Was that the right amount of claps I should probably redo that Hey it’s Lina and today I’m gonna be telling you things that you need to do before back to school or things that you should do I don’t go back till the first week of September, but I know a lot if you go back mid-august So that’s why I’m doing this Now before we get started do the all things the likes, and the subscribes and the Bell Notifications and let’s go ahead and get into it The first thing that you need to do is fix your sleep schedule, oh my goodness I don’t know about you guys, but during the summer I’ll go to bed at like two Three ,sometimes four in the morning and I’ll wake up super late or I’ll go to bed at 11:00 or midnight and wake up super early and I won’t be able to fall back asleep The whole thing is just a huge mess So try and give yourself some time to fix that maybe a couple days or a week where you’re going to bed an hour earlier Each day and trying to wake up at the same time that you would have to for School so that your body has some time to adjust and it’s not just a very sudden thing I’m personally gonna be Making a video on fixing my own sleep schedule when I get back from Puerto Rico and this is me telling you that this video Is actually been scheduled so I’m in Puerto Rico while this is being posted So if I don’t get back to your comments It’s because I’m busy or I don’t have access to Wi-Fi or whatever and hit your bell Notifications if you do want to see that fix your sleep schedule video or fix my sleep schedule Video and let’s move on to the next thing The second thing that you need to do is organize the hell out of your room during the school year You’re not gonna have as much time to do this So do all the deep cleaning things that you usually wouldn’t do Clean out underneath your bed and sort out your desk space get rid of old notes Try out every single pen and get rid of the ones that don’t work anymore things like that So that during the school year you’ll have a nice organized clean space to work with Along the same kind of organizational lines is organizing your closet. So look through all your clothing items See if there’s anything that you want to donate or sell also If you live in a place with seasons I know I will usually move all my summer stuff up to higher shelvings because I can’t reach them and I’ll usually just Put the things that I will wear in more accessible areas So do that so that all of your outfits are good and ready to go also about your closet try and pick up some outfits that you would want to wear in the first week of school or so because We all know that’s when we actually try and put effort into looking good and then things fall apart But at least this way you won’t be scrambling during the morning the first week of school The next thing that you need to do is set some goals for the school year and I know this is pretty cheesy and most of our goals fall apart throughout the school year But at least this will you’ll be applying yourself towards something. Even if it’s just for the first few months Hopefully it lasts the whole year I know for myself I’m gonna try it and get on the Dean’s List this year and maybe try and join some clubs that I said I would always join but never joined. So just set some goals for the school year. It’ll be a good thing to do This next thing is not as important or productive as all the other ones But honestly now it’s the time when you can have a movie marathon or binge watch a TV series So you might as well watch that movie You’ve said you’ve always wanted to watch or binge watch the TV show that everyone was talking about and if you want a Netflix recomendations for me, let me know in the comments down below and maybe I’ll make a video about that but not Another thing is doing some meal planning So, you know You’re not eating the same thing every single day and that you have somewhat of a balanced diet if you’re in high school You might as well look up some easy lunches to make before school starts so you can bring your lunch with you and you don’t Have to eat some nasty cafeteria food or hopefully your cafeteria food is good. Autumn Oh, I’m gonna be living on campus So I know I will definitely be trying out some new recipes or hopefully I make myself try out some new easy recipes to make Because otherwise, I’m gonna be living off of pasta This one is pretty basic but honestly getting some new school supplies can be really exciting so get some pretty notebooks a pretty planner So you can write your homework out get some new stationery new pens, whatever that motivates you for the school year Another thing you need to do is get on that skin cure again Because you’ve been out in the Sun and your skin’s not having so much fun. Oh my gosh during the summer we’re out and about tanning and where you lost sunblock and Going in the ocean and soap water and you know all that stuff So you might as well spend some time trying to get it back go and hydrate it Clean it exfoliate it do all the things that you need to do to get that skin back on track This is one that I’m really looking forward to and that is getting some summer pictures printed or developing filled pictures Honestly, there is something so much more special about printed pictures as opposed to just digital copies on your phone I think there’s something magical about photo albums I know this is really cheesy, but I think it’s so much cooler and If you’re not that kind of person maybe it’s just like putting pictures up and around your room or if you’re going to college hang Them up in your dorm. I think it’s a really cool thing to do and to have those memories printed out Another thing you have to do is finish all of your summer homework Assignments or summer reading that you have to do before school starts I don’t have any for my classes this upcoming term, but I did last year you might as well. Just get it done So you’re not already behind before school even starts? This one is mostly for college university students and that is selling your old textbooks because Textbooks can be freaking expensive and selling the old ones that you’re not using anymore will be really helpful in buying the new ones I am saying this as a college University thing because my Understanding is that high school students get their textbooks handed to them and then they hand them back at the end of the school year But if that’s not the case with your high school Then you might as well also sell your textbooks to younger grades to make some money Also downloading some new music for the school year can be really exciting especially if you’re a commuter and you drive or bus or Walk to school or take a scooter or a racer schooler to school It’s gonna be great to have some good tools to listen to on the way if you want some song recommendations I have To drive with me videos out with my playlist so you can check out some of the songs that I listen to there This is one that I think you really really need to do and that is taking the time to sit down and write a Reasonable monthly budget so you know how much money you can be spending every month. This is mostly for University college students but seriously sit down and budget how much money you can spend on food and gas and going out with friends and recreational activities all that stuff so you don’t go over budget and you’re not spending more money than you need to because honestly University is already pretty freaking expensive So if you can make it easier on yourself by sticking to a budget, that’d be a really great thing to do And Last but not least enjoy the last days of summer. I know it sounds pretty broad But seriously do all the things you said you wanted to do this summer But didn’t end up doing One of the things that you did do and you want to do again go paddleboarding go kayaking, go swimming in the lake, go camping skateboarding, eat ice cream What are the summer things? do all the summer things and spend some time with friends from different high schools or friends that go to university across the country because You won’t see them for a couple months I don’t know just spend the last days of summer doing whatever you want to do because we’ll be back in school pretty soon and you won’t be able to Do those things that is it for this video comment down below when you go back to school and hit the like button and subscribe And hit that Bell notifications and I will catch you in my next video



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