12 Trump Business Fails | Decoded | MTV News

12 Trump Business Fails | Decoded | MTV News

– This tastes like a bad investment. (upbeat electronic music) – Donald Trump claims to
be a great businessman and he’s pretty good at real estate, but outside of that, he’s
had some major flops. Let’s take a look. (intense booming) – “It’s not whether you win
or lose, but whether you win!” – America fired this game twice. – So, it lost? – You can be a T. You can even be a black T for a limited time only
because as you play the game, you see the other color
T’s aren’t welcome, so. – This could be our future. – Trump Airlines. Wait a second, was this the flight from Lost? No, I mean, it was still a disaster. – The airline that should’ve gone missing and did. – Lined with gold and the
tears of American workers. – A great gift to hang yourself with if Trump becomes President. – People say, “How do you
want your steak cooked? “Do you want medium rare?” I say, “No, I want Trump.” – Perfect for tailgating
before a clan rally. Like, you have real blood on your hands. – Nothing but grease and
shrinkage is astonishing. – That’s about the trump meat I expected. – Do you want a ride wherever you land? Travel Trump style. – ‘Cause you know what they
say about bankruptcies. Fourth time’s the charm. – Who keeps loaning this guy money to build casino’s? He’s terrible at it! Go back to steaks, you crazy old man. – We’re gonna make the
print industry great again. It’s gonna be huge. – We ‘gon talk about the issues. What are the issues, Trump? Myself. – Mom, Dad, I wanna go
to Trump University. Could I have $35,000? Oh, it’s not legally allowed
to be called a University? Oh, the former New York Attorney
General called it a scam? – But, it says I can turn my
idea into a money machine! Books can’t lie. – I just, I just opened the
book and I got to this page. “Every entrepreneur makes mistakes “and I am no exception.” – I guess they couldn’t get a loan. – I mean, if we’re gonna
name products after presidential candidates, I
guess this is better than Bush juice. – When he puts his mind to ruin something, he gets it done. – Where can you find it? Nowhere. It doesn’t exist. Why? Nobody wanted it. – Hey, just like Trump,
dangerous for pregnant women. – Two thirds of Americans drink and Donald Trump couldn’t
keep this fine thing going. But Puff Daddy, we like what you’re doin’. – If there’s one quote from Donald Trump’s many books that I think accurately sums up all of his failed
businesses, it’s this one. “The same assets that
excite me in the chase, “often, once they are
acquired, leave me bored.” Or in other words, “Make America? “Oh, I’m done with being President. “I’m bored.” Marinate on that one for a little bit. Let it seep in there. Mmm, mmm, you scared yet? – I’m Trumpin’, you ain’t Trumpin’! Everybody makes mistakes. That’s my new joint right there. (upbeat electronic music)


100 thoughts on “12 Trump Business Fails | Decoded | MTV News”

  • Pete Mclovins says:

    Why are SJW's so snarky, HE'S A FREAKING MULTI-BILLIONAIRE… he's better than you at making money…you can't talk shit about it

  • Hey Francesca and everybody, keep doing what you doing! The more that's exposed (I.e. the commenters below ), the more dialogues we can have, and the more dialogues we have, the closer we can get to changing some things around this country.

  • Do people not realize that to achieve success you have to have failure. Isn't that what all of our grade school teachers told us? Of course he made things that didn't make money, and he learned from them. He filed for bankruptcy and he learned his mistakes. Just saying that no one is perfect in business

  • Decoded needs a name change as bad as Mtv does. Decoded should change to Propaganda. And Mtv should change to FDTV, that is Fabricated Drama tv.

  • MTV should stick to reporting the news instead of helping to spread their political beliefs onto others. And for a station that is supposed to be about music but has nothing to do with music you sure are hypocritical of the failures of others.

  • Failure is the mother of success. Every successful businessman experiences failure to learn from it and grow better. MTV is such a fucking joke. Go back to the music business

  • Any good businessman has a long history of failed schemes, it's the very thing that makes you smart since you learn from experience. You just need the courage and determination to push on despite the set-backs and never give up. Despite what you think MTV, this is not in the least bit damning of the man, but it certainly highlights how unhealthy your view of failure is.

  • Oh wow he made a few bad businesses but made hundreds of better ones. He has billions of dollars, why is even the point of this

  • Guess we won;t see a list of the 30 Clinton scandals on this channel of hate, funny the thing is if something doesn't work you make money some other way..Henry Ford went bankrupt 3 times and failed before finally getting it right, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and almost every major mega builder of the industrial age failed first before they succeeded..apparently he did something right because his financial statement for the campaign listed 10 billion dollars…oh BTW VIACOM failed as well, you know the original parent company of MTV…funny how these losers sit in judgement of someone that actually made it.. FUCK MTV and this dumb youtube channel

  • The Terrible Turophile says:

    Wasn't JK Rowling rejected by 12 publishers before one picked up Harry Potter? Guess she should've quit too, huh? This is how you identify losers in life – they've never failed because they've never tried.

  • Why do so many people who don't like the videos on this channel keep coming back? At least it's mildly entertaining to read thier outlandish Merica comments.

  • baseballrunner76 says:

    this video is going to make so many people vote Trump who normally wouldn't have. MTV, go back to fucking music videos good lord you're embarrassing yourselves.

  • Ricardo Hernandez says:

    "hey guys, lets bitch on a hugely succesvol billionaire who has achieved 100times over what we all achieved in our lives!"

  • Bhuvanesh Arumugam says:

    What tie he wears????
    MTV cant stoop any lower… next is what trousers he is wearing and probably his inner-wears as well…


  • Meanwhile, his 850 other companies are doing just fine.

    MTV, stick with Jersey Shore – you know nothing about facts, accuracy, or truth.

    Trump '16!

  • For every 1 business failure Trump had 100 business success, that's why he's so rich. The people in this video are brain dead and can only dream of having 1% of Trump's intelligence. Oh and Franchesca Ramsey is a racist bigot.

  • Clément Saint-Marc says:

    "Every entrepreneur makes mistakes, and I'm no exception"

    How ironic is it that this very sentence makes this entire video absolutely pointless.
    They're literally pointing out some of Trump's business mistakes.
    That video is retarded.
    Moronic SJW's.

  • You'd think MTV would be neutral in politics but I keep forgetting how much influence the libtard feminazi white-hating media has over its mindless thralls.

  • Hahaha at least TRY not to make it that obvious that this is anti-shrump propaganda. Music television news lmao, flashy background colors, hip-hop music playing in the background, and hipsters is this the future news ? Goddamnit

  • yes everyone makes mistakes. except most people don't get a network like mtv poking fun at them for it. ok mtv now make a video on hillary and bernies mistakes in the spirit of equality. hillary should be in jail for her mistakes and bernie has many mistakes over all his years in politics

  • You realize that almost every single entrepreneur in the history of the world has had fails right? A very successful man once told me "You don't need 50 $1,000,000 ideas, just 1 $50,000,000 idea." Nikola Tesla failed left and right and died in an apartment living off of Nabisco Crackers and Milk but he turned out to be THE most influential inventor in the entire world. Gordon Ramsay was injured playing soccer and lost his career, his first restaurant was a dismal failure but now he owns many restaurants and is wildly successful. Things get discontinued all the time, I worked retail at Target, I saw things come and go, I saw companies rise, fall, crash and burn and then come back even stronger.

    The bottom line of this comment is, you can't base someone's presidential potential on their failed business ideas, because if that were the case we would never get anyone in office, every entrepreneur fails sometimes, but news flash… Nobody is loaning Trump this money, the money he uses to fund these things comes from his net worth of $4 billion. He's a brilliant business man.

    That being said, I don't think he should run the country, but these low blows are starting to get old and really show how far down the integrity of Americans has sunk.

  • His football discontinued because the league folded. Also I wouldn't call Trump a failure because he has made more money than you will make in 10 lifetimes

  • I absolutely love this show! I learn a lot! Thank you!
    My only request is if when you include text on the screen, it is left up even just another second or two longer. I can never absorb that part of the info, and it goes by so quickly, sometimes I'm not even able to pause it in time to read it.
    I'm sorry if that was rude, I just feel like if you guys put in the work to have the graphics and did the research, then the audience should be able to learn it too.
    Thank you so much though, really! I truly am learning a lot and I really appreciate how you teach us in such a cool way! 🙂

  • Green Bananas says:

    80% of Businesses fail, while Trump was working on one of his many projects your esteemed Black President was smoking the fucking reefer.

  • Green Bananas says:

    The Most successful people in the world are also some of the biggest failures:
    Walt Disney
    Harrison Ford
    General Eisenhower
    Albert Einstein
    Henry Ford
    Bill Gates
    Wilbur and Orville Wright
    Winston Churchill
    Harry Truman
    Charlie Chaplin
    Vincent Van Gogh
    Steven Spielberg
    Steven King

    The most successful people fail, that is why they become successful. Instead of stopping because idiots like yourselves push them down, they pick themselves up dust themselves off and tackle the problem until they achieve their goal.

  • Veritas Aquitas says:

    +chescaleigh I am amazed MTV let's you be so racist. Probably why I won't even let my kids watch that channel. Or the rest of the dumbass shows they have on there.

  • This video reflects the truth behind what separates the Winners & Losers in life. Losers don't get this, only winners do.

    The only way to succeed, is by failing until you get it right.

    God you're stupid MTV News.

  • Michael Iaconelli says:

    MTV trying to brain wash the youth, but look at the likes vs dislikes, people arent buying their bullshit

  • Jarkko Voutilainen says:

    Trump's been involved with more than 500 businesses and knowing that 8/10 usually fail, I would see this as nothing more than vindication that Trump is over 10 times more successful than regular business man. We all know that this racist Ramsey woman is full of shit as all of her videos are ridiculously poorly researched. Any one remember how she said that black people can't be racist????

  • you forgot one , trumps apprentice (2004-2015)
    canceled due to low extremely ratings, and trump president campaign

  • I live in Tel Aviv and Trump vodka is actually pretty popular in Israel. Just because something fails in America doesn't meant it can't succeed elsewhere.

  • Great points, now let me state his biggest achievements:
    1. Being one of the richest persons in the united states (and the world)
    2. Becoming the fucking president of the United States and therefore being one of the most powerful men in the world.

    Fuck you Franny.

  • Yeah sure everyone makes mistakes, and Trump has failed a couple times but my god has he succeeded. This video is pathetic.

  • SchoolOf SelfReliance says:

    Go fuck your self MTV. Giving people who couldn't hold a kid a show to talk about business failure. Get off the leftist SJW bull shot wagon!!!

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