3 Apps I Use for Maximum Productivity | Q&A with Shay

3 Apps I Use for Maximum Productivity | Q&A with Shay

Three tools that I use for productivity on a daily basis are Sales Force, Basecamp, and my calendar. Sales Force keeps me connected to my sales team, always knowing which sales of mine I’m working on and where I’m at in the sales process. Not necessarily just the process but what I’ve learned about the client, what I know their goals are, what I know their concerns are, so that I’m always aware of where they want us to take them. Sales Force allows me to track my sales team from the number of leads they bring in to the number of leads that turn into opportunities with real potential clients, the number of leads that we either win or lose. The numbers as far as their closing rates and the rate in which we bring our clients in allows me to prepare for our company’s growth and know where we’re at in each and every one of our sales processes. Basecamp is something that we use company-wide. Every single team member here uses Basecamp to manage their day-to-day to-dos, to manage our clients, to manage themselves as individuals, and to manage their respective teams. Basecamp always keeps me on top of my projects, whether it’s a client of mine or a client of the companies, so I know what I need to do as a chief operating officer and president of the company to make sure that we’re always running efficiently. Basecamp also acts as a record for every single thing we do, for every client interaction we have – whether it’s a phone call or text message or an email – we have that on record so that we can refer back to that when we’re speaking with our clients and when we’re working with our clients to build them up for their success. My favorite app though, I have to say, is my calendar. Whether it’s something from my personal life or my business life, every single thing goes on my calendar. Whether it’s a five-minute meeting, a 10-minute meeting, 15-30 minutes or an hour, I’ll put it on my calendar so I know that that time’s blocked off and will be given to that particular task every single time. I also use my calendar to invite other people to it so they know that I’m blocking that time off of them. You’ll maybe look at my calendar one day and see it’s just a big block of different colors, that there’s no gaps within it. I make sure every second of my day is filled up with meaningful tasks, and I use my calendar to assist me in doing that. I’m curious. What apps do you guys use to manage as your day-to-day? What could you not live without as a company. Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share.


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