2 Common Mistakes by Small Irish Employers

2 Common Mistakes by Small Irish Employers

in today’s video I want to share with
you or discuss just a couple of things which I see occurring with employers
small employers and a couple of mistakes that they make so there’s really two aspects to us one
is an employer may be a good employer with a good track record may have no
issues Troy McClure issues no employment law claims against them over a good
period of time and then out of the blue that have one or their two and there are
difficulty is that they are ignorant of their entitlements and their rights and
their obligations under ignorant of what their rights are as opposed to the
employees and they may act hastily they may simply look to settle something
where the circumstances may well be that they could easily defend the claim or
they may rush in to us and make matters worse by making some damaging admission
or by taking some step that may in fact propound or increase the alleged stress
or grief for forever on the employee but essentially what I’m talking about is
the ignorance and the lack of knowledge and the lack of awareness and the lack
of experience of the small employer who has had a relatively stress-free
trouble-free claim free existence today’s they are at risk of making
mistakes simply by reason of not having the experience in an employment related
dispute that’s the first mistake I see small employers making particularly
smaller ones who have had no issues second issue I see second mistake that I
see small employers making and indeed other employers but more so small
employers again employers who don’t have that many claims to deal with from time
to time and that is the question of being good employers being popular in
other words they see two or three claims against them and they essentially take
the view that look everybody knows I’m a good
lawyer I’m a popular employer the employees like me last Christmas I
brought them out and I give them a slap-up meal at the local hotel or
whatever during the summer we have team building and I look after all my staff
really really well and I’m most surprised about these claims from this
employee and I am very very taken aback because as I say I’m a good employer the
mistake is being made here is that the question of being a good employer the
question of popularity doesn’t really arise when it comes to the WRC or the
labor court or indeed the civil courts the fact of the matter is there is
either a legal and valid and justiciable and winner will claim against you or not
so to make that concrete and to make that specific for you let’s say the
climate yet against you is in respective safe public holiday entitlements and
annually the fact of the matter is that if you actually look at the claim that
the employee is making the leave and the public holiday entitlements were either
given or granted or not and the fact that you brought employees out at
Christmas for a slap-up meal or the fact that you went on a team-building thing
during the summer on some Golf Resort is immaterial the fact of the matter is the
claim against you is for failure to pay in respective public holidays and failed
a the proper a new leaf and your claim is going to be won or lost on that basis
so don’t get caught up in the notion that somehow it’s a question of being a
good employer or a bad employer or the notion that it’s a popularity contest
it’s not there is a claim against you there may be a number of claims against
you and you need to take a cold hard look at those claims perhaps with the
assistance of an advisor but you need to look at the claims one by one and see
whether they are defendable unwinnable or not and if they are well and good
this or not but how to say the question of being a popular or good employer
really doesn’t arise the claim with Stan reforms on two feet
hope you find this video useful if you do and if the sort thing rings your bell
and float your boat then you may be interested in subscribing to my youtube


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