2020 Goal Setting Planner from inkWELL Press Overview

2020 Goal Setting Planner from inkWELL Press Overview

I wanted to quickly go through our new
goal sighting planner and talk about the different features throughout so if you
open it up you’ll see that we have it all laid out with the three different
steps of goal-setting with reflection and which is designated with an R,
projection with a P, action with an A, plus there are monthly check points and
quarterly check points so let’s go ahead and dive in. I always say that anytime
we’re setting goals we need to start by looking backwards so we can move forward
so we start with reflection and there’s a lot of questions here to help you dive
deeper into the past 12 months what’s gone well what hasn’t gone well what do
you want to work on this is just a really good way to start getting into
that idea of what goals do you think you want to set and then we have a calendar
year overview and a great thing to do is to look at last year’s planner
to review how the last 12 months went and in thinking about those three areas
of our life of personal work and home giving each a rating for each month and
maybe giving yourself a couple of notes about why it felt really good or why it
wasn’t so good really digging in and reviewing how last year went for you and
there’s going to be some points in your year unfortunately for all of us that
were not quite so positive so the following page is a shifting perspective
activity to help you shift the way that you look at some of those negative
things that have happened how can we reframe those how can we use those as
springboards to help move us forward and get us closer to our big goals so that’s
on the following page and then the last page we have a reflection is your life
wheel where I want you to fill in on a scale of 1 to 10 how you felt about the
different areas of your life health and fitness friends and family spirituality
and purpose fun and recreation and so on now what we’re looking here for here is
we don’t want a perfect circle we shouldn’t have everything be perfectly
even there’s going to be some that we’re doing better in and some that we’re not
quite doing as well in and that’s absolutely normal that’s really what we
want there’s going to be times where we’re leaning a little bit more into a
priority or into a different area in our life and then we’re going to
counterbalance it shift and lean into another area so we’re never
gonna have a perfect circle here and it’s never gonna be all tens no matter
who you are or what you’re doing you are never gonna have a perfect circle and
that’s okay this is just a really good place to check in and see you know what
I feel like with my finances I only have a three but health and fitness I have an
eight I probably want to spend a little time focusing on finances in that case
it’s just a great way to check in and what’s nice about the life wheel is that
we check in with this every quarter so then we can start to see how that wheel
shifts and grows what we’re looking for with a nice healthy life wheel is that
there are some things some areas where we’re leaning a little more heavily and
some of them are a little bit lighter but we shouldn’t see things that are a
big discrepancy like a nine in one area and a one in another area so we want to
think about that with our life wheel then we move on to projection so we’ve
looked backwards and now it’s time to move forward so thinking about yourself
a year from now where do you want to be how are you in your personal your work
and your home areas of your life and so there’s a set of questions to help you
go a little bit deeper into each of these in thinking about what goals you
really want to set for yourself and then we ask you what is your ideal version of
yourself one year from today and then continuing with projection we have a
goal brainstorming area for three different areas of your life of
satisfaction the activities and the things that really make you feel
satisfied like your best selves connection the activities and things
that make you feel connected to others and exploration the activities and
things that make you feel like an explorer so learning new things taking
classes you know having some creativity in your life so use these as a way to
start brainstorming I find that oftentimes when it’s a big
blank page you can be a little bit overwhelming and a little daunting to
say okay let’s figure out what your goals are blank page so by categorizing
them into satisfaction connection and exploration it gives you a little bit of
structure and helps you think a little bit deeper in those areas and then we
have our goal vision board now I know a lot of you really love to have a
visualization of what you want like to look like let’s say a year from now or
six months from now is a great place to post things that you
find in you know magazines or online and print them out or to do some word art or
to find pictures and magazines of things that are aspirational so this is a place
for you to be really really creative and think about the things that you really
want to dream about your future and then this is our goal-setting
matrix I love this page because this is my way of looking at the entire year and
making sure that when I’m setting goals for myself that I’m not overloading
myself one of the things I find is that a lot of people get fired up and excited
about goals in January so they cram a lot of their goals in January and then
things don’t really work out because they’ve overloaded their plates in an
April they don’t have any goals so by kind of taking the time to map out when
you want to try to accomplish different goals or when you want to go after
different areas in your life that can really make a difference so let’s say
for example you want to run a marathon in September you can back this up and
start working on this goal all the way back in May so now if you’re running a
marathon in September you might not want to set a really heavy duty work goal in
September or a home goal in September you might want that to be your main goal
this is a really a good way of having some checks and balances in your life to
make sure you’re not overloading your plate at any one time of the year now
when I fill this out myself I like to fill it out in pencil and I project
where I think I want to start on different goals in the different areas
of my life I do it in pencil very intentionally because life happens life
can happen and things will change and so you want to be able to shift and move
things around but really the whole purpose of this is to help us make sure
that we’re checking in on a regular basis and not putting too much on our
plate we’ll come back to this when we’re doing our quarterly check-ins and then
we get into the action section which you can see is designated by the a so we
have goals where you can set your goal and we walk through the entire
goal-setting process because it’s not enough to just set goals we want to
achieve our goals so one of the things that a lot of people make the mistake of
doing is they don’t write their goals so we walk through that whole process of
how to really write a goal so it’s achievable and that you can actually
accomplish it so we go through that process here and I even have a little
cheat here on the opposite page showing you of how a goal is filled out and on
the back of each of these goal sheets is your action roadmap
here’s your plan for how you’re going to achieve the goal we write out the goal
we talk about the steps needed to accomplish it then we group our goal
into mini deadlines or little mini milestones and we make measurements for
our progress setting deadlines for success how we’re going to find
accountability commitment setting that deadlines and planning out for a reward
now one of the reasons why we made this so the goal is on one side and the
action roadmap is on the back is that then you can remove it put it in your
planner you can pop it wherever you want you can move it over to the monthly
section if you want to that’s one of the things I love to do is I love to take my
goal I like to take it out I like to be able to post it somewhere where I can
see it and then I pop it back into my goal-setting planner that’s one of the
real benefits of having the disk system so you can see there is space here for
12 goals now last year we had fewer goal sheets and we heard from many of you
that you really wanted 12 or more and so we went ahead and we added in a couple
extra goal sheets we wanted to keep the goal-setting planner about the same
length so we did a few things to change that up one of the things that we did
was we change the check points for each month so there used to be a whole solid
page with the word January on it and we utilize that instead as check points so
you can see you have room here to do 12 different goals and then we get to our
monthly check points so each month of the year we have a check point so this
is where we’re gonna sit down and make a plan what do you want to work on for
this month to get closer to your goals what do you want to focus on go back and
look at your action roadmap use that as your springboard for filling in this
check point of what you want to accomplish for this month and then we
walk through what’s one monthly accomplishment that would make you feel
proud what are two weekly goals you prioritize and I’m thinking about that
what are three daily habits that will move you forward and we have habit
trackers in here to help you stay on track with that and in every month at
the end of the month we have a download where you walk through your
accomplishments things you’re grateful for how you felt and then we have a
section for notes and then we get to the next month so here’s February the months
are similar and that they all have a check point they all have a focus page
and they have a download and then we get to each quarter so here we are at the
end of March in quarter one so here’s a quarterly check point now remember I
said back here when we were on that goal-setting matrix page every quarter I
like to sit down and really map out which area of my life I want to lead
into a little bit more which area do I want to prioritize and so I make sure
when I’m doing these quarterly check points that I’m looking here at this
matrix what do I want to focus in on what do I need to shift around so I can
really focus on that area of my life at that time so that’s one of the reasons
why this is so beneficial so with our quarterly check point we check in with
how you’re doing then we do a goal adjustment because many times our goals
need a little bit of shifting around we need to reframe them maybe we need to
change the deadline because something has happened in our life or things have
changed here’s a spot to do your goal adjustment and then here’s that life
wheel again so every quarter we check in with your life wheel to see how your
life is shifting if finances have been you know we’re one of those things we
talked about the beginning that wasn’t going well maybe you’ve leaned more into
that area how are you doing now with finances again not ever looking for a
perfect circle here really just looking for growth and then each quarter we have
a different page for this final page of the quarterly check-in
so during quarter one this is get motivated matrix so it’s a little
blueprint to help you get motivated I find that many times people start the
beginning of the year feeling really excited about their goals and then
things kind of you know Peter off a little bit this is a great time to check
in get yourself motivated get yourself fired up for the next quarter of the
year and then we get into q2 so you can see here’s April and May and I’m just
going to flip really quickly through the planer so we get to
checkpoint two what for our q2 so our second quarter is of course in June and
again we have the checkpoint we have a goal adjustment page and a life wheel
and in this quarter we do an evaluation of your time are there things that you
maybe you need to quit or to uncommit to in order to make time for your goals
so that’s quarter – then let’s go move forward to the third quarter and we have
again the checkpoint the goal adjustment the life will check in and then this
quarter we have the finding your yes blueprint this is a great blueprint to
use when you’re looking at opportunities or goals you might want to go after to
figure out really if this is a yes or a no it’s not as simple as just saying no
to everything we really want to find your yes the yeses that really get you
fired up the yes is that are gonna drive you closer to that ideal life so this is
a blueprint to walk you through doing just that
and then we’re gonna continue on through October November until we get to
December which of course is our fourth quarter so again we have our quarterly
checkpoints a goal adjustment and your life wheel as always and then we have a
managing your fear blueprint so really walking through what are some of the
things that maybe have frightened you what are the things that you feel are
big risks that maybe you want to go after how can we manage that fear
especially going into the following year how can we manage that so that we can go
after some of our bigger dreams and goals I’m going to close out our year we
have a year-end review this is a great chance to check in on your
accomplishment the things that have gone really well this year what things you’ve
solved what problems the biggest lessons you’ve learned these are almost acts as
a springboard for your reflection for the following year so it’s really nice
to end your year with a little bit of review
they also we also include a section so you can review all the goals you set for
yourself you can see there’s twelve of them here you can write out your goals
whether you accomplished it or didn’t accomplish it and then we ask a question
about if you did how did you celebrate and if you didn’t what went wrong how
can we adjust this how can we change this up so
maybe this is a goal we can go after again and another day but this is a
great all at-a-glance type of view of how you did with your goals for the year
and then our final page is a little bucket list a running list of ideas and
dreams for the coming year so that way when you’re getting ready for the
following year you already have a little little water in your well a little place
to get you started so this is a great place to start dreaming and thinking
ahead for the year to come now all of this that I’ve gone over with
the goal-setting planner all of this is included with our goal-setting planner
if you want to go deeper with your goal-setting
I actually am going to be offering a course and I’ll be announcing more
information about that this fall but I will have a course where we will dive
even deeper into all of the pages of the goal-setting planner we’ll have a pop-up
Facebook group where we can encourage and support one another I’m really
excited because I’m already starting to map out everything that we’re going to
be doing and I know that last year when I offered a pop-up Bowl setting group
and some some goal-setting advice and encouragement in a group setting it was
an amazing incredible event and so I’m really looking forward to doing that
again this year we’ll have more information this fall about that but
look for that goal-setting course to take place around the first week of
January right as we start off that new year all right if you have any questions
about the goal-setting planner or any of the other planners we offer at inkwell
press feel free to email us at [email protected] inkwellpress.com.


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  • I adore the changes to the goal setting planner. I'm really looking forward to utilizing some of the new tools and hearing the details on the group!

  • Thank you for giving us a walkthrough Tonya. I just love the goal setting planner and was actually looking to buy a new set a few months ago (you are so right about plans changing) but it wasn't available then. Maybe this year, I'll follow your suggestion and use a pencil, or maybe I'll use small sticky notes that'll fit the boxes. I do hope you'll consider making some next year. I also hope extra individual goal + actions pages will be available year long – for those new goals (because yeah, life happens) Can't wait for the 4th!

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