3 Bad Habits You Must Break to Be More Productive

3 Bad Habits You Must Break to Be More Productive

let me ask you would you like to get
more results in your life would you like to squeeze more drop out of a given day
because here’s something that very successful people realize they realize
that every single day we’re on the same equal playing ground as everyone else
everybody gets 24 hours in a day that’s 1,440 minutes and what you do in that
given minutes in that given time is crucial if you really want to maximize
your productivity thus get more results in your life so today I want you to
explain to you three things that you must get rid of in your life in order to be
more productive so you ready to get started okay cool
the first point and write this down by the way if you really want to master it
write it down and take action right the first point is all about stopping
impulsively browsing the web this is something I like to call browser
blackout and here’s a given scenario often people jump onto let’s say
Facebook and they promise themselves that they’re gonna spend five minutes
on the site and the basically scroll and they see some pictures from their
friends and all of a sudden they see an article an article says a murderer is
loose in my town then they click through and then they on this like news website
and they’re like three things that you did not know about murderers and they
click through to that article and then they click through to another article
and before you know it 30 minutes have gone by and they
continue to basically continue to just browse more and they and finally end up on
this weird website which is about I don’t know fishes or something and then
there’s only then they realized whoa I’ve wasted 60 minutes I promised myself
five minutes 60 minutes has gone by and right now I know some of you can relate to
this maybe it’s happened here on YouTube maybe it’s it happened on different
websites in regards to BuzzFeed or any other sites but you know kill your time
well in order to really maximize your minutes in a given day you gotta know
firstly your unconscious patterns that you’ve run you gotta know which
websites do you currently visit that is robbing you that creates this browser
blackout because once you know that you begin to master your mind your
begin to master your psychology and after that you’ve gotta become conscious
of which particular articles are actually causing browser
blackout and I want you to basically become conscious of this these big
companies that run these huge websites they hire the best of the best and their
sole aim is to keep the users the eyeballs onto their website so you’re
gotta realize that odds are against you they know exactly how your brain works
they know the fact that we’ve got a part of our brain called amygdala that’s
designed to focus on the negative before the positive so what they do in articles
is usually over applicate amplification of fear that way we know we’re gonna
click they know we’re gonna click on it and it’s gonna cause this browser
blackout because the longer you spend on their website the more ads they can run
thus earn more money so it’s a business right and they hire the best of the best
like a Harvard Graduates to just focus on keeping the viewer retention on to
websites and so realize that odds are against you if you’ve ever after this
now you’ll forever be basically reacting to what your your primal desires are
because remember the most successful people on this planet are the ones who
realize our mind is not designed to make us successful in this day and age our
mind is designed to make a successful hundreds thousands of years ago when we
have tigers snakes lurking around trying to kill us so the ones which are most
successful in this planet are the ones who basically master their unconscious
mind who master how to keep this primal mind at bay how to really control it so
realize which websites are robbing your time and simply put pause to it maybe
create like I don’t know just go onto your iPhone and create a timer five minutes
and once it goes off you can just go back to your work but it’s all about
consistency and being committed right it’s about discipline and I’ll create a
great video in discipline if you’ve not seen it yet I’m going to chuck a card
above now you can check it out now the second point I wanna talk about is
perfectionism it’s stopping that bad habit of wanting to perfect everything
before finally you launch it before you finally do it because not only does
this really sap you of your energy is saps you of the most important resource
which your time and you know there’s a great quote that goes
if you’re not embarrassed of your first product your first production of
something when you look back at it you’ve launched it way too late right
what its trying to say is you gotta realize that you just gotta focus on
getting things done getting things out there and just putting it out there not
focusing on the little minor details right in regards to online
marketing this couldn’t be any more true because you’re 20% of online marketing
efforts will actually succeed 80% is gonna fail
you’ll never know whether or not something’s gonna succeed and fail
until you finally launch it and the problem nowadays is people are just
focusing on the minor details that creates micro micro differences and if
you finally just launched it you get the feedback from your consumers or your
colleagues and that’s what’s really gonna make difference so focus on
progression not perfectionism and that’s what will really help you to maximize
more out of your day now let’s go on to the final point third point is all about
stopping the habit of viewing your phone or tablet or laptop by the bedside and
the reason being is basically our laptop our phones any tablet device any
electronic device such as TV radiates blue light and blue light is very bad in
regards to our sleep/wake cycle it activates the part of our mind that it
believes well it’s daytime I gotta get up and so it actually prohibits
melatonin which helps us sleep and get that restful sleep and so throughout the day
you’re gonna be extremely tired if you forever just repeat this pattern because
at night your body is naturally creating these chemicals is brewing this cocktail
you know that’s designed to help you get the rest you need to restore for the
next day but the problem is nowadays people are jacked on caffeine they’re
jacked on electronical devices the music and just overwhelming and so realize
bed side being in bed is about sleeping it’s not about viewing which
emails it’s not about checking Instagram it’s not about going on Facebook keep
the two separate but here’s something that will really really help you in
regards to working late at night because I know there are some of you right now
who are deep down hustlers right which is fair enough but really bear in mind you know eight hour sleep is really
recommended no matter what somebody sets you if you want to try and function on
four hours sleep realize this is not true eight hour sleep is really what we
need that’s an optimal amount so if you wanna hustle just to make sure you
get the restful sleep that you need because that way you get more of a day
but there are two apps I use that helped me to actually you know maximize the
sleep every single night and the one on my iPhone is simply just the iPhone app
and what it does it makes us yellow tint on to the iPhone screen okay so you can
check out that by going into the settings and clicking that function on
so that works on iPhones and I believe on Samsung and other gadgets you’ll be
to find the yellow tint as well so find any app that can get you to yellow tint
at night if activated at night and there is this app that I use on my laptop
which is particularly helpful when it comes to reducing the blue light at
night the app is called flux F-L-U-X flux is a free download and basically what
happens once you set and what time you sleep what time you wake up what it does
is it reduces the amount of blue light that comes out of your screen and what
you find late at night your screen is totally like yellow right so it’s
totally blocking out not all of it they’re blocking out some of that blue
light which will reduce you know the damage that the blue light does to us at
night so go check that out and just stop that habit of just basically viewing
your mobile device the laptop late at night right especially when you’re in
bed it really really sabotages the the quality the deep sleep that you need in
order to properly rejuvenate and wake up feeling refreshed right because
that’s how you really get the most out of the day so I hope you found this
video helpful if you have please click the like button and I just wanna let
you know that I’ve created an e-book that is on the seven ways that you can
stay more motivated in your life if you like to download that and it’s
free by the way I’m going to chuck a link above right now so you can download
it so as always insider follow your heart my friend and take
action and go live the life you’re born to live speech you soon


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