000 in an hour. I saw the next guy get up
and he sold a $5,000 package. I’m doing the math and that
guy made like $150,000 an hour. And I was like, I’m a very
shy, introverted person, I didn’t necessarily
want to get on stages, but I was like, I have
to learn that skill set. If somebody can make
$150,0000 an hour, if someone can make three
million dollars an hour, whatever it costs,
whatever it takes, I have to learn that skillset. (intense music) (cheering) So, I spent the next 12 years
of my life, mastering that. I spent three years on the
road every single weekend, going to event, after
event, after event. Speaking, selling,
practicing, learning, networking with the speakers, have ’em crafting
my presentation. I spent over a million
dollars having coaches take me and tweak
my presentation, tweak it, tweak it, tweak it, until I got really good. And then after I did my
three years on the road, I started doing it online ’cause I didn’t want to
leave my wife or my kids. We’ve done webinars and
webinars and tele centers and a whole bunch of things. What you guys saw yesterday, is kind of the
culmination of that. What if I do a special
one day training and I’ll walk you through like, what I did on this
slide, why did I do that? Walk you second by
second, minute by minute, through the entire 90
minute presentation. Then after that’s done,
actually give you guys my PowerPoint slides,
the framework that I use, and then show you guys how to take whatever
it is you’re selling, whatever product,
whatever service, and weave it into those slides. How many you guys would like
to attend something like that? (cheering and whistling) Alright, cool. Is it okay if we over deliver? Just make sure you guys
are okay with that. (cheering) It’s gonna be a virtual
training, we do it online It’s gonna be a full day event. First off, we run through
yesterdays presentation, second off, I’m gonna give
you the actual slide decks that I use to create
all my presentations. Now just to kind of put
this in perspective, this is a presentation
that works in pretty much every market
we’ve tried it in so far. I’ve got a friend
who’s a chiropractor, he used to do hotel meetings
to try to get business. I gave him this
presentation structure, did some tweaks, and now
he’s filling his practice, month in and month
out with this. It works for selling
information products. One of our friends,
Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, she Voxxed me last
night, and she said, “Tell all those
masculine men out there, “that a 23-year-old girl
took this presentation “and we did $10,000,000
last year with it.” This works in almost any
market you can dream up. Uh, this is a one time thing
that I want to do for you guys, just to show, because so
many of you guys ask me, how in the world I did that? I thought it would be fun
to give you guys that gift. And with that, so thanks you
guys so much for hanging out, we appreciate your
time in my life. Thank you so much and
I’ll see you guys soon. (cheering)
Bye everybody. (clapping and screaming) (upbeat music)


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