5 PLANNER NOTE PAGE HACKS | How to Use Planner Note Pages

5 PLANNER NOTE PAGE HACKS | How to Use Planner Note Pages

Does your planner have some spare note
pages in the back that you’re not exactly sure what to do with in today’s
video I want to share with you a few ideas for how to make the most of those
note pages hello my charm blinds and welcome back to my channel for another
video and if this is your first time with me I would like to say welcome my
name is Alexis but I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across the internet
I’m an online entrepreneur who designs themselves productivity tools strategies
and skills to help you manifest success with less stress so if that sounds
interesting to you I’ll leave some links down below in the description box where
you can check out more of my work online and feel free to download some of my
latest free productivity tools all over at the charm shop comm so you know how
some pre-printed planners often have a few extra note pages or even a whole
note section in the back that sometimes you’re not really sure what you’re
supposed to do with because it might not be enough pages to really take notes
with so you’re kind of unsure how to use those pages because you don’t want to
accidently waste them yeah if that sounds like you that’s me too which is
why I came up with a few ideas for how you can use those note pages to make
your planner more productive so let’s go ahead and jump right in okay so for
illustrative purposes let’s just go ahead and use some sample note pages
from the term master planner so I can show you how you would use
these spare note pages at the back of pretty much any planner now the first
and probably the simplest idea that I have for you is to use these spare pages
to create lists now there are a whole bunch of different lists that you might
want to have in your planner a wish list books that you want to read movies that
you want to watch quotes that inspire you so a very easy way for you to do
this would be to just go ahead and title the page so we will just say wish list
and then you could create any sort of system you want for this list so here
I’m just going to go ahead and put item I’m going to go ahead and put like a
dollar sign for amount and almost put like a due date right like if this is a
wish list when do you need it for right and you could go ahead and create like
additional lines or something if that was something that you wanted I’m not
really good at drawing lines but um I should probably just use a ruler for
this you should probably use a ruler for this and not be like me look very easy
you can put any item that you want in their purse it’s it’s $100 and say you
want it for your birthday right you want to do planner say it’s
$35 and you need it for December ok so that is how you could make any simple
sort of list like I said I also like to keep a list of books that I want to read
so in that case I just kind of create like a bullet form sort of list right
where you could put like the title is a power of habit by Charles Duhigg and what I could also do as well is I
could create a little check box to write I usually you’d do that with like a
highlighter or a marker or something like that so it just stands out better
but you could create like a list of things that you want to read and check
them off same thing with movies it doesn’t have to be complicated but
that’s a great way to use spare note pages because you’re gonna be able to
fit a lot of books on one page so it doesn’t matter how many note pages you
have you’re probably going to be able to you know use them a little bit more
strategically now the next idea I have is for a
contacts page now I do think that most people keep contacts on their phone but
it’s always a good idea to have some contacts in your planner too just in
case your phone dies right so you could again just title the page
contacts and depending on the type of information you need for the individual
you could say something like name phone number you could even have an area for
in address right so you could might just want to like put a for address and you
could have it listed out there you could put like a little email symbol to put
their email address and maybe even create like a little box
mm-hm and that could be for their birthday if you wanted to keep track of
birthdays this way and again you just have like a simple outline for it and
then you would just sort of continue it over and over and over again so let’s
say we want to skip a line here so you put the name here address birthday box
the telephone number email something like that right or whatever information
that you want to put for the individuals that you are tracking right very simple
but also very helpful now the next idea I have for you is for a bill tracker so
some of us like to track our expenses or bills things like that but a lot of
planners don’t necessarily have a bill tracker per se so you could add one of
those into your extra note pages if you needed one and this is going to be a
bill tracker for a full year and you could use as many pages as you need
depending on the number of bills that you have hopefully not too many so the
way I would do this is I would just create like a bullet and above that we
can write bill write and then I can put something about doo doo spelled that
wrong sorry and then what we’ll do is we will create a little calendar system for
ourselves here okay so what I’ve done here you can see
is I’ve just sort of listed out the months of the year by the first letter
so that way you could say like phone bill right it’s due on the 12th of the
month and every month that you pay it you check it off right let’s do another
one of those lines just to look a little bit better TV and the internet will say
say it’s due on the fifth and let’s see if we can do a better job of just
spacing things out that looks a little bit better if we wanted to as well we
could break out that highlighter again and make little boxes over top of them
or we could have put the boxes down first now I think if you write in first
is probably a better idea so some of these might be a little close it depends
on the amount of spacing you have and then again you could just check things
off you know for the months that you did them right so that’s a really simple way
to kind of keep track of one bill that’s reoccurring over and over again with a
very simple bill tracker okay so now let’s talk about the fourth idea which
is a project tracker if you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m
very big on project planning and tracking your projects but if you use a
planner that does not have like a dedicated projects section or project
planning section like my term life master planner dies then I would say at
the very least consider using some of those spare note pages as a way to track
projects so here I’ve added a little bit more color to this project tracker so
the headings here we could say our project and the due date and we could
just create a very simple template where we can list out each project
individually with like a little checkbox or let’s say you had a project with a
lot of different sort of sub projects you could create one checkbox for the
project itself like the overall objective and then break it down into
the smaller projects as well that way you could track it a little bit better
and I think this is a great way to really add a lot of function and help
with your pretty activity with project planning in
whatever planning system you’re using okay and the fifth and final set of
ideas I have for you are to add a meal planning section in your spare notes
pages now if you are familiar with the way I have my master planner set up
you’ll note that I use these inserts in my note pages to create my own meal
planning so the first insert I want to kind of
show you how we’re going to design the first template we’re going to design is
a master meal list so the way that I create this master meal list is I just
use bullets down the side to kind of differentiate each individual meal and
then what I like to do is create checkboxes again I just very easily use
my highlighter for this and I create four checkboxes that are meant to
represent breakfast lunch dinner or a snack and the idea with this insert is
that you are going to just list out your favorite sorts of foods that you make on
a regular basis and you can actually organize them but using this check mark
system to help you keep track of you know what meals you make for breakfast
lunch dinner and what snacks you make when it comes down time to do your meal
planning so here you can see I just have you know a few things listed out and you
know what category they would belong in but essentially if you fill up a whole
list of all the different meals that you make on a regular basis and then check
them off it just becomes easier to go ahead and create a meal plan when the
time comes and that is actually the second insert idea or template I would
like to show you to actually have a dedicated place where you will put your
meal plan for the week now what I tend to do with this section is I’ll actually
use sticky notes to help me kind of like map ideas out so maybe I would put all
of my breakfast for a week on one sticky note like all the different ideas that I
have same thing with my lunches and dinners like you can literally just take a
sticky note and either make checkmarks or just put like Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and then kind of list out what
individual meals you’re doing for whatever subcategory that you are
working under now I prefer this sort of system with using sticky notes because
you can always you know remove them easily and everyone has a whole bunch of
spare sticky notes that they can use so I just find that in my planner when it
comes to meal planning I don’t need to have everything like actually formally
written out on the page as long as I have my meal master list I can create my
meal plan that’s always going to change week after week anyway and just knowing
that I have a dedicated space in my planner where I’ll be listing those
things out makes it so much easier for me so those are my five ideas for how to
use your note pages productively in whatever planner system you have I hope
you were able to get some inspiration and now have some ideas for how you want
to actually set those pages up to help your life and your goals and your
productivity if you have any other ideas I would love to hear those so please
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