4 Allegedly TRUE Disturbing Stories From Hospital Workers (Scary True Storytime)

I had cared for an elderly woman with no family
who came to us when her husband died. She didn’t speak often but when she did it
was usually just words that made no sense together. I felt so bad for her because ever since she
had arrived so many of the residents in her area that she seemed to enjoy spending time
with had passed in such a short timespan. She put up a picture of each of them next
to her pictures of her husband and several others who were probably family to remember
them. I had ad always felt sorry for her and showed
her extra attention and we became close. It just seemed so unfair that she had such
luck and kept losing people that she cared about. One day she looked at me and said plain as
day “sweetie, I think I’m done now” and handed me a picture. It was a picture of me and I smiled because
it touched my heart that I was that important to her. She passed nearly a week later and I cried
for days, it hit me really hard. She knew it was the end for her and she said
goodbye as best she could. A little less than 2 years later I was talking
with a colleague and she came up in conversation. My colleague referred to her as “that crazy
bitch” which seemed very out of character for her and it shocked and offended me deeply. I expressed this to her, not so nicely and
she looked at me with this shocked look and said “oh dear, do you not know?” and then
explained something to me that I hadn’t known. As it turned out, it came out sometime after
she had passed that she had killed her husband by poisoning him and that there was an investigation
because it appeared that she had a ritual of befriending someone, obtaining a picture
of them, and hiding the picture until she could kill them (usually by poisoning) and
then displaying the picture as a sort of trophy. It was suspected that this may have been the
reason for the spike in mortality rate during her stay and the considerable number of photos
in her “collection”. The last I heard, the old “family” photos
weren’t any relation to her and the police were trying to ID the individuals and compare
them to several cold cases. CNA here, have been working night shift at
hospitals for 7 years now and I have quite a few stories. Came into work one night and Jen, one of the
nurses, told me and my other coworker Jay the creepiest thing happened a few hours earlier. A patient had passed in one of the rooms abruptly. The room was cleaned and was quickly occupied
by another patient who had coded, was pronounced dead, but was resuscitated. Soon after being admitted in his room he complained
to the nurse, “I can’t be in here. This man won’t stop looking at me. He’s really worried about his dog. His dog doesn’t know that he’s dead.” She had assumed he was just seeing things
and said, “Oh yeah? What does he look like?” He described the deceased patient perfectly. I could see the chills running down her spine
as she was telling us hee story. Turns out the man did have a dog as well. The new admit was moved to another room. Jay said, “I don’t believe in ghosts. Those aren’t real. I wanna see it. Tonight I’m gonna provoke it so it can show
itself.” 3 AM rolls around and all 3 of us are at the
nursing station. Jay starts playing YouTube videos of various
puppy sounds. Soon after two lift team guys come up, we
forget what we’re doing and start another conversation. Suddenly, we all hear it, except for Jay. A dog bark. In the same room. Loudly, clear as ever. The lift team guys say, “Does someone have
a dog in here?” Jen and I simultaneously shit ourselves. I have other stories but, that one really
got to me. Shadow men are real, I’ve seen one firsthand. And spirits love playing with elevators. I’m a 20 year old white male. I’m not a huge guy. I stand 5’7, 160 pounds. For this story I will be using abbreviations
of the areas around where I live. Those who have been near Philly will probably
be able to understand them but honestly, I don’t give a fuck. I live in a town I’ll call “T-dale” Pennsylvania,
close to a town I’ll call “C-ville,” which some in our area consider the equivalent to
Philly due to violence, drugs, etc. I work security in a hospital within this
town, where my job puts me in the psych ward, morgue, and ER. Yea, I know it’s kind of all over the place
but this is important. I’m going to tell two stories. Before I continue I’m warning you that these
will, indeed, be very graphic and disturbing. This is your only disclaimer. The things I’ve done here stick with me and
there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about some of these occurrences. It’s a less affluent hospital. So much so that the hospital kind of abuses
our security contract and has us do some wild things that we really shouldn’t be doing. Obviously, with nearby C-Ville, we get some
very lower class people coming by and fucking shit up with their drugs. The first story deals with the morgue. As usual, I received a call from the ICU that
someone had recently passed away so I went to bag the body. The man who had passed was an older man, probably
around late fifties to mid-sixties. I didn’t ask how he died because, let’s
face it, not my problem or concern. So I slapped on my gloves and got him into
the body bag. Before I zipped the bag I stopped, and stared
at him. I felt odd and uncomfortable. I’ve dealt with far more fucked up bodies,
missing limbs or exposed organs, but this one had no apparent injuries and yet, I was
uncomfortable. Anyway, I snapped out of my haze, zipped him
up for the funeral home, and dragged his ass down to the morgue. I followed procedures and places him in the
freezer. Note that I brought his body down on a cart
and only moved his body from the bed to the cart, so there wasn’t a whole lot of movement. Anyway, I placed him in the freezer and waited
for the funeral home to arrive. When they did, I brought them to the freezer
where I’d transfer the body into their possession. It’s actually more of a hassle then a complex
job. Just find the bag, have them sign, and pick
them up to put them on the cart. So I pull my new friend out the freezer for
the funeral home and immediately things start to become weird. The funeral home claimed I had the wrong body
and I’m just like–what the fuck. There was no way it was the wrong body. There were two bodies in the freezer, the
other body being a sixteen-year-old who had been hit by a fucking train. So, like, yea, no way I fucked this up. After some minor accusations, the funeral
home realized it was the right body (like–come the fuck on. There’s a tag on the outside of the bag
with their name on it, which the man even looked at for a solid minute before agreeing). But then it happened. The one man unzipped the bag and I was forced
to take a step back. The man I had just placed in the morgue was
contorted, with his arm behind his back, laying on his right side, and the left arm strewn
in front of him. And his mouth…it was…frozen…in a scream,
eyes bulging. My mind raced. How could this be? I laid him in the bag on his back with his
arms at his side. And before you say someone else touched the
body or moved it, you’re wrong. I was the only officer on duty and I had the
only keys to the freezer so I was the only one with access. I would never be disrespectful or unprofessional. And to adjust his mouth or eyes? How could his body possibly have been fucking
contorted? The funeral director began to rant about how
it was possible I could be such a scum bag to leave a body in such a manner. I was silent. There was nothing I could say. They re-zipped the body and left angrily. I was still in shock. I don’t know how he died but I knew he didn’t
die screaming. I’m still baffled to this day about this
instance. Another story I have is my second day, when
I was working in the psych ward and I got a call from my manager. He told me to report down to the ER asap. I was nervous because I thought, “Shit,
did I already fuck my job up?” I walk on down to the ER and meet up with
my manager who was in the presence of two other guards. He walks up to me and tells me the scenario
and, apparently, a family came in to see their four year old daughter in the ER. The mother, father, and grandparents were
waiting for the doctor. The only problem was, they didn’t realize
the four year old girl was already dead. The story goes, the girl was sitting on the
back of her father’s tractor and he had put it in reverse. Somehow the girl slipped and the father unfortunately
didn’t know until it was too late. Her skull was crushed by the tractor wheel
and she most likely died almost instantly. We were there to make sure the family didn’t
freak out too badly and what ensued I will never forget, and be tortured by for the rest
of my life. When the doctor finally appeared and gave
the grave news, I had to sit and listen to the family scream, screech, cry, and curse
for two hours. Their yells of pain are burned into my brain
and I still hear it sometimes. As the new guy, they sent me to do the next
part with a former Marine. We walked to the room with the deceased and
stared at what was in front of us. The corpse of a little girl lay before us
on a table. Her skull was caved in and it looked as if
you baked ziti with skull fragments, brains, and other crucial human sensory organs. The prior Marine and I froze and stood there
for a minute. I honestly don’t give a fuck about people,
and dead bodies don’t faze me, but this being the first child I had to deal with,
I was in a funk. Slowly, with my shaking gloved hands, I moved
the girl into the bag. Before I finished zipping the bag I looked
once more in the cavern that used to be capable of forming an innocent child’s smile. No longer would it be able to. That image, along with the families screams,
will stick with me forever. I have always been depressed but honestly,
this job gave me a new feeling of respect for life. I’ve done a lot more fucked up things but
this is all I want to talk about now. Maybe I’ll send in more soon. Maybe… You can call bullshit, whatever. I needed to tell someone and it took me awhile
to finally be comfortable with what’s happened to me. I’m writing this on Christmas. Hope all have a merry holiday and hopefully,
I don’t have to see you soon. Hey everyone, if you were looking for more
creepy type hospital stories, rather than unsettling or disturbing
I did a video awhile back on hospital horror stories, but it’s more focused on scary encounters
with people within hospitals incase you didn’t get what you wanted with
this video. That will be in the description and on screen
at the end of this video. I debated even including the last story in
this one, but the person who sent in the last 2 stories included proof of where
they worked and stuff like that. I know a lot of you request more of the EMT
stories and it kinda reminded me of those so I figured i’d include it. Anyways, I was thinking of doing a giant subscriber
stories video that included a ton of different topics. So if you’ve ever had a scary experience,
whether it be a camping story, a home invastion, a stalker story, anything
Please send it into [email protected] , I will also have my email in description. Please make sure you make the subject of the
email whatever kind of story it is. If you just title the subject of the email
“scary story” and nothing else, it’ll make it harder to find. So that’s about it, hope you enjoyed the video,
and if you didn’t I recommend the other hospital stories video I did. Stay safe and have an awesome day.


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