3 YouTube Growth Strategies for 2018


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  • ⚡QOTD: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to growing on YouTube right now? LMK! ??? Watch the FREE 1-hour YouTube Masterclass here: http://TubeMasterclass.Live

  • Beyond Reviews says:

    Sean! Thank you for this video! Our channel has random content, how can we make that work? Thanks for all the tips! 🙂

  • Hi I’m starting up a YouTube channel. I will be doing vlogs, reactions, and basketball related videos. Currently I’m choosing between a canon t6, powershot sx730, and powershot sx530. I wanted to know which would be the best overall camera for these videos in your opinion. Thank you for your time.

  • PlayAsUplease Official says:

    Great content Sean. One other thing is that I love the way you take care of your audience. How? Simply by replying to their comments and feedback. An act that shows appreciation =)

  • Basketball Fundamentals says:

    Thanks for all the info Sean, I watched most of your Youtube related videos and you helped me grow my channel a lot! You are the man!

  • Terry Walker says:

    I work two full time jobs! And two sons and getting back to riding Bmx at a professional level reason I started vlogging my Bmx life and day to day random shenanigans! It hard to do youtube but I love the process I sleep 4 hrs a night that's it and I'm up going to two jobs then come home edit until 1am and wake up at 6am and back at it again !!!!

  • Exiled ClownTTV says:

    I have 3 kids and just adopted a 5 month old baby boy. I had to quit my job to stay with him. So besides for kids and doctors my day is gone.

  • I started a Daily Vlog and it looks identical to the early videos you had. My content isn’t focused yet. Now I just need to decide what direction to take it.

  • Thanks for the tipps! I just started today with my travel/adventure and languages vlog! I am going to combine running it in german, bulgarian and a bit english, so I am basically looking forward to build a nice, adventureres community!

  • Aditya Upadhyaya says:

    I recently started following this channel as well as your other channel. The content is so amazing and I'm finding it extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for posting these videos, and I hope you keep more such videos coming! ?

  • I feel hard work is up to the person. To me I’m not working hard if I’m not moving forward. Part of working hard is gaining more knowledge in whatever area your working in. That is as you said, developing strategies and creating a plan. I feel talent is not enough but hard work and persistence will eventually be enough. I feel like doing a video on this subject alone haha could go so many directions. Either way. Thanks for the video and inspiration.

  • Jesse The Business Blogger says:

    Yes! I can definitely relate to the busy part. I am currently in school, building two businesses, building my YouTube channel, working with the Rotary club, Multiple networking clubs and Im starting to learn how to use a plan to execute better instead of just spinning my wheels.

  • alligatorvscrocodile says:

    I post regular content on youtube and social channels , i work out keywords and description optimisation , but i need to know what is the most effective way in getting my videos found on youtube. Also u mentioned getting other income streams for more support u till youtube starts paying .But apologies i never heard what they were. Thanks

  • Awesome video man! We just started a channel, 43 subscribers, we vlogged a bit while we went overseas! But hardest and most exciting challenge is putting quality content! Downloaded a new editing software and got a new camera, and we'll be focusing more on putting content about what we like which is a passion for sneakers! We will definitely strategise! Thanks again

  • Journey to Wellness says:

    I’ve watched a lot of your videos, as well as other YouTube influencers, and they always get me so pumped up to start making my own videos. I get all of these ideas, these great ideas in my head on how I would make a channel and focus on affiliate marketing to create passive into. However, I never seem to get around to actually making the damn videos. I want to so bad, but I just haven’t been able to make the time to focus on it. I work full-time and drive part time for Uber and Lyft just to keep my finances in check.

  • Life Science says:

    I am a youtuber I already subscribe to your channel. I am making video on biology bye but I can't figure out why my subscribers are not growing. at first I did some videos on biology in my mother language and now I am making videos in English to but still my subscribers are not growing should I change my subject?

  • Hey guys I’m starting a YouTube channel because I moved back to Mexico and I wanna show people how Mexico is and a day in my life and what happens in my life living in mexico . Would you watch my video if I start uploading??

  • Brentt Foster says:

    Getting my Channal noticed my last video has 36 views only,thats just not good enough I,ve posted 23 videos in the last month.

  • LOVE YOUR channel. Thanks for these great tips. The last two questions are questions I never thought of asking myself. Absolutely great content always . Thanks again ?

  • The Center Stage Studio - Front Desk says:

    OMG Working hard – lord…I run/own a performing arts studio (Dance, acting, voice) with over 1000 students, recitals, competition teams, camps, musical theater productions, parents, etc….and I'm trying to start my youtube Channel (Crazy Creativity with Tracey) oh…and the actual business of running a business..city zoning, taxes LOL.
    Huge fan, love everything you do thanks so much for all you do!

  • Real Community Talks says:

    Thanks so much for this Video Sean! Your content is so thorough and needed just at the right time. Thank-you because your content has played a huge role in my back end planning and continual growth of my podcast! God bless man.

  • Keyona Brittany says:

    I am a fresh youtuber and I can use some advices. I am looking into creating blogs for fitness but also looking into doing content for natural hair and makeup. I do not want my YouTube channel to be random and all over the place so what advice would you give? Should I crest two YouTube channels one focusing on the blogging and fitness and the other on hair and beauty ! Your feedback would be highly appreciated

  • I'm loving your channel, congratulations for the great content you are doing, is very helpful in gaining knowledge about youtube, thank you!

  • Melrose Design Company says:

    Great content Sean! Small channel here, finally getting on a consistent posting schedule. I really like the tip about keeping your brand and not straying away from your 'Genre'. I tried going down a few different routes that weren't in my "woodworking/how to" wheel house. Thanks for the upload!

  • Escala Manila says:

    These are great tips! But it’s really difficult to think of a growth strategy that will work on YouTube aside from “hoping” that the YouTube algorithm will put your video in the suggested videos!

  • Everything Except Nothing - Blake Ely says:

    Great information, your content is very helpful in growing small channel. I have a question about paid product review. Please help. a company asked for terms and conditions and compensation. does anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Love the tips! Can't wait to implement them. Growing my youtube on the side as I build my business has been fun. Keep up the great work.

  • My biggest struggle is working 40 hours a week having a house full of teenagers and going to the gym 4 days a week. Plus I don't know what my niche is. I want to do family style vlogging but I can't stay consistent and by the end of the week I'm tired. I thought about making a channel and talking about my weight loss and my journey to fitness. Thank you for your videos. They are really helpful

  • Hard work is definitely not enough. I know this first hand. I’m pretty sure there are thousands of people on YT right now who have been working hard & hustling to put out the best content & still aren’t getting the results they want. It’s important to not only come up with a strategy & all that other stuff, but it’s also important to be authentic, patient, & focus on the progress instead of perfection, as said by the great Nathan Lucas, I’m pretty sure you’re favorite you tuber had no idea where they’d be today when they first started out. They started out doing what they love. For themselves. Just because you work hard does not mean that people will like you or the content you produce.

  • This is so funny I saw this video after I decided to delete all my reaction videos because I realized that it is not the kind of theme my YouTube channel to be like. B4 I want it to be just like that but I lose interest while I'm on the process of working on my channel so I deleted many past videos of mine 🙂

  • Awesome video! It is nice hearing a big channel realise some of us have HARD work before we even get to youtube creating. Thanks for the tips!

  • DaleenSpeaks says:

    thanks for this vid it has opened up things in which i was not focused on . im in vasity and kind of do youtube as a hooby. the growth of my channel is slow even though, i market myself on social media. im struggling to find a niche that is me and also isnt already crowded

  • Jarrod Tocci says:

    Sean I’ll NEVER have anything negative to say you or your page. Honestly I forward a lot of people to you when they ask me about youtube growth or tech because you’re one of the best, but….

    I agree with most of what you’re saying and maybe I even fall into agreeing with all of it but your first point about focusing on 1 thing your channel is about is where I don’t see eye to eye with you. I say this because my channel is entertainment based hence why I used my name over something else. I’m pursuing career in the entertainment world BUT is revolves around VanLife, so maybe I do follow your teachings. I do a VanLife Vlog/stand up comedy. Now if you’re saying to create 2 different channels I understand but for me I’d rather create 2 different playlists. Curious on your input seeing how you have many years on me when it comes to YouTube business.

    Lastly I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you are the main reason I now have ads on my page, with the growth success, and the reason I have certain tech so THANK YOU again!

  • My biggest challenge could possibly be competition. Although I still upload variety here and there such as a vlog, skit, reacting to fan art, the biggest focus on my channel is gaming. I think gaming is by far the hardest way to grow your channel in 2018 because the biggest YouTubers are gamers and everyone wants to do it.
    Just got married, I'm still uploading 4 times a week while spending time with my wife, family, going to church, work, working out at the gym, etc. Unfortunately I don't live with internet right now. I've spent two years with satellite internet which made it impossible to upload anything without driving to Starbucks for fast wifi. Since me and my wife moved, I have zero internet where I am at, and still drive 20 minutes to Starbucks every time I upload a video. As you can tell, it is very frustrating. We plan on moving again soon, but this time, I will make sure we'll have legit internet…
    I bust my butt editing, and it makes me extremely joyful that my subscribers appreciate the hard work. However, just as anyone that is proud of their artwork, we want to show it off to the entire world. I feel like an unrecognized artist that is lost in the crowd. I'm sure just about everyone here in the comment section feels the same way. It just as if shout outs are the only way to grow as a gamer.

  • Garage Built TV says:

    Balancing raising 4 kids a full time job and time with the wife! But I don’t and won’t stop trying. I’m getting about two subs every video I release so that works for now! I also promote my channel and made shirts. Fake it till you make it!

  • This was discouraging. Actually how do you strategize for being different? The idea of planning to be different is a bit oxymoron-ish. Plans are based on outcomes we want based on other things we’ve seen others do or have done. That’s not different. How do I strategize for something I’ve never done and no one else has? If we’re trying to be different. I am seriously asking because this video just discouraged the shit out of me. Sometimes I think it’s just doing it, with consistency and allowing yourself to do it with out outcome dependency. Idk I’m so frustrated now. I screenshot the questions and will do my best to answer them. One point I think is neglected is YT is still about image and beauty, that matters a lot.

  • Maddy Bryana says:

    I am a NEW youtuber and I work so hard to post 2 videos a week for my subscribers. Thank you for all the tips!!

  • Thank you for all of your content. I have already been putting your tips to use and I feel much more confident.

  • Finding a way to grow it will almost be my 1st year of actually being a Youtuber and I’m at 46 subscribers

  • Pretty Is Productions says:

    I like how you described that it’s not good to have “random” content I’m starting this vlog with my husband we can only shoot on the weekends so we’ve been planning out different things to do are we supposed to pick one area of interest and focus solely on that? Would be greatly appreciated if you could take a peek at our page 🙂

  • Motobiker Vroon says:

    That's really helpful.. I have a channel for motovlogs and I do post good contents and I do proper tags but I'm not getting the right number of audience, could you please suggest how should I overcome that?

  • Sean, Hi, I am from India. We run a channel at http://youtube.com/blackboarddiscover
    I would like you to give it a quick look and give us your honest reviews. Please do. ????

  • Initially, I thought that my biggest challenge was positioning, but then I realized that even when I'm giving the same advice that others do, I have my own personality, so it will always come across differently. But beyond that, there are other differences too, so in the end, it looks like my biggest challenge is just getting into motion to do it.

  • My biggest challenge is to stay consistent with my Youtube singing covers every week! Also to learn about data & analytics to see how I can grow my channel. Thanks so much I have made it a routine to listen to at least one Think Media video a day at work. 🙂

  • Hardwork is NOT enough, but it is a requirement. I started a year ago with absolutely zero experience with cameras and youtube. Now, a year later I've made 250 videos, learned SO SO MUCH and I've gained 320 subscribers. I'm ready to impliment a power content strategy and really up my game.

  • I think random is cool if it's part of your brand identity. You really need to make your YouTube thumbnails look the same pretty much regarding branding ? however I agree with you in terms of mixed niche style videos.

  • heythisistiana says:

    I started a fashion/ lifestyle channel but I'm having trouble finding an unique and consistent look (or aesthetic as it's known in the community) and I feel like it's hurting my channel

  • Explore Travel TV says:

    great info as usually. I am still challenged with my channel. about 200 videos posted and only 227 subscribers. 🙁 I suffer from what you said in the beginning. I thought I would do my channel as a variety type show with different things…I know that isn't good now. lately is Travel vlogs, they are doing ok, but I have fitness challenge, product reviews, entertainment stuff like my short films and commercials etc. so far my product reviews are the biggest watchers and then travel video. was wondering if I should start up new channels for each like you have different ones. I didn't want to as I was getting monitized but now I am not so thinking about a reboot anyway….thanks oh ya, I am a full time actor, no other job, I do photography and video and editing, home studio, good equipment etc.

  • What a great guy!! Super helpful! Easy to “get it!” Awesome channel!! Thanks for the tips! SUBSCRIBED!

  • Running Meese says:

    Watching this literally opened my eyes on a bunch of things. I realize now what I have to do in order to thrive on this site lol
    I saw the "Stop making random content and focus on something" bit and legit thought, "Yup thats exactly what I'm doing, just a bunch of random content"

    I'll be taking your tips and I'll see how that pans out for me! Thanks for the help!

  • I want to be able to grow fast without having to be in a relationship doing pranks I want to be able to blog with my friends and play videos games I don’t want my Chanel to be based on a relationship

  • BryanBangsOut says:

    I recently just graduated from college and finally have time to make and edit videos. Really appreciate the tips. I’m currently try to balance making film, work, and editing. While doing an internship. Thank you for the tips! This channel as helped me stay motivated and be realistic with growing my channel.

  • Gillian Seetso says:

    Don't know if I will get a reply but these are my worries and uncertainties. I started youtube in January 2017 and from then till now I have only received 164 subscribers and my watch time is very low. I am trying to stay positive and build my channel and as much as all these tips are given it sure isn't working for me. I promote my videos and still I don't get anything back and I do put in a lot of work in it but have nothing to show for it. And this is not about money, just the pure fact of growing my audience and being able to grow my watch time. With all that mentioned. What would you suggest in this regard?

  • Hi Think Media I don't know how to choose what type of content should I do in my YouTube video ?? Can Help Me ?

  • Martin Bašták Ďurán says:

    Hi, my biggest challenge is my topic. I'm astrologer and I've about 70 videos about astrology, but only 185 subscribers, although it works for attracting some costumers. My topic is not mainstream and I do it in Slovak language, Slovakia is not so big, that's why it is so hard to get more subscribers. Thanks for your tips.

  • Hype Hayez 14 says:

    Who wants me to Subscribe to their channel but you got to subscribe to mine and I will give you a shout out if you give me a shout out and most my Subscribers Subscribe to my shout outs

  • Hype Hayez 14 says:

    My stuggel is I need help like I watch all these videos and I try and I just suck and idk how to make those cool thumbnails and I live in a trailer park ?????

  • Ellebell Royal Beauty says:

    My biggest struggle is that I feel my video are Random to my potential subscribers but I love all things beauty related so I want to make videos on hair, Makeup, and clothing all on one channel instead of having multiple channels! is this even possible? Come to think about my hair videos get more views than everything else.

  • Jimmy Dick's International Eats says:

    my biggest challenge is getting  more subscribers, I am working hard, and I am really learning a few things from your channel.  I am truly grateful to you for sharing your strategies. I have already added end channel icons per your suggestion. I will let you know if it helps. Thanks again and God Bless

  • I feel like my biggest limitation is the right equipment. I am trying to create ASMR artistic work and when I read from Silmarrillion, I film with my iPhone because that is all I have at this point. So just imagine it— I am filming with my phone in one hand and then holding the book I'm reading from in the other :)….

  • Like this comment, subscribe and comment done and I will sub back!?
    I think we should all support each other and help each other out. This is a good community and we can all grow together. Wishing everyone the best of luck & success with their channel?If you subscribed thank you so much!

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