4 Mid Season To Do’s to Keep Your Garden Productive

4 Mid Season To Do’s to Keep Your Garden Productive

hi everyone well it’s great to be back
in the garden again from my coffee walk after visiting Gary and his wife Angela
at the wrested garden homestead over on the east coast it was so much fun
sharing with friends shooting videos harvesting and eating some fresh tasty
veggies I think one of the best parts about gardening is the friends that you
make and let me know in the comments what friends you’ve made in your garden
well today on my coffee walk I wanted to share with you four things that I’m
doing here in the mid season to really keep my garden growing because in the
midsummer there’s still plenty of time to grow some beautiful fresh tasty
veggies to harvest well into the fall home sweet garden coffee tastes so good
in the garden don’t you think well the first thing that I’m really focusing on
doing in midsummer is checking my garden daily for harvests you can see the
scarlet runner beans right behind me are flowering and producing once again they
put on a first crop in early summer took a little break and with some sunshine
they’re putting on a second crop aren’t those blooms absolutely beautiful now
especially vegetables like beans squash and cucumbers that grow really fast you
do need to check them daily if you miss a day you could have baseball bat size
zucchini or really big scarlet runner beans which isn’t so bad but I really
like them nice and fresh and tasty so let’s take a closer look and see all the
beans this plant is absolutely loaded with now it may seem kind of obvious for
a gardener but make sure you’re harvesting your vegetables
you’ve worked hard this summer to grow these beautiful veggies so make sure
you’re checking your garden daily and taking advantage of the wonderful garden
grocery store you’re growing in your own backyard
now beans grow so fast and if you’re not checking them daily they can very
quickly reach a large size least the scarlet runner beans can but the more
you pick the more they’re going to produce so with scarlet runner beans you
could definitely let them go to this size and then harvest them for the beans
dry them or save them for seeds but they’re super tasty when you harvest
them about 4 to 6 inches long you could just boil them or roast them in the oven
but they do like to hide underneath so whether you’re growing the pole beans
the scarlet runner beans or just regular bush beans make sure you lift up and get
underneath the vines see there’s some hiding back here this one got away from
me and picking all the beans that are underneath too and these little
teeny-tiny beans believe it or not just in a few days will grow to a really nice
size for harvesting there are just hundreds of beans on here so if you want
to grow a really productive bean that’s also very beautiful I highly encourage
you to grow the scarlet runner beans they get to about ten to twelve feet
tall so you do need a large trellis for them and I have the seeds in my bean
seed collection this plant is just loaded down with hundreds of beans it
really grew while we are wet will we’re away so much fun to see all the growth
in the garden once you get back from being gone don’t you think now let’s go
check out the zucchini nice little harvest of beans to start the morning
off I’ll come out and harvest some more after I shoot the video down my way over
to the zucchini I noticed the strawberry crate tower the strawberry kale crate
tower that we planted a few weeks ago is looking good it grew like crazy while we
were gone I love the look of it actually popped in a few more tiny tim tomatoes
in the top cuz i didn’t have anywhere else to plant them so i probably enough
transplanting those somewhere else to another side of the garden but there’s a
couple little strawberries they’re actually ready to harvest let’s grab
those on our way by here now another reason why it’s really important to make
sure that you keep up on the harvesting here in the mid season is that if you
don’t the pests and the critters tend to come in so make sure you’re checking
your garden daily and harvesting everything so that you get it before
they do these strawberries looks so tasty these are the Sequoia strawberries
just planted a few weeks ago that one’s not quite red so I’m going to leave that
one and already harvesting so these will go on my morning smoothie now we all
know how quickly zucchini grows this plant grew by leaps and bounds while we
were gone and there’s a zucchini hiding underneath there that I have been dying
to harvan so let’s get in there and check it out
hopefully it’s not a baseball bat sighs that’s the thing about zucchini it’s
such a power producer that sometimes if you miss a day it can really get
oversized but no problem the big zucchini are always really good in
zucchini lasagna this one actually looks just about the right size I just twisted
it off here that is absolutely beautiful I think that one might go on the grill
tonight one thing that grew by leaps and bounds when we were away too is the
cucumbers they were about halfway up the trellis
when we left and now I have one that’s almost to the top and I know there’s
several that are ready to harvest now one thing about cucumbers you want to
try and pick them when they’re young otherwise they do tend to get a little
bit bitter so this one here is the Boston pickling cucumber that just looks
so delicious I love fresh cucumbers now if you do pick them and they’re
oversized what you can do is cut the ends off a lot of times the bitterness
will be concentrated on the ends but the middle will be nice and fresh and tasty
so let’s take a look in here and see if there’s any more they’re ready to
harvest oh I see one right here oh that just looks so good I think we’re
gonna be making a cucumber salad today for lunch we have anymore
again you want to lift them up because they do like to hide underneath this
plant is absolutely loaded down with flowers oh there we go this one might be
a little bit oversized delicious the second thing to do in your garden mid
season to really keep it producing is to fertilize now especially after
harvesting or pruning your plants really need a boost to keep them healthy to
keep them producing and you want to feed them with a water-soluble fertilizer or
add some compost to your soil so in addition to adding compost or worm
castings around the base of the plants I’m also giving them a good dose the
good dirt plant food the vermis Terra worm tea which are both water-soluble
now the good dirt plant food is great because it’s a 10 for 3 NPK which gives
them the nitrogen helps them produce that green leafy growth and also helps
them with blossom and fruiting and the vermis Terra worm tea just helps them
overall be healthy the diseases generally tend to creep in midsummer and
this provides them a slow and steady growth a good dose of good bacteria and
microbes and really keeps them going so I add that two pumps of the good dirt
plant food to my watering can and about a quarter cup or half a cup of the worm
tea to the watering can and there’s just pretty much douse my whole garden with
it so the first step is harvesting in the midsummer second thing to do in
midsummer is to fertilize no matter what products you’re using to feed your
garden it the important thing is that you stick to a schedule I fertilize my
in-ground garden about every three weeks you might need to do it more often if
you live in an area where you get a lot of rain maybe every two weeks and my
containers about once a week so that really helps keep them healthy and
producing especially here in the mid season now the third thing that I’m
doing here in the mid season is spraying for pests and diseases usually about
midsummer is the time when those things usually creep in
pretty fortunate hasn’t been too hot here yet so we haven’t had a lot of pest
and disease yet here in Southern California but I know it’s coming so let
me just share what I’m gonna be doing about that when it comes to pests and
disease management prevention is really the best cure you definitely want to
take care of the problem before it gets out of hand once it gets hot I have a
huge problem with spider mites especially on my tomatoes so I have neem
oil peppermint oil and a natural soap mixed up here in this sprayer and I have
another video on the formula that I use the neem oil helps disrupt the life
cycle of the chewing and sucking insects and the peppermint oil masks the scent
of the plants so the insects are deterred from chewing on the leaves now
a lot of people think neem oil hurts bees you do want to get out here and
spray early in the morning before the bees are out and what happens is the
neem oil dries on the leaves and the chewing insects when once they munch on
the leaves will take a bite of that neem oil and then their life cycle will be
disrupted so it really doesn’t harm the bees because they are not chewing on the
leaves but again prevention is the best cure
spray your garden down about once a week if you have an infestation you want to
spray it every three to five days and you can pick up both of these products
over the Rusted Garden Calm I’ll put links in the video description for them
and when you’re spraying your plants always make sure that you do a test
spray first spray down a couple of leaves wait 48 hours to see if there’s
damage because different sprays will react differently in different climates
so if there is damage to your plants just adjust the quantities of the oil or
the soap that you’re using and test spray again no damage then you can spray
down your entire garden tastes so good well my goal as a gardener is to always
have something to harvest and the fourth thing that you can do midsummer to keep
your garden producing is don’t stop planting so let me show you a few things
I’m planting right now to keep my garden producing throughout the summer and
into the fall so here in the mid season it starts to get really really hot and a
great thing to grow in the heat of the summer are heat tolerant greens now many
of you know that lettuce just doesn’t do well in the high temperatures but it
doesn’t mean you have to stop growing salad grow heat tolerant greens some
great ones to grow are some kale I’ve got some red Russian kale started here
and I think this is a purple kale which is really really pretty the blue Scotch
curled kale is a super hearty variety of kale and very very tasty and these
really hold up well to the heat even to a hundred degree temperatures and the
great thing is they’re also very cold tolerant here I have some chard growing
which is also very heat tolerant these are all very easy to grow from seed and
I am gonna be doing a video this weekend on growing heat tolerant greens now some
other things that are really easy to grow in the late summer are squash and
beans and actually have these in my late summer garden seed collection but it’s a
good idea to get a new wave of squash beans and even cucumbers going in the
late season in case any of your plans die out get taken by pests or diseases
and here I just have a little growth station here you can pop some seeds and
cups which I’m going to be doing today and it’s warm enough to grow them right
outside or you can grow them indoors under grow lights now if you’re one of
those people that lives in a northern climate and you have a short growing
season you may even want to get some of your cool weather vegetables going now
so as the weather cools off you’re gonna have transplants ready to put into your
gardens you can start from seed indoors because it might be too hot outside for
them and in about a month you will be good to go so take a few minutes here in
the mid summer to get yourself a new round of healthy strong veggies growing
so you have something to harvest well into the late summer and into the fall
months if you need seeds grab yourself one of the heat tone green seed
collections the fall garden or the late summer garden collections are a great
way to start and I am running a sale on my website 15% off all seeds and
containers with the code midsummer through Monday July 15th
what a fun coffee walk this morning you can’t beat starting the day off with the
harvest well make sure that you’re sticking to these four things here in
the mid season check your garden daily for harvest so you don’t miss any of
those fresh tasty veggies stick to a regular fertilizing pest control and
disease control routine and make sure that you don’t stop planting well
comment below let me know how your summer garden is doing and what’s your
harvesting thanks so much for watching


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    What mid season harvests are you bringing in? Thanks for watching!

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    Great video, you're work in the garden inspired me a lot, this year I planted, cucumbers, luffa(sponge guard), okra, purslane, spinach

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