4 Best Features of Twist Team Communication

4 Best Features of Twist Team Communication

And welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel its Francesco again and welcome back to another video So in today’s video guys, we’re chatting about communication in the workplace We’re going to be talking about the tools and also the two types of communication typically go on in the workplace I wanted to chat about this because this week is sponsored by Doist Todoist and Twist are their core products and Twist is something that we’ve been trying out And what I wanted to do is talk to you today about some of the benefits that we’ve found from using twist and the specific type of communication could asynchronous communication Now for a long time now There’s me one main player in the team communication space and that’s been Slack now I view slack for absolutely ages back when I was in the library in 2013 I remember but asking our CEO at flashsticks. Can we use Slack for the team communication? I’ve been a big advocate for a long time, but over the last couple of months and especially how my works change I really wanted to try and focus on karma communication when I’m working remotely So just to give you a bit of a background I’ll keep productive is a really small team right now It’s made up of Alice, Diana and maybe a few more soon and myself We run blogs and courses – we’re a small team and were all based in Europe right now But we are remote and actually communicating on a regular basis is something that we really value Now there are two types of communication asynchronous and synchronous asynchronous Communications don’t wait around for a reply So for example, this could be in the form of an email or a message that doesn’t necessarily need a response instantly synchronous communication Requires parties or components to work simultaneously in real-time. So that would be instantly replying almost like I am The way to go for us has been asynchronous communication Synchronous communication has many benefits of course, but asynchronous communication really does respect our time and energy Now maybe about three months ago. We moved over from slack to twist and we’ve actually been really enjoying the experience there are a few ways that twist has helped us in terms of communication to really refine and reduce our Stress level in the workplace. So the first has been the thread sign of staff Whereas with slack you have channel inside a twist you have thread threads are more goal orientated You can set a title to them and you could be a bit more definitive on what you want to complete so for example We pretty much have a thread for every article we create and that tends to help us work towards the article and keep the conversation Relevant net and also you can only nudge the people that are relevant to the conversation, too So people won’t get too many messages in their inbox. The other thing is you’ve got real-time communication You’ve got a synchronous communication and twist, but it’s just private. It’s available in messages and you can find it there Twist also has been helpful for time off when we’ve got our time off vacation indicator on it just means we’re off and that’s good Now based on our time zone. I know that Alice finished one hour earlier than me So twist actually feels a lot more constructive when we’re actually even leaving messages for each other now, I’m not anti slack I’m going to a conference later this month actually all about slack But slack demands too much of her time and I’ve really noticed that in the last couple of months slack really demands that synchronous communication Always being on always checking your channels It’s almost like having loads of those inboxes But what I found in the last couple of weeks is definitely that twist has been a lot calmer and much more relaxed There’s an article below which you can dive into a bit more detail about twist and how synchronous and asynchronous Communication works in a better format and hopefully that gives you a bit of an insight again, of course This video is sponsored by Doist But again, I’m a user of twist and todoist to list for six years now And I just wanted to share this video as a good starting point to the rest of the week. Also this week guys We’re releasing all the features of Twist We’re doing a deep dive into it and also doing a feature on how to connect Todoist with Twist So guys I really hope you benefited from this video. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about twist and slack it’d be great to hear because obviously those are the two main players in the space right now and Also, feel free to chat about how the way you communicate in the comments. It’d be really great to hear and every guys Thank you so much for stopping by today. Make sure to hit the like button subscribe and do comment below I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers


13 thoughts on “4 Best Features of Twist Team Communication”

  • PS. I know Slack has threads. But they aren't the leading features, channels are.
    I've used Slack threads but found the thread-first option much better, personal opinion. 🙂

  • Any clue on where we are heading as far as NewtonMail is concerned , Ces ? It's still working but no idea on where it's heading .

  • I pushed them to add Mentions for over a year. Finally they did it. I couldn’t use it at all without it, and by now I’m not going to switch to it for my current projects. And Slack threads are completely useless.

  • Do you make a “General” chat per topic though? That’s my main problem with this platform. We do need a place for real time chat, and messages doesn’t work out for me for some reason.

  • You made a good point Francesco, Slack is very noisy and thus not ideal for productivity. I will be glad to give Twist a try, especially as i'm already using ToDoist.
    The question still is for small and/or remote teams of small sizes if there is the need for a separate team communication tool, or we might just be better off with keeping with the default apps we already use for the rest (whether it's trello,todoist etc)
    Where do you see the need/advantage of using a separate communication tool for work?

  • Wonder if it will end up like emails?
    Start with a subject and question
    8 messages later the body has nothing to do with the subject 🙂

  • Your voice-over in this video reminds me of Headspace. Maybe they can get you a "celebrity guest spot" in one of their new meditations? Worth a shot. "Breath in, breath out. Imagine yourself completing one task after another. You glance over at your Todoist score, you are now a grandmaster, now go to bed" ?

  • This seems really interesting. My team and I use Zoom for daily huddles and weekly hour long meetings with Wunderlist as our 'project management' tracker. We will be shifting our to-dos and projects into HubSpot in 2019 so soon that'll change.

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