12 Amazing Ways To Boost Human Growth Hormone HGH (Natural Anti Aging w/ Intermittent Fasting & HIIT

12 Amazing Ways To Boost Human Growth Hormone HGH (Natural Anti Aging w/ Intermittent Fasting & HIIT

ten amazing ways to boost human growth
hormone also known as HGH so we’re going to talk about what human growth hormone
does why is it something that you want more of and we’re going to talk about
natural ways to maximize your own production of it but we’re also going to
talk about what can go wrong if you add it from the outside because that’s
becoming a very popular trend and as always we’re going to not just list the
steps but we’re going to help you explain what each one does so that you
understand and you can implement it in your life for the best possible health
results coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
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notification bell so that you don’t miss anything human growth hormone is exactly
what it sounds like it’s a hormone that promotes growth so when we take little
babies and turn them into adults they’re a whole lot bigger because they have had
growth hormone during that time so while you’re growing that’s when your body
makes the most growth hormone that you will ever have and then as you have
reached your full height then from that point on your growth hormone tends to
decline it goes down with age but it doesn’t have to go down as fast as it
does in most people so while you’re growing you want a lot of it and your
long bones your legs and your arms they have growth zones they have growth
plates that respond to the growth hormone so while the growth plates are
open you get taller after the growth plates close typically around 16 to 20
years old then you don’t get any taller and if you get a lot of growth hormone
like if you inject it then other bones start growing they grow very slightly
but what you will see is if feet and your hands keep growing your
jaw and your forehead and your eyebrows and your nose keep growing so people
that have either a lot of natural growth hormone that’s those facial features
that you’ll see or if they inject it then you can see even in some female
bodybuilders where they start getting those facial features so why is growth
hormone so attractive well the main thing it does besides growth is it
mobilizes energy it when we don’t eat your body makes growth hormone to pull
from your energy stores so it improves metabolism and it increases lipolysis it
promotes the breaking down of fat for energy so in that sense it’s the
opposite of insulin insulin stores fat growth hormone retrieves it to use for
energy another thing that people like is that it promotes muscle growth it is
muscle sparing that is why when we’re fasting and growth hormone goes up that
we don’t burn muscle at the same rate that we burn fat the growth hormone
tells the body burn the fat first spare the muscle and while you’re not eating
anything your body also uses the growth hormone to repair things to maintain the
tissues so it’s muscle growing and muscle sparing growth hormone has also
been shown to improve mood and focus and energy and memory and concentration and
it all fits if you think about it because your brain depends on
maintenance and all those pathways that when you have more growth hormone growth
hormone maintains the synapses as well there are two hormones in particular
called BDNF and human growth hormone that together they not only build
muscles but they even build brain tissue they build new brain cells in some cases
but primarily they build new brain connections they put new synapses and
new networks together which can only happen in the presence of growth hormone
growth hormone has also been shown to increase libido and obviously the lack
of growth hormone is a lack of libido it’s even being called the Fountain of
Youth that has very profound benefits for anti aging you age slower the body
is better maintained and repaired with growth hormone but a lot of the press a
lot of the attention has come obviously from pro athletes because it’s a
performance-enhancing drug when you inject it so that’s illegal
but a lot of athletes use it because it helps them perform better a lot of
actors and a lot of celebrities are promoting it because obviously they have
a lot of resources and they want to stay looking their best as long as possible
and of course they get on all the TV shows because as soon as you have a
little bit of celebrity then you’re an instant expert on that topic so they get
quoted a lot but the problem is that injecting it is not a great idea and we
have high school students who are trying to grow some muscle to improve their
appearance and as much as 11% of all high school students have tried human
growth hormones so that’s a very alarming trend when we think that the
solution is something that we can just is a quick fix that we can add to the
body some of the side effects that they noticed our aggression that they lose a
lot of their inhibition they lose a lot of their control in the especially the
frontal lobe in the brain and something that would be a strong enough reason by
itself to most people I think would be that you’re in guys the testes atrophy
so anytime that you introduce something from the outside to the body something
that the body normally makes on its own then there is less incentive for the
body to make it that’s called negative feedback if the body senses it’s not
there then it goes to work to produce it but
if it’s already there then it there’s no need to make it so the body starts down
regulating the production of that so the testes atrophy they shrink so now you
have lessened fertility so guys who use this a lot especially at an early age
they will have a harder time conceiving a child later on in life and the other
concern with growth hormone is that it makes everything grow it promotes the
growth of everything including things you don’t want in your body and that
would the number one thing you don’t want in your body is cancer
so there has been some suggestive research that it does promote cancer
growth now what we want to understand though is when we’re talking about how
good human growth hormone is that is when the body is making it itself and
when you have high insulin the body makes very very little of the human
growth hormone and it’s the combination of the growth hormone and the insulin
that promotes cancer because cancer can’t live in a low blue Coase in a low
insulin environment so if you’re eating a bunch of carbs and you have a high
insulin level and then you’re injecting human growth hormone now you’re creating
a situation that’s not supposed to exist high growth hormone and high insulin
it’s not supposed to exist in the body that’s artificially created whenever the
body makes more on its own it’s also going to have insulin low at the same
time so that’s a very safe combination when your body makes it on its own so
now that we know what it does and why we want it let’s jump into the top 12
suggested ways and some of these I’m going to recommend and some I’m going to
tell you why I don’t think it’s such a great idea necessarily number one way
is fasting intermittent fasting longer fasting the longer you fast the more
growth hormone you make some studies have suggested that you can make as much
as 2,000 percent more in after as little as a 24-hour fast now I don’t know that
it’s going to happen that fast some studies suggest different numbers but
nevertheless the increase is tremendous and it keeps going up to a sort of
maximum level by the time you have fasted for a few or several days and
again this makes perfect sense because when you’re fasting then you need to
mobilize energy you need to break down fat you need to spare muscles so the
body has this magical is incredibly intelligent this precisely orchestrated
symphony of events to make all these things happen at the same time perfect
timing and number two hit high-intensity
interval training because when you do hit you’re telling your body that you’re
challenging the body that if you do this again the body has to get better until
next time you do it so it’d better grow some muscles it better adapt to that
challenge so high-intensity interval training can improve growth hormone by
as much as 700% and the increase in growth hormone is proportional to the
intensity of the exercise to the amount of the challenge if you challenge your
body a little bit it’ll make a little bit of growth hormone if you challenge
it maximally then it will make the maximum amount of growth hormone number
three make sure that you get enough sleep about eighty-five percent of your
growth hormone is released during your sleep cycle and there’s two reasons for
that there’s two reasons you want good sleep one of the reasons that you make
that you’re releasing most of the growth hormone is probably that you’re fasting
while you’re sleeping so that goes together with number
but they’ve also shown that the quality of sleep if you have that really deep
delta sleep that really rejuvenating sleep you’re actually releasing more
hormones so it’s the fact that you’re fasting but it’s also the quality of the
sleep that matters number four you want to reduce insulin because insulin is the
opposite of growth hormone we just talked about how growth hormone
mobilizes energy insulin stores energy so anytime that you have a situation
where the body makes insulin then you’re gonna shut down growth hormone and if
you watched any other videos on this channel then you know that insulin is
stimulated by carbs so you want to follow a low-carb diet number five you
want to reduce cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone whenever you’re stressed
your body is looking for more resources but it’s looking for quicker resources
then growth hormones so it makes cortisol and cortisol raise this blood
sugar cortisol the blood sugar increases insulin so now you’re shutting down
growth hormone a little bit number five cortisol you want to reduce cortisol
cortisol is a stress hormone and whenever you have stress your body is
looking for more energy resources but unlike growth hormone that’s more of a
slow and steady rise and supply of energy stress demands a quick and
instantaneous supply of energy and the fastest way during stress to produce
energy is glucose so cortisol races glucose which also increases insulin so
even though cortisol and growth hormone both work to increase energy production
they actually work sort of opposite because like I said the human growth
hormone is a long-term energy mobilizer and the cortisol is an instantaneous and
because it’s instantaneous and raises blood sugar and insulin it actually
turns off growth hormone number six skip breakfast
have no breakfast when you don’t eat breakfast during sleep your body makes
the growth hormone you have a little bit higher level of growth hormone we wake
up in the morning if you eat you’re producing insulin and you turn off that
growth hormone if you skip the breakfast now you go longer fasting so again
fasting is the strongest promoter of growth hormone so if you skip the
breakfast now you’re extending the fast making more growth hormone and this also
goes with number seven have no food before bedtime so go try to get a two
three four hour window at least between your last meal and bedtime and there’s
nothing magical about that except again you’re extending your fast you’re
compressing your feeding window and you’re extending your fasting window and
you’re promoting number one number eight someone suggested laughter and that has
been shown to promote growth hormone and most likely that’s because laughter
makes you feel good it’s a form of distressing so you want to do a lot of
different things to reduce your stress you want to relax you want to meditate
your breathing exercises and watching a funny movie or having a good time is
another form of reducing stress and then the last four I put in a different color
because they’re sort of different and a lot of references I saw they said the
number one thing you wanted to do was to lose belly fat well losing belly fat is
not a bad thing but it’s the wrong thing to focus on because the belly fat is
only there because of insulin if you watch some of my other videos you know
that cortisol and insulin is what produces the belly fat so you don’t want
to go after the belly fat because then you might do something stupid like
trying to remove the belly fat with sit-ups or crunches and you think more
is better and now you’re just making more cortisol
and it’s backfiring so crunches are not bad losing belly fat is not bad but
don’t think that it’s the losing of the belly fat that’s doing it it’s an
association they’ve done studies and they found people with more belly fat
have less growth hormone well yes because people with belly fat have very
high insulin levels their insulin resistance so forget about the belly fat
focus on the insulin and reducing carbs go fast longer periods of time number 10
arginine and vitamins and there’s different amino acids that have been
shown to increase growth hormone so isn’t that a good idea well yeah kind of
but just try to get over the idea once and for all that taking something for
something is gonna solve a problem you want to solve the underlying problem you
want to reduce the insulin you want to get your body into a pattern where it’s
storing and retrieving in a good ratio so adding some nutrients it’s not a bad
idea just don’t think that one thing is going to solve all your problems and
don’t think that mega-doses of one thing is going to be always beneficial because
once we get into that kind of thinking now we think oh 500 milligrams is good
let me take 5,000 and now we’re just unbalancing something else your body is
made to live off of food and the better the balance and the complexity of those
foods the better off you are number 11 GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid
so that has been shown to increase growth hormone why wouldn’t you want to
take that because it’s a neurotransmitter it’s something that the
body produces on its own and they’ve done some research and they found that
yes indeed it increased the growth hormone secretion but the benefits were
short-lived why because anytime you add something to the body that the body is
supposed to make and to balance on its own
you’re reducing the body’s own production it’s down regulating it
because you’re adding it the body doesn’t need to make it okay so please
understand that principle that if the body is supposed to make it then you
can’t add it in the long term without upsetting a balance and the same exact
thing holds true for melatonin melatonin is a sleep hormone and it is produced by
the pineal gland and when your body is imbalanced you make the right amount of
it and melatonin promotes better sleep so yes
number three sleep is very important and I’m not totally opposed to using
melatonin occasionally but it does develop kind of a dependency because
when you add it on a regular basis your body down regulates the production
melatonin is directly opposed to cortisol so whenever you have cortisol
and stress you’re gonna suppress melatonin and vice versa
so again if you take melatonin occasionally then I think that’s all
right but long-term you want to reduce the stress because the stress is what’s
inhibiting the melatonin so growth hormone is very desirable and the older
we get the more we want to work at maintaining proper levels but more is
only better if the body makes it itself once you start adding it from the
outside you will always change the balance in the body so here’s how we
want to think about these things we want to think about the sequence of how the
body creates health it starts with raw materials that call
substrates they’re the pieces that the body needs to put things together that’s
food and whole food supplements so food would ideally be the only source but
because food is kind of depleted these days it doesn’t have the minerals and
vitamins that it used to and because when we’re stressed we
increase our need then it is a good idea to supplement and food processing of
course destroys more nutrients so things like fish oil and nutritional yeast and
some mineral supplements I think is a very good idea for most people so those
are the substrates and then you provide the substrates to the body and then the
body has innate intelligence it’s very very smart and then you take the
conditions of life the conditions are going to change they’re going to vary
some days certain things happen in other days they happen less the conditions of
life and the body responds and adapt to those conditions and then brings the
body back to homeostasis that’s the balance where everything is working
perfectly so when all of this is working now the body produces the optimal
hormones the optimal pH the optimal stomach acid the optimal muscle tone for
that condition the optimal blood pressure depends depending on what
you’re doing at the time so yes we want more growth hormone but let the body
make it and just do the natural things that induce that stimulate the body to
adapt and create those responses in the body the body will always produce the
optimal amount of something at the right time in the right amount and it will
provide it for the right duration that’s how the body orchestrates everything and
always returns to homeostasis so very often we put a lot of words to it it
looks complicated but when you think about it when everything that we’re
trying to talk about on this channel brings it back to the simple and the
natural so fasting is the most natural thing there is because your ancestors
didn’t have food all the time so they fasted except it was called starving
when they didn’t have the option of eating until they found
something but for them it was starving for you it’s fasting it’s the same thing
metabolically hit was called having fun running around or not so fun being
chased by something trying to eat you that was their hit they got their sleep
on a regular basis because the Sun went down they didn’t have much carbs so they
didn’t make they didn’t get their insulin out of balance they didn’t
develop insulin resistance they had some stress but it was short-term it wasn’t a
chronic stress that never went away they ran away from the animal and then they
could sit down and have a good time they didn’t have breakfast until they went
out and found something and they probably didn’t eat right before bedtime
because they probably only ate once or twice a day so this isn’t super
complicated it’s things that humans have done and we just need to understand how
the world has changed so that we can fit into it and let our physiology be as
close as possible to what our ancestors had to what our body is designed for if
you want to learn more we have lots of videos on all these related topics and
if you enjoyed this video then I’m sure you’re gonna love that one thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you next time
go make some growth hormone


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