5 Signs You Have A Crush On Your Co-Worker – No Filter

5 Signs You Have A Crush On Your Co-Worker – No Filter

Hey Jon? Yeah, what’s up? What do you think they’re talking about over
there? I don’t- how should I know? I don’t know, like some of us have work to
do, you know? So. So, do your work. It’s just distracting. Please, so obvious, god. Want to touch his arm? Want to touch his arm? Hi! Oh, hey! Go for it. Are you sure? Yeah, yeah. You were here first. No, I don’t even drink coffee so it’s fine. Really? Don’t you, like, drink it every morning? No, that’s not coffee, it’s, um, it’s green
tea. Oh, okay. So that’s perfect, exactly what I wanted. Thank you! Oh you’re welcome, thank you! – Thank you?! Hey, what’s up. Did you use the last of the coffee? Uh, no, you can drink it. I’m drinking green tea, so. I think Jon was over here earlier, so I don’t
know. I just wanted some coffee… Lots of meetings, you know? Oh yeah? Lots of copies. Hey Derrick! Oh my god! I’m on my lunch break Manisha! Sorry! Fuck. Geez. Where’s Rachel today? I think she might be sick, I think there’s
something going around. I mean, is she okay? Has anybody- Oh Derrick, no I’m sure she’s fine. How do you know she’s fine? Have you spoken to her? Has anybody talked to her? How do we know she’s fine?! Derrick. Get ahold of yourself. Oh hey, I thought you were out sick today. Oh, no, I just came in late, but I’m about
to go get some lunch, do you want to come with? Yeah, uh yeah, I’d love to. I’m super hungry. Cool, alright, sounds good. Great. What about we get some tacos? Yeah? Oh my god, I love tacos. There’s a good truck right now here I think. Oh perfect, cool. What happened to your phone? Oh, I dropped it. Off a building? No…


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