3 Red Flags Potential ESL Teachers Show Employers Abroad

What’s up! BenTeachesEnglishOverseas.com Did I throw you off with this background over here some people have
been requesting it again and again hey can you get away from the white
background I don’t like the white background whatever so I figured I’d
throw you guys a curveball today alright in this installment we’re gonna get into
some red flags we’ve talked to before about employer red flags some things
that you might want to watch out for but today we’re going to talk about you okay
we’re gonna look in the mirror and I’m gonna go through it okay I’m gonna give
you three examples today I’m not gonna go through every single example but I’m
just gonna give you some food for thought things that I see frequently
that I tell people amen you might want to get this off your resume because it’s
a red flag for an employer it’s not doing you any favors okay and lastly
before we get started I just want to say I get emails I get d-ends everything
from people that they want more and more and more and more and I like that that’s
cool that’s why I offer a service that’s why
I offer one-on-one help to people okay I’m happy to give ninety-five percent of
what I know away if you’re you know patient enough to get through the four
hundred videos and you don’t want it in a in a condensed form I try not to be
really salesy on here I try not to push it too much you know I got the intro in
the outro and whatever but I’m not like some people trying to push a product
every third video or every second video a lot of marketing people will tell you
to do that I don’t do it but you know there are some people who how to send me
the d-ends and the emails and everything and they want more and more and you know
that’s cool but I’m not gonna certain information I’m not going to put out for
absolutely everybody because there’s a limit to
how many people I want to know about it and how many people that are paying for
the service want other people to know about it as well okay so let’s get right
into it today red flags so the first big red flag that I
frequently see when I pull up some of these resume is they put a lot of very
short duration employment on the resume okay
what’s that say about you if you were here five months and then you were here
six months and then you were here nine months okay now here’s the the one
caveat is if you’re in a position of employment okay you worked for ABC
company and you’re a teacher for five months and then you get promoted to
senior teacher and then that’s like another nine months now that’s cool and
you could point that out during the interview but when you’re like
constantly hopping you’re like hopping around all these different jobs you look
like a flake okay and you will likely if you have a lot of employment like that
get called out for that in the interview well it’s up do why why are you all over
the place okay I’ve even had it when I first
started out you know if you’ve been following me you know that I had some
some bad experiences cause like a lot of people I didn’t know what I was doing so
I started out a year here you’re there you’re here you’re there and they
started to ask how come you never stay longer than a year now over time I
started to take contracts you know I think my longest up to this
point is like three years that I’ve done but you know that’s helped my resume
because a lot of places they want to get that teacher who stays for know a longer
term sometimes we see for the average international school nowadays kind of
the the minimum now is two years so places like the Emirates are even hiring
on three-year contracts so that’s a big thing if you’re all over the place so
the next big red flag number two is the person who emphasizes how interests
they are in the local language how they want to learn the local language how
they want to practice the local language if you’ve seen the other video you know
why unfortunately there are a lot of teachers they care more about themselves
than the students okay now there’s a certain aspect where it’s like you know
as a teacher you are an ambassador of your own country and you want to you
know spin things in a positive light you want to show interest in the other
person the other person’s culture right but some people take it too far and
schools are aware of this there are some teachers who will come in and they just
talk way too much in the local language I don’t do it at all none of my students
have any idea that I can speak Chinese because I don’t think that it’s
necessary but you know the the very worst in my opinion ESL teachers are the
ones who just use the class as their own private you know local language lesson
and they’re actually getting paid for it I think it’s totally unacceptable but
schools are onto that so don’t be surprised if they say oh you speak the
local language well you know we only want you speaking English in class right
now I made this mistake before because I I used to have Chinese all over my
resume this that the other I have a degree in Chinese no I don’t even talk
about it okay never push it all right last red flag is the person who travels
all over the place don’t emphasize that some people put avidtraveller travel to
all these countries backpacking experience
okay your friends back home people around a campfire your grandma aunt
Myrtle these people are going to be impressed by your backpacking and your
travel experience when you go back home okay over time they’ll come to resent
you for it and they’ll be like alright shut up
but it’s impressive okay and a lot of people get it in their mind that okay
it’s impressive back home to people therefore I should put it on my resume
because I’m going to impress an employer actually that is counterintuitive
if your employer is gonna see that and they’re gonna think flaky so this guy or
gal is all over the map they’re not gonna last long this is not a solid
person who’s gonna stay for a long time this is somebody who’s just gonna you
know be here maybe they’ll get that travel bug again they’ll get that itch
now want to hit the road not stick out the contract red flag red
flag red flag today these are just three did you know some other red flags feel
free to drop them in the comment section below I look forward to hearing from you
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