4 Dumbest Lunge Mistakes Sabotaging Your QUAD / LEG GROWTH! STOP DOING THESE!

4 Dumbest Lunge Mistakes Sabotaging Your QUAD / LEG GROWTH! STOP DOING THESE!

What’s going on nation? I’m Scott from Muscularstrength.com and today we’re bringing back the dumbest mistake series and today we’re gonna talk about lunges second to maybe only squats Lunges are an amazing lower body exercise to help build muscle in your legs And the added benefit here is that they’re going to be a lot easier on your hips and knees as well now listen carefully guys Falling victim to any of the following mistakes results in two things Number one less overall muscle gain because you don’t understand how to maximize the exercise and number two More chance of injury because your form is garbage But before we get started If you enjoy my content show your support by tapping that like button and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a new video upload And you know what one quick thing. I’m sure you guys have noticed over the past few months that my body’s been slowly Transforming back to a Super Saiyan state much leaner much bigger, and I’m feeling a lot better There’s no secret I’ve just been training with my full body evolution program and I cleaned up my eating since moving into my new house in Florida And if you guys want to take advantage of the same program and eating methods, all you do is download my app it’s super easy and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way and what I mean by that is I’m very Interactive on my app if you have questions, I answer them. Alright, so make sure you check it out link below. Alright Let’s get started mistake number one Failing to align your ankles with your hips and knees, guys This is the mistake that will get you injured maybe not today Maybe not tomorrow But one day you will hear something pop or click in your knee and it won’t be good unlike the squat lunging properly requires Left-to-right balance and stability and if you don’t own that stability Chances are your knee is going to travel in the wrong direction You want your knee to keep tracking over your ankle and you want your hips to be square, especially as you descend But what happens to most people is that one the hips stays a little higher than the other side which creates a left-to-right Pelvic tilt which can lead to an injury or imbalance over time. So how do you fix it? Well, that’s easy guys ditch the dumbbells and just use body weight Then I want you to also ditch the conventional forward lunge and perform the reverse lunge instead You’ll have much more control over the reverse lunge and there is far less force and impact on your knee as you step back Proper form is very simple here just take a small step back and descend straight down while keeping your chest up and maintaining a 90 degree angle with both legs Go as low as you can before your knee touches the floor and if by a mirror check to ensure your front knee is above Your ankle and your back knee is in line with your hip then return to the starting position and repeat mistake Number two is letting your spine collapse Failing to keep your core tight is bad guys on any exercise I don’t see this as much with body weight But as soon as most people grab a pair of dumbbells It’s like the extra weight causes more forward momentum and you start to see a lot of rounded backs and knees blowing past toes Now some people might say they’re leaning forward to engage more glutes and less quads But even so you should still be able to remain in an upright position With zero spinal flexion core activation is key guys So take in a breath just like you would when you squat or deadlift before each rep mistake number three Taking too long of a step forward guys Maximize the effectiveness of a lunge is all about leverage and range of motion the wider your stance The less your back knee has to travel to reach the floor which drastically reduces the range of motion of the exercise Plus since your front knee will be so much further out in front of your hips You won’t have the necessary leverage to push and return back to the starting position with the heavy load So the ideal step is the one that allows you to form 90-degree angles with both of your knees But let me take it one step further the next time you lunge I want you to almost feel like you’re leaning backwards as you step forward This will keep you from going into spinal flexion and also from taking too large of a step forward But the opposite is also true – don’t take too shallow of a step either. This doesn’t happen often But if you feel like you’re balancing on your toes the entire time You need to step forward a bit more now before we get to the final mistake if you guys enjoy my content and trust me As your online coach then why not take the next step and download my app Muscular Strength? Once you do you’ll have access to my custom meal planner exercise and routine database and all my muscle building and fat loss Program. What’s the alternative? Scrolling through Instagram and finding trash like this from a dude only cares about his likes and views and not your safety and gains Come on fam, you’re smarter than that and here we are at the final mistake. Not mixing it up Any exercise can be boring over time, Right? Well, maybe not the benchpress, but that’s because we all love chest day All right, let’s just put that out there But when it comes to legs like many of you I need to switch it up to keep things interesting So if forward lunges have been a stable exercise and you’re trading for quite some time now here are a few variations You can try to change things up and possibly spark some new leg growth First up is the reverse lunge which we mentioned earlier in the video Next we have the three-dimensional lunge where you’re stepping forward in side to side We also have the walking lunge which can be done with bodyweight dumbbells or a barbell. There’s also a lunge and twist Where you rotate your torso at the bottom position of each repetition there’s the overhead lunge which is when you lunge while holding dumbbells or a barbell overhead the entire set and Lastly we have the alternating jumping lunge, which can be done with weight. But is more of a speed movement So if you use added weight just be very careful All these variations will keep your body functional healthy and injury free Plus, they’re all great exercises for building up your glutes and hamstrings as well as your core Be sure to tap that like button if you enjoyed the video and as always more good stuff coming soon You want more of my dumbest mistakes series? Then check out this video playlist over here as I have many more where that came from And if your interest was piqued when I mentioned my app muscular strength, click the link below to download it now. I’ll see you there


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