4 Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity

Wanna do more in less time? Hi fellow Happy Writers! My name is Vivien Reis, and I want to help
YOU write, publish and market your novel. Today I’m going over four healthy habits
that will allow you to have more productive days. These are tips that are physically or mentally
healthy and aren’t your typical “work out three times a week” tips. #1: Tidy up. I’m a messy person, so trust me, this one’s
a hard one. But since I’m pregnant and now nesting,
it’s been a little easier to get. rid . of EVERYTHING! I want to purge it all. Seriously. Tidying up, not just your work space, but
your entire house, and your life allows you to see exactly what you want in your life. Plenty of times things pile up around us and
they’re not representative of things we want. Maybe at some point we did, but now we don’t. A good example is any gift you’ve ever been
gift that you felt kind of “meh” about. You might have gotten some this holiday season. I strongly urge everyone here to read or listen
to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, linked down below, because we all need help
in this area. Maybe not ALL of us, but I think 99% of the
population struggles with keeping a tidy home. Myself ULTRA included. I’ve been the most productive in my life
when I was college student living in a tiny apartment. I didn’t have room for things and because
of that, didn’t struggle to keep my place tidy, which gave me more time to focus on
doing what I wanted to. I’m also pretty productive when I’m on
a work trip and it’s just my little suitcase in a hotel room. There’s something to be said about minimizing
all the crap you have. #2: Pick one healthy focus and DO IT. I’m mentioning a lot of books here, but
if you’ve read the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg then you know where I’m going with
this. If you want to be healthier, pick one thing,
not a million, and start with that. Why? Because you create a trickle down effect to
other parts of your life. This should be something you’ll have to
do frequently throughout the week, so that you can see the impact it has on your life. For me, this was drinking a green smoothie
every morning. Before I eat anything else, I drink a green
smoothie. It wakes me up and immediately makes me feel
good and accomplished that I already got half my veggies in before 7am. Over time, habits like this can help you realize
how good you feel when you eat your veggies. It can make you eat healthier dinners as a
result. Or take the time in the morning to journal
while you drink your green smoothie because you want to enjoy it. Your energy may increase enough that you want
to workout now. Which will give you more energy and energy
helps you be more productive. So start small, and focus on something you
know you can do frequently. It’s a small win whose effects will make
it easier to make other healthy practices into a habit. Don’t choose fifty things at once. Start with one. And read The Power of Habit. Add it to your TBR. #3: Get outside. There’s something called Earthing or Grounding,
and while it sounds hippy dippy, and it is, it makes you feel better. There’s a bajillion studies on this topic,
so do a good amount of Googling if you want to, but essentially Earthing means connecting
to the Earth, skin to skin, and helps bring down free radicals in the body by absorbing
more free electrons. It’s hippy. Do it. See if you feel like a hippy. If you don’t, just see if it makes you feel
better. Walk outside barefoot, sit in the grass and
meditate (or read or do your homework). If anything, breathing air that hasn’t been
recirculated inside for god knows how long, will do wonders to make you feel better. The gentle sounds of nature may help you relax
more than sitting inside listening to buzzing or your heater or the clickity ticking of
your refrigerator. If you feel better, you work better. Plain and simple. If you go on walks or runs outside already,
take the time to take your shoes off or sit down so your body has direct contact with
the earth. People go as far as finding ways to ground
themselves inside, while they’re sleeping. Look it up. And just get outside. #4: Be thankful. This one is huge. Being thankful puts you in a positive mindset. A lot of us fall into a negative mindset during
the hustle and bustle of the day. I tend to focus on the negatives of a day
rather than the positives, and I think being thankful every day has helped me TREMENDOUSLY
in not being a constant Daria. Why should you not want to be more like her
or Eeyore? Because feeling good means doing good, and
doing good means you’ll feel good. I have no idea what I just said. It’s a LOT easier to be creative when you’re
in a good mood. It’s a lot more enjoyable. It’ll reduce your daily stress, which will
make you healthier in the long run, which will make you more productive. See how I’m tying all of these together? You don’t have to go out and get a gratitude
journal and sit by candlelight while you do this. Just thinking grateful thoughts is enough. When you wake up, think of one really big
thing you’re thankful for. When you’re in a bad mood, stop yourself
and FORCE yourself to be thankful. Trust me, I know how hard it is to quell that
inner dragon when all you want to do is be angry for the rest of the day. You’ll feel better after you list a few
things you’re grateful for. Try it! Alright, that’s all I have for y’all today. Hopefully these simple tips can help you become
a far more productive and creative person. They’ve all helped me, so I pray they do
the same for you! Drop a comment down below for anything you
feel has helped you become a more productive person as I’m sure y’all have some creative
and helpful methods! With that being said, make sure to check out
my brand new course, Dreamer to Doer, which launched last week! This course is all about the first steps of
finishing and publishing your novel: making the time, and having the focus and motivation
to write that book. The link to the product page is down below! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday this
year, and I hope you take the time while you’re in the thick of it to be thankful for everything
you have. I know I have SO MUCH to be thankful for and
I thank the universe every single day. Subscribe to this channel because I post new
writing videos every Wednesday and I’d appreciate so much if you gave this video a thumbs up
as it helps support my channel. I’ll see you next week where I’ll be talking
about creating aesthetics for your novel! You know, those pretty social media posts
everyone loves. Until then, Happy writing!


44 thoughts on “4 Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity”

  • Rachel Rose Estrebilla says:

    Thanks for these tips Vivien! I'll totally be needing these. My favorite is focusing on one healthy habit first. I'm a fan of your videos and you've helped me develop my writing skills and my novels. Have an awesome New Year! Love from the Philippines

  • I need this… I've got so many notes and stuff…. Will be moving soon, so that's when I'll just take the stuff I want, and get rid of the junk I don't need.

    P.S. My cat farted on me…

  • I haven’t been on your channel in a while, and I must say, your videos have improved a lot. I can tell there was a lot of effort and attention to detail put into this video to make it amazing. Thanks for the good advice. 🙂 Definitely one of my favorite writing channels now.

  • Please do this next ?

    How to finish a novel you’ve been working on forever while pregnant, have a full time job that requires you to take your work home as well and getting your master’s at the same time…

    I try very hard but I can’t find any time anymore.

  • I'm the kind of person that injects sentimentality into every single thing I own. That makes it so hard to get rid of things and de-clutter. That being said, with the help of someone else in the room, I've been able to put a ton of things into a donate box and it feels incredible. I highly recommend doing so! And what do you know, after I'd filled that box, I wanted to do more. And I did!

  • Thanx but u plz take care of your self dont work too in front of your computer at least this time..we really love your creativity and your passion.

  • Ahmed Not Ackhmad says:

    Tip #3 …can I watch vlogs instead? because theirs people outside and it's not like I hate people I just don't like them ? ? thank u anyway❤❤

  • connie provolone says:

    I am trying to get healthier but have been in mourning for 2 family members in the last six weeks. So my mind is not thinking as it should be. I have not written a word in all that time either, don't want to mess up what I've already have written. I am going to try going outside and grounding myself with my pup. Thanks for the advice.

  • What am I thankful for? My partner and my health. My partner of 38 years almost died in 2017 and I'm so thankful to still have her. As for me I had a couple of health issues this year and I'm thankful that they weren't life threatening. That's my gratitude. I really don't care about the condition of my working space. It'll be what it will be. I actually function better in a bit of chaos. It's the quiet that makes me a little antsy because I'm always trying to find things to have go wrong in that quiet. I have a Church of Worry I'm trying to drive out of my life. That's what I'm hoping to work on in 2019. Thanks again for your video Vivien. As always my best to you, Steven, Keira, Rocky, and all my best hopes for the little one to come. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Great tips! I'm so excited to hear that Marie Kondo has a show on Netflix! I love her book and I listen to the audio version whenever I'm purging the house. Lol. Thanks for the heads up! I can't wait to watch it!

  • The Power of Habit is one of my favorite books and has helped me sooo much in becoming more disciplined! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  • Written by Rebecca K. Sampson says:

    I’m going to go outside now without shoes and if anyone asks why, I’ll say it was your idea ?. Loved this video, thanks Vivien!

  • Can I just say that you're the absolute PERFECT person to watch while taking a break from outlining? Also while eating sour patch kids which is never bad

  • Hello Vivian
    I have a unrelated question. I have just selfish published my first novel on Amazon and it has a copyrighted material label on it. Is this from my copy right or did I do something wrong?

  • Congratulations for the new little bundle of joy on the way. This will be interesting ?
    I have been "earthing" for years, aware that when I don't my knees start to hurt me. Sure enough when I take the barefoot trip outdoors, things soon feel better. This usually comes up for me in the winter as an issue. I have studied it some and there is very interesting scientific research and reasoning for it. Reduces inflammation on the body as well as many other health benefits.
    Thank you for your encouraging videos.

  • One thing that has helped me be more productive is to make myself a cup of tea before I sit down to write. I kinda match the tea flavor to the scene I’m working on. For a cheerful or romantic setting I’ll drink an herbal or fruity tea. Or for a dramatic or dark scene I’ll go for an earl grey or gunpowder green. ??

  • Is it a healthy habit to listen to your happy writing podcast outside while it's raining? I hope it is, because that's what I've been doing recently.

  • Calvin Wiseman says:

    Oh yeah one really helpful tip is to view youtube videos on 1.5 or 1.75 or 2.0 speed you can adjust this in the settings on every video…you can watch a 10 minute video in 7.5 minutes and if you are really concentrating you can select 2.0 and watch the same one in 5 minutes over time this really adds up and you can definitely consume quite a bit more video this way I wish all tvs had this feature because the only thing we really need to watch in regular time is movies…if you're like me and everyone else you're pressed for time so saving 2.5 minutes per video over 10 videos and I just got back 25 minutes of time if you really want to concentrate you can get back 50 minutes on those same 10 videos…its by far one of the biggest time savers I leverage almost everyday…taking 3 classes and working full time I need to squeeze every second out of every second and if I can squeeze 50 minutes of 100 minutes well that's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…don't take my word for it ask Mary Poppins…NOTE does not work on ads wish it did…

  • When you said the smoothie thing it reminded me of something (kind of stupid and well known haha) that I've ding doing lately and has helped me a lot! Is to simply drink one glass of water first thing first when I wake up 😀 Makes me feel healthier, more energized (although, I still need my daily cup of mornng coffee) and ready to tackle the day 😀

  • Kira Marie Jack says:

    Can I have your green smoothie recipe? I've been wanting to find a good one packed full of veggies, but still delicious.

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