4 Hours In Bangkok – Business Traveller

4 Hours In Bangkok – Business Traveller

– I was born here and
have spent most of my life in this great city. Over the years I have seen many changes that Bangkok has gone
through until it became what it is today, a
cosmopolitan melting pot, both modern and traditional. The perfect example of this
is the riverfront area. If you have time to spare
at the end of your trip or in the middle of it or
in the beginning of it, just find a time, please
head to the riverfront area. This is where you can immerse yourself into Bangkok’s history, to see where this city is
heading into the future, but also to see how this
city never forget its past. The earliest settlers in the 15th century chose the area now known as Bangkok because of its fertile ground and its strategically important position near the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. Over the subsequent years this river has been incredibly important to Bangkok and this main artery of the city is home to a number of historic buildings. None more so than the world
famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. When Siam first opened to foreign trade the sailors carrying their
trade through Bangkok needed accommodation and so
the Oriental Hotel was born. Officially established in 1876 it is the oldest hotel in Thailand. The Author’s Lounge is one of the most photographed locations in Bangkok. It was originally an open roof garden, but has had a glass roof since 1976. You should drop in for
their famous afternoon tea, western or Thai style. And in keeping with the great
literary heritage of the hotel has a collection of photographs of some of the famous
writers who have stayed at the hotel over the years. The Mandarin Oriental will ferry you across the river in their boat to what is practically a
city in itself, Iconsiam. It’s opening has been
one of the main reasons this riverfront area has
changed so much in recent years. It’s a huge complex encompassing two luxury residential condominium towers, retail, entertainment,
some cultural components and large public spaces by the riverside. If you don’t have a
whole day to spend here I suggest first stop, high-end shopping. These are some of the fanciest of the over 500 shops here. Then you can drop in at one of
the international restaurants in The Veranda, but my
favorite place is Sook Siam, where food and products
of the local communities from all over Thailand’s 77
provinces sit under one roof in the brilliantly colorful re-imagining of a floating market. You can pick up an authentic snack like jiaozi, which is a
delicious Thai style dumpling. And, if you need a gift
for someone back home, head to Iconcraft on the
fourth and fifth floors where you can pick up artisanal crafts from different regions, all designed with a cool modern twist. These are great examples of what they have done really well at Icon Siam, which is to create a destination that signals how the future
of Thailand might look in this global scale and elegance. Yet, they have still
managed to embrace the charm of Thailand’s fascinating
history and regional culture. Another place that
beautifully demonstrates Bangkok’s rich history is Lhong 1919. Head not wait, along the banks
of the Chao Phraya River. To this lovingly restored
and beautifully preserved mid-nineteenth century Sino-Siamese Port, now opened to the public
where you can enjoy the beautiful traditional architecture and discover the history of the Chinese who first set foot in the kingdom of Siam. From, Lhong 1919, take
a short Tuk Tuk ride into the Talat Noi area. Talat Noi was Bangkok’s first port. It has been home to many
ethnic groups over the years, including Portuguese, Chinese,
Vietnamese, and Khmer. It has more recently become
a cultural attraction. Popular with people wanting to visit a traditional neighborhood. And, finally, I’m back at
the Icon Siam’s River Park, enjoying the nightly fountain display. River Park was designed to make the most of this location on the banks
of the Chao Phraya River. And, is a great place to hang out and watch the world go by. Bangkok has many attractions, but if you want some breathing space, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all, I strongly recommend heading
to the river front area. It’s a place where you
can immerse yourself into the history of this city, it’s a place where you can understand
the present of this city. But, also, most importantly,
you get a glimpse into the future that lies ahead for the city of Bangkok.


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