13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019


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  • "Kindness is the ultimate strength in our society." "Producing content on a daily basis at scale is the answer to 98% of the questions about business." "Understanding how a photo, video or written sentence works differently in every platform is the unlock. Do not post a photo or video on all platforms. Understand each post must be unique within the environment it is delivered. Context matters. It is the context, not just the content." " Be self-aware of what kind of communicator you are. That, plus the ability to post produce to the places where people are paying attention is what has been going on for 100 years. Be an important voice. Understand how to story tell." "Produce yourself." "Have a thought. Make. If it works…great. If it doesn't…even better. That should be your framework. It is what is working for every brand in business."

  • love watching Gary Vee in front of a live audience. The advice about TikTok and Linkedin is great. But the rest of it was pure gold as well.

  • Gary, you no doubt have said it before, but it just did not click for me. I had to stop this video at 39:45 after you answered a question. I had to take it in. For years I have been held up by the fact that I did not have a singular point of passion other than my family. I love my family utmost. After that, I am passionate about and can expound on many topics. I love truly helping others in business. I love public speaking. I love lifting people up and encouraging them in their everyday lives. I love backpacking. I love bicycling. I love sailing. I love my religious convictions. I have been white collar, blue collar, and no collar. I am just in the infancy of writing my first book. My hesitation on making content is what to focus on. The question, then your answer, leading up to me stopping it at 39:45 totally clarified that I don't need to have a singular focus. Just start producing for all my areas of interest. Thank you

  • Hä? He says: Are you giving or are you manipulating? I don't get it. If you are an Entrepreneur and you sell stuff, why wouldn't you create content to sell stuff? Why create tons of content without mentioning you're product or service? Make no sense to me. Also I think you can make great content and mention in the end or so your product or service if its related? Also he says make content without the intent of taking. GaryVee says are you giving or manipulating. But he sells him self speeches and social media marketing. So is he himself a manipulator?

  • Min 30:30 makes no sense to me…if you're an entrepreneur you have to do things you don't like, in fact most the time you have to do things you dont like. Also Entrepreneurship is about money, why wouldn't you focus on money? Makes totally no sense. If you don't have what ever it takes, then its gonna be hard. Also I don't believe him when he says he loves everything he does. And if it's true it's not true for most people. If you're in Business its about what ever it takes. If you don't do it? who else is gonna do it? Right you're competitor. Don't get fooled if you're in business to seek only out things you love. You're gonna go bankrupt. Business is about making money. Then if you're rich, then you can do the things you "love"

  • Good lecture, but im confused its me i know but i cant get to start. I still dont know what to do there are so many ways thats why its so difficult

  • Much love Gary! 🙂

    🗣️ Btw guys I made a podcast that discusses depression, importance of mental health, and all kinds of important topics that usually get swept under the rug 🗣️
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  • Matthew Coast - Relationship Advice says:

    The one thing I disagree with in regards to what you talk about is not monetizing… if you want to grow big and help a lot more people, you need to monetize. You'll grow 10-20 times faster if you have money to grow than if you're trying to play within the grounds of the social media algorithms.

  • STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga says:

    the most important thing you need to know – the majority is not giving but manipulating – I love his crushing book and I am surprised he actually even better and bolder in a video capture !

  • Am I the only one feeling embarrassed watching those Q/A ?!
    Some dudes asking for interviews, others for selfies, another one is pitching his video game thing… Gary seems to be a nice guy and the audience is sometimes abusing of it.

  • The big question, the perennial question; is what's next? The "look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me" model that GV advocates has a used-by date. If just 10% of Linkedin users post 20 times a day, content saturation will ultimately elicit exactly the same response and reaction as email marketing: A rush to unsubscribe.

  • Gary is too good…i wouldve told all those leeches to fuck off…selfie…let me promote…give me give me give me…what he said fell on death ears

  • I can totally relate to your comments regarding parents not being able to see where the future is going and trying to implement advice or and opinion based on their past! So true!

  • "Parents would rather have a bumper sticker on the back of their car of a fancy school and an unhappy child than a happy child"
    That line hit's different when you relate to it…..

  • Philippe Racette says:

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  • "I have a thought, I make. It does well, great. It does terrible even better. That is my framework." Absolutely fantastic!!!! Love it Gary!!!!!

  • As a business owner myself, there is so much to take away from this video. We have to adjust to our employees and realize that it’s not only MY way or the highway

  • The Rusted Pixel says:

    Woaw, woaw, wait a minute. At the 1:19:20 mark or there abouts when the lady talks about Linked In and how she's killing it on there and Gary asks how often do you post there the reply was about 10 times a day! TEN TIMES A DAY! To LinkedIn?! Hmmm it's not Facebook. It's not Twitter. It's a different kind of platform. You post twice a week and let your posts grow and roll and gain likes and comments. You don't bombard Linked In with clutter posts. Sorry, loved so much of this video but to say "that's good, post more" is insane. If I saw someone posting 20 times a day to LinkedIn I'd definitely be unfollowing. I'm not there for trash posting.

    Edit: When I say posts I mean my own personal content posts. Not replies to others. Hell yeah, if your replies are what you're counting as posts then fire ahead to 20 but if it's 100 posts of your own stuff Mon-Fri that's just overkill IMO of course. What's worked for me is post and let people get attracted to the content as it goes further out the connection circles or whatever LinkedIn call it.

  • Always find time for GARY Vee! Driving, Cooking, Working – I listen to you Gary on the daily. Saw you in Brisbane and loved every minute. Love how you are consistent as f. Love how you totally close off all other scammers with their $8K e-books. lol – you are the future of honestly giving a f. and hopefully the younger generations can listen to you and your common sense. You are the first person I go to when I feel like my 2 businesses need a kick in the butt, you are the first person I click to for a push in the right direction. Mum with 3 kids doing the hustle on 2 online businesses! Keep doing these videos I can't get enough. ALSO can you tap into working mum's a little more – finding the balance is hard work. Thanks GV! Katrina

    10:01 – Why aren’t you posting?
    13:25 – The ultimate strength in our society
    19:39 – Why aren’t you making content?
    24:49 – Marketing strategy for international
    26:21 – “Gary can you be on my podcast?” 
    28:53 – Don’t be like me, be yourself 
    31:07 – Biggest mistake dads and moms make
    34:06 – How to motivate and convince clients 
    35:20 – The next step after you’re already creating content
    35:50 – Twitter still works 
    37:10 – esports is going to be the biggest sport in 20 years
    40:12 – how to decide what to talk about
    43:00 – If you got ripped off, it’s your fault

  • So I'm a wedding and portrait photographer. So, you say that Linked In isn't just for business. Is this approach ok for my industry? I'm sure the context would be a bit different but not sure how to spin it in that world. HMMMMMM

  • Aaron Fantazii #AFLive says:

    For the guy who said “I only ha 20,000 in his account ‘’ blah blah… i looked up at the Lord & said “Really”… 😒

  • GaryVee you should be more respectful about the people that ask you questions. I don't care how much money you have everyone knows that failer brings the success you can not always be perfect or right in everything. Ease up a bit. & quit being an ass hole buddy. & I should not be taken lightly either. I know of the best in success & you can not even come close to their status. Warren Buffet is one of them. Mark Zuckerburg is another including Jeff Bezos, & Bill Gates. We are all still using their platforms. & without their platforms none of us business entrepreneurs would even be able to make it or scratch the surface have not been for these caring charismatic individuals.

  • Hey man, love the way your mind works. I particularly love the bit about taking total accountability, biggest take away for me.

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  • I LOVE the idea of being grateful for the choices you make, instead of sweating what you didn't choose.. (52:00 mark)


  • It's amazing how quickly and how practically he can summon tremendously simple yet effective advice for anyone in any industry. It's remarkable.

  • Shaun Grimshaw says:

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  • Today's young pups are so obsessed with getting a selfie. Gary, Can you please explain the theory of relativity. And more importantly can I have a selfie?

  • I am looking for content creators (for our industry), marketing people and anyone who thinks they have value for our small business. We all have our own problems and nobody cares. This is true but we all still work together and maybe we can. I think the GaryVee community is where to look because if you are interested, we are probably similar. My business sells manicure and pedicure products. We don’t have money upfront but are willing to work out a percentage for sales that are attributed for your direct work and more importantly build a relationship. We work out of Denver, U.S. however your location does not matter. Respond to this comment or email me at [email protected]

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