5 New Gmail Features You Need to Try (2018 Redesign)

5 New Gmail Features You Need to Try (2018 Redesign)

(bright chiming music) – [Scott] Hello everyone! Scott Friesen here at Simpletivity, and today we are taking a
look at the brand new Gmail and my favorite features
in this latest update. Now it is pretty significant. This is the biggest update we’ve seen to Gmail in many, many years. But just before I dive into
the new features and new areas, let’s make sure you know
how to get this new look. So, if you are still using
the older version of Gmail, all you need to do is come
up here to the Settings, and your first option
is Try the new Gmail. By selecting that option, you will be updated to this new look. And probably one of the first things that you’re going to notice is that things look a little
bit bigger in the new Gmail. Everything from the new larger
and taller Compose button, here in the top left corner, to even some of your messages. So let’s start with the inbox itself. Here you will notice I
have a couple of emails that are about two, almost
three times the height of other emails here in my inbox. What is up with this? Well, there’s some pros and cons to this. The pro is that now we have
direct access to attachments. You’ll notice that both of
these emails have an attachment. Not only can I see the type of attachment, in this case they are both pictures, I can also see a preview
of the attachment name. If I hover over it, I get
the full attachment name, but I can even select
these attachments directly without even having to open up the email. Here you just saw that I
selected this attachment, and this email is still showing as unread because I actually haven’t opened it up and read this message. You can go directly to
a PDF, to a picture, to any other document that is attached. So this may be most helpful. This might be most helpful to those who are receiving
a lot of contracts or other documents where you
just want to get to the goods. You don’t really care about
opening up the message. You wanna go directly to that attachment; however, if you don’t like this look, and if this feels a little jarring to have some of your
messages bigger than others, you can always go back to
a more traditional view. If you go up to Settings, we can select Display density, and here you see a preview
of that Default view, but you can always go back to
a Comfortable or Compact view where the attachments will
show as a traditional paperclip on the right hand side. But the one thing that
I do wanna point out with this new Default view is that not only do you see the attachments, but you also get a preview of the type of attachment directly from your inbox, whether it’s a Word document,
a spreadsheet, an image, something along those likes, and that can be a great
benefit for many of us. So let’s stick with the
top of the inbox here, and you will also notice some new things on the right hand side of your messages. So whenever you hover over any message, you will notice that there’s
some additional icons here on the right hand side. Now this first one happens to be an add-on that I use from Boomerang. So unless you also use Boomerang, you’re not going to see this. But one of the reasons why I
wanted to highlight this is that depending on the
types of Chrome extensions or Gmail add-ons that you use, you might find some
other helpful icons here, such as Boomerang, such as this additional
add-on that I’m using. But let’s look at the other standard ones that have been included in this update. We can now archive, delete, or mark a message as read or
unread directly from the inbox, and I don’t even have
to click on the checkbox and make that selection up top. I can do that directly
here just by hovering over the message. So think about all those messages that you don’t even wanna open. You know who it’s from
or maybe it’s junk mail. You can just delete it a single click. So I really like the efficiency aspects of these new icons here over on the right. Of course, if you’re wanting to do things to multiple messages, you’re still gonna need
to use this checkbox and make use of your action
icons here on the top side. One note, I do like the color
scheme that they used here. It’s very evident as to which messages I’ve
check-marked here with the blue. I like the high contrast, which
they’ve added here as well. Now continuing down this line, you will notice that the
last icon is something that is brand new to Gmail, and that is the Snooze icon. Now Snooze is a feature which has been standard in Inbox by Gmail. In fact, you might say
that Inbox by Gmail, for those who are familiar
with that application, was built entirely around
this Snooze aspect. What Snooze does is, it allows
you to bring a message back to your inbox at a later time. So if I select Snooze, I can select a number of
different preset options. Do I want to bring it back later today? Tomorrow, later this week? I really like the Someday option. That’s really rolling the dice, right? It’s gonna bring it back! You just don’t know when
it’s gonna bring it back. Or if I don’t like any
of these preset options, of course I can come down and
pick a specific date and time. But this can be a great way to keep your inbox nice and clean. If you know you need to address this, or you want to address this
but perhaps it’s not urgent, and you can address it at a later time. Now there’s a few other
buttons that may appear, depending on the type of message. If I go up to this first message here, this actually, you will notice, has a RSVP button, and the reason being is because this message is
a meeting invitation. So here’s another example of
how we can be more efficient with our email messages. I don’t even have to open up this message. I can simply click on the RSVP button, and I can give my response, my Yes, my Maybe, my No to
this particular message, and of course it will add
it directly to my calendar. So I love this feature of quick buttons. I love the Snooze feature, which may actually make
Boomerang a little more obsolete for me since I wouldn’t be, Boomerang and Snooze is essentially
doing the same thing for me. But RSVP, the ability to quickly respond to a message without having to open it, I love that aspect here
of the new interface. Well, let’s take a look further right, in fact, to the farthest
part of our screen, over here to the Apps Bar, and you will notice that
you have some familiar icons and perhaps a brand new one
here at the bottom called Tasks. If you click on any of these Google apps, you will now get a mini version of these apps available to you here. So if I click on Google Calendar, I can now browse through my days here. I can add new meeting events directly, directly here from within
this calendar view. So a great way to integrate both. Let’s add just a test event here. I’m gonna make that for, let’s make that for later in the day. I’m gonna hit save, and so there it is. It’s gonna pop up directly on my calendar. I can get that nice
view of what’s happening in my schedule right from within my inbox. We now have a more direct
access to Google Keep as well, not only to view our notes, but also to take new notes as well. But lastly, and this is
sort of the big update to the types of integrations
with other Google products, is the new Gmail Tasks or Google Tasks. So this is a much more robust, a much easier on the eyes version of the former Tasks here within Gmail. We can easily check things off and add new tasks directly
from this preview pane. Now, if you want to
close the preview plane, you can just simply select
the X in the top right corner, or you can select the app itself, and that will minimize this bar. But it should also be noted that you can add other
apps and other add-ons. If you select this plus button, you will be taken to
the G Suite Marketplace, and here you can add a
variety of other Gmail apps, which will show up in this area, and just like we saw with Boomerang, may give you some additional functionality when it comes to
interacting with your email. So, those are some of my favorite features when it comes to the new Gmail. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s very simple to do so. Simply go to your settings, and you can try it out for yourself. Now I would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite
features from the new Gmail? Did they miss anything? Was there something that they left out? Something that is perhaps
on your email wishlist? And if you have been using the new Gmail for a little while now, I’d love to hear your feedback as well. Do you like this new view? Do you like having access
to attachments immediately? Do you like these quick icons, these quick single click
actions that you can do without even having the need to select or open a particular email? Remember, being productive
does not need to be difficult. In fact, it’s very simple.


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    Please support by sending your own Feedback.

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