5 Good Questions To Ask An Employer During A Job Interview

5 Good Questions To Ask An Employer During A Job Interview

In this video I’m sharing five questions
that you can ask during your next job interview and if you stay with me until
the end, I have something special just for you. If we’ve never met before I’m
Heather Austin from ProfessorAustin.com and The Career Club on Facebook and
on this channel I share simple solutions to help you launch a career you love so
if you’re new here consider hitting that subscribe button down below. Before we
tackle my top 5 questions to ask during your next job interview, there’s a few
things to keep in mind. The first thing is be prepared. One of the best things
you can do before your next job interview is prepare a set of questions
to ask the interviewer. Asking questions during the interview will show your
interest in the position and it will help you decide if you even want to work
there. The second thing to do is revise the questions I’m about to share with
you as needed. You can tailor them for your own needs, for the position and for
the company. The last thing before we jump into the questions is, ask these
questions where appropriate. You don’t always have to ask them at the end of the
interview. If you find a space in the interview, feel free to ask the questions
then. This turns the interview into a two-sided conversation and makes it run
more like a casual business meeting than a formal stuffy interview. So let’s jump
into question number one. “Can you tell me more about the team I will be working on
and how the company fosters a healthy team environment?’ The great thing about
this question is that it gives you greater insight into whom you will be
working closely with. You’ll learn more about the team environment and how
conflicts are addressed. You’ll also learn more about how you would fit into
the company culture. You may even get a better understanding of how employees
are recognized for their accomplishments. Question number two, “what have prior
employees done to succeed in this position.” This question is great because
it shows that you have your eye on success. It demonstrates that you want to
go above and beyond the normal call of duty and make a difference in your new
position. The other great thing about this question is that it gives you more
history about the position and what’s going to be expected of you. Question
number three, “what are some things you like about working with this company?’ By
asking this question you’re going to learn more about the company culture and
the interviewer. You’ll glean more information about the company’s core
values. Most likely the person interviewing you is upper management so
this question will give you a greater idea into the management style of the
company and what their priorities are. Listen carefully when you ask this
question because you’ll learn a lot from it. Question number four, tell your interviewer in your own words how you
interpret the position and if you missed anything. I like to call this the
positive recap. It reiterates your interest in the position and shows that
you understand what the position entails. It also shows that you are clear about
company culture and it decreases the chance of any big surprises when you
start your new job. Finally question number five, “what are the next
steps in the process and do you need anything else from me?’ The nice thing
about this question is that it shows the interviewer that you are eager and ready
to move on to the next step in the process. This also gives the interviewer
a chance to ask for extra items like letters of recommendation, maybe they
want to see your transcripts, maybe they want to see a list of references. Here’s
a bonus tip. It’s not appropriate to ask about salary benefits or even vacation
time. You want to reserve these questions to your second or maybe even third
interviews. Thanks guys for staying with me until the end.
I promised you a special bonus and here it is. The Ultimate Guide to Staying
Positive During Your Job Search. It’s a step-by-step resource guide that will
give you action steps that you can take today to overcome the frustration of
your job search. I’ll go ahead and link it up below. So I have a question for you,
What would you advise others to ask during their job interview. Feel free to
comment and connect with others below and if you know someone that might
benefit from this video please feel free to share it with them. Don’t forget to
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72 thoughts on “5 Good Questions To Ask An Employer During A Job Interview”

  • Professor Heather Austin says:

    Hey guys! Job interviews are tough. One thing you can do to make it easier on yourself is to prepare a set of questions to ask the interviewer. Watch this video to learn some questions that you can take to your next interview. Do you have a good question to add to the list?

  • The Otter Club says:

    Loved the breakdown of these five questions to ask an interviewer. My favorite is the question about the team environment. It's so important to work with a good functioning team.

  • These question to ask an employer during a job interview are spot on. I wish I had them a month ago when I did my last interview. I can see how this is a great preparation for an interview.

  • Planche Augustine says:

    I can see how these questions would be useful to prepare before a job interview. So it seems these questions can asked throughout the interview rather than at the end of the interview?

  • Love these questions!! I wrote them all down. Thank you! Also, I like the idea of energetically (and through great questions) reframing an interview as a two sided conversation that feels more like a casual business meeting. I did this about a year ago to great success. Thanks again for another great video ❤️

  • You are so inspiring! We should colab sometime ❤ I love the tips you have for finding out whether this business is really somewhere you want to work. That is huge!!

  • CoralJoyTravel says:

    SUCH great advice Heather! Being prepared for an interview and doing a little research beforehand can be extremely helpful and make you stand out, LOVE this!

  • JForrest English says:

    I love these questions, such wonderful advice! I help English language learners prepare for interviews and I'm going to share your video with them, and use these questions to practice with them as well. 🙂

  • 50something Original says:

    Great video! I used to research the company and bring up something they've accomplished as well. Thanks Heather.

  • Ky The French Angora Rabbit says:

    Great questions! I love how they turn the interviewee into the interviewer, as these questions will provide great questions about the insight of the company.

  • Bloggin Brandi says:

    Thanks for sharing these Questions To Ask An Employer During A Job Interview Heather!

    Always looking so professional. I like putting them on the spot asking them why they like to work there.

  • Life So Blissful says:

    Oh I love this topic. Most of the time we treat interviews as a one way conversation to sell our selves to them when it's also about finding out if the job and the company culture is the right fit for you. Love all your tips!

  • EMMOTION by Marat says:

    Very informative. Especially the question 5 about the next steps and asking "…do you need anything else from me?". To make sure nothing is missing or haven't spoken about. Great job Heather.

  • I've looked at a few other videos on this topic and cringed at some of the suggested questions. They seemed too aggressive for my style. Your questions are more natural fit for my personality. I'll use them in a phone interview tomorrow–Thanks!

  • Heat her i have an interview with one of the executive board members, what sort of questions could i ask a senior person,

  • Margarita Todorova says:

    Thank you Heather for sharing these questions and always have clear advice for us. Another useful one to ask is "What additional trainings are being offered and how is the evaluation process?"

  • Your videos and joyful delivery are extremely helpful while a I am dealing with the daunting task of finding employment. I've been very lucky for most of my life applying for and getting hired through a network of friends and contemporaries. However I have recently relocated to another state without those benefits and your videos are helping me navigate through this new impersonal on-line process. Its nice to discover that LinkedIn is NOT a professional dating app!!! I'm actually beginning to enjoy this! Thank you!

  • I just subscribed today and have fallen in love with your channel already. I have a big interview coming up in a few days and you videos have really helped me learn a lot in just a few minutes. Thanks so much please keep uploading your videos are amazing.

  • Olivia Espinoza says:

    Is it okay to ask "when will the interview process be complete?", as I really want to know "When can I hear back from you about the job?"

  • Hello Heather, one advice I can give is: ask somebody else your question before the interview to have feedback on how it sounds. Sometimes we know what to ask but don't know how to ask it in a good way…

  • I recently asked the 30/60/90 question and kind of stumped the interviewer. At the time I wasn't sure that was the right question based on the reply. In hindsight, however, I think it was the best, most telling question I could have asked!

  • Today I went to an interview. I knew about this little detail of asking questions at the end or through the interview process. But, I wish I had these five questions with me. Nevertheless, the answers to these questions were address during the interview, so, I didn't have to asked them. Still, at the end of the interview, I had a question for them, and they share with me a significant amount of information to come to an understanding to the question or issue at hand. They were both great interviewers, but one of them was the only one asking the questions. They really made my interview at ease. In the thank you letter I will address the fact that there was no need for me to ask any more questions because the questions I had were satisfactorily answered. You are awesome!!!! and I really enjoy your videos, they are of a big help.

  • Hi, thanks for all the useful and free tips Ms. Heather Austin. I have a question though: Where did you learn to so effectively present your teeth and always keep a smile while gesticulating so appropriate?

  • Damen Barbee says:

    What was one of the company’s greatest successes over the past year? And what is the companies greatest challenge as of right now?

  • Victor Throne says:

    Heather, your video is so awesome, I wish I could give 1000 likes.
    moreover, your beaming smile glows and shines with true positive energy.

  • JOSE L. Peralta says:

    Perfect, just in time video for my Skype interview tomorrow! Question – should my hands be on the table or underneath and not visible? I have been told that hands placement is also a form of boody language communication with Interviewer(s).

    Thank you Professor Austin for making the time to help us navigate through challenging and exhausting job search and helping us through a successful interview process. Although I recently subscribed, I must tell you that I really have learned through your very informative and succinct teachings. In this particular video, I really like Q4 – I never ever thought of asking this “Positive Recap” question.

    Thank you for your insight and your guidance! I will surely use every tip you have provided us with. All the best.

  • When I was job searching I came across a video that had the perfect question to ask if you feel like the interviewer may have any doubts about your capabilities and let you get ahead of it. I'm sorry I cannot remember what video it was from to properly site it but basically at the end of the interview you want to refer back to your resume and ask "based on my experience and qualifications what would you say would be my greatest challenge in this role?". It lets you hear any concerns or doubts they may have and allow you the opportunity to overcome any objections.

  • Heather, all your advice is fantastic! Thank you so much for creating so many free resources!!!!! One question I wonder whether it would be a good one to ask: As your final question ask: Thank you for calling me in for this opportunity…What was it about my application that made you see me as a potential employee?

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