5 Steps to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

5 Steps to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

Wow this is so cool right in today’s
video I want to show you many hacks that I’ve used over the years to go from
somebody who’s lazy to somebody who now gets invited to speak on stages all
across the world because they want to find out how I managed to transform my
life if you know my story a decade ago I was addicted to a lot of drugs
and I was actually involved with drug dealing and I was hanging around with very
negative people and you know in regards to morning routines or morning rituals or
waking up at 5 a.m. is non-existent I was waking up sometimes noontime
sometimes like literally past that 1 p.m. 2 p.m. and I didn’t really care
about the life I was living in that sense I just kind of like just flowed
with life in today’s video I’m gonna basically share with you 5 ways I was
able to transform my morning habits and in turn that’s allowed me to really set
myself up to win in a sense if you look at the most successful people on this
planet they’re all early risers the reason being is you are starting in
ahead of everybody else you’ve already the moment you for
example you wake up to 5:00 a.m. you do your morning routine which is 6 a.m.
think about it most people don’t even wake up till 8:00 meaning you’ve now
really set you set the game in your favor and you’ve prepared yourself for
the moment on the field and that’s why I want you to pay close attention
especially to the final point and also I’m gonna explain more about you know
gadgets like this that I use so make sure to pay close attention without
further ado let’s go on to the first point the first point is you gotta get
clear in regards to your WHY and I know you’re probably thinking but Tim I just
wanna know some cool stuff that you do supplements you take but the reality is
this is surface layer stuff yes these alarm clocks are really cool yes they
help a lot but the reality is I’m sure you’ve woken up before having watched loads
of videos on waking up early but then you still didn’t do it why it’s because
of your WHY it’s because you’re not really clear in regards to why do you wanna do
that and we’re not talking surface layer here where you kind of ask yourself why
do I want this right we’re talking why is the core thing that’s driving you on
a day-to-day basis what is that question your your subconscious is asking
the moment you wake up because most people they allow this little voice to
get the better of them they never control it for example your
mind is always gonna think negative especially first thing in the morning if
you don’t wake up and so what you’re gonna basically say in the
subconscious it’s gonna ask questions that’s negatively oriented such as why
do I feel so tired your subconscious you’re gonna answer
back what is it gonna say you might as well be back sleep right that’s the
reality for most people out there now if you get clear as to what you truly
value what you what your why is what you want your life to be about
how’s you’re gonna be remembered when you tap into that deeper internal source
that’s when everything begins to shift when I began my journey my
transformation journey I realized I wanna be able to contribute back to my
parents my mum especially because she was the one who literally created
transformation in my life in a sense she woke me up she woke me up to the fact
that everything was going the wrong direction and without her I wouldn’t be
where I am and she said Tim I’ve done everything for you when I was when I was
little she said Tim I had to work day and night just to put on the food on
table for you she said however Tim when I get older
will you be there for me and that’s the moment I got clear in regards to my why and so
when I woke up in the morning that when I first tried this stuff out I wasn’t
questioning my decision it was yes or yes I’m getting up and that’s why I
began to do just I’m naturally compelled because there’s a great saying goes I
was set by my mentor when your values are clear your decisions become easy so
you got to get clear in regards to what is it why do you want this that is the
first point the second point because when you know nice little gadgets like
this comes in handy and this comes after you get clear on your way and this by
the way is something that I’ve been trying out recently and I would
definitely recommend it for those of you who been really struggling this is one
of those luxuries in life you don’t need it but it’s pretty cool what it does is
this alarm clock emits a light and it’s a sunrise simulation and so for
example if you set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. this will begin to light up around
4:30 and gradually gets brighter and brighter just like this
and what this would do is before your alarm clock goes off normally you’re already
awake and even if this alarm goes off you’re gonna feel like is not so much
here well I need to get up and just quickly shut off the alarm clock which
which could have some negative let’s say attachments anchoring from your
subconscious thinking oh my god I hate alarms this is actually more of when
the alarm actually goes off this is more like birds chiming and beach noises it’s
more of a calm soothing and you wake up naturally it’s really really cool if you
wanna check this out by the way I’ll chuck some links above as well as in the
description box below feel free to check this one now and also another thing that
I I do because I basically travel across the world nowadays being invited to
different stages to speak in front of a lot of people as well as being invited
to meet the presidents and so forth listen I’m at the stage where I have to quickly
adjust to a new time zone I’ve had it when for example I fly out to Malaysia
for a speech and I’ve got one day to adjust and that’s jet lag right after
just into a new routine straight away what do I use normally is a
supplement that’s called melatonin now one of the things I’ll mention is
consult with your doctor or somebody who’s professional within this field and
of course men’s melatonin however it’s been really useful for me because it
allows me to just quickly adjust to a new time zone I take it for example when
I land in Malaysia I’ll take it around 9 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
in the actual in the in their time zone and then what melatonin is going to do
is gonna make you feel naturally sleepy because melatonin is actually released
in your brain naturally when you when it’s bedtime and so what I’m doing here
is I’m telling my mind this is time to sleep and I supplement this and the very
next day I normally don’t take because I’m already quickly adjusted
because naturally I’m gonna wake up if I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. a naturally wake
up around 6:00 and so I’m gonna wake up at 6 and then when I wake up at 6 next
during that day I’m gonna feel tired around 9 or 10 meaning I’ve already
adjusted to the new routine so feel free to try that out because it’s helped me a
lot so you gotta make sure the second point by the way is to make sure that
you set yourself up to win by using these tools and all of this great
gadgets ok is that pretty cool awesome stuff also I did want to mention this
quick thing is in regards to no napping during the day for me if I am adjusting
to a new time zone and on that throughout the day I am not gonna feel tired by
the time it gets to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. that you should be going to sleep so
make sure that you don’t nap especially when you’re going into a new routine and
I wanna make sure by the way that you understand that you’re aiming for eight
hours minimum okay in fact eight hours is a sweet spot
don’t try to go for nine or ten cause sometimes if you sleep even more than
that studies have shown that’s actually detrimental but if you sleep less than
eight hours that is actually detrimental as well so eight hours is the sweet spot
so make sure you aim for the eight hours by going sleep around nine to ten so
that is the second point set yourself up to win let’s go on to the third point
the third point is to create anchors and remove the old what does that mean the
moment you wake up in the morning we have to realize is you know what your
bedroom looks like you know how its decorated you know the furniture you’ve
got you know the posters you’ve got up on the wall and all of this is anchored
to your your old self and you’re trying to transform yourself right you would
surely try to reinvent yourself meaning what you can do is you can you can
actually use the power of anchoring to your advantage now let me ask you have
you ever for example heard a song before from childhood and it brings back good
feelings and memories you probably have right have you ever smelled something
like a perfume Cologne and it brings back feelings or memories right this
process is called in NLP is called anchoring so what we can do is when
we’re looking to create vast transformation is we can redecorate the
room we can set new posters on the wall we can do all of this stuff because the
moment we wake up our brain led to the moment it wakes up it sees that wall
has changed and this is basically basically telling you subconscious that it’s time
to change in fact when I began my transformation journey I went to the
extreme of this I literally got rid of all anchors in regards to friends I was
hanging around with I got rid of rid of like for example my my hair I used to
have a really mushroom looking hair I never used to have hair like this and I
changed the cologne I wore I did everything the way I dress body language
and I’m signalling into my subconscious that I’m literally gonna transform
myself I’m fed up with being dead broke and I was working as toilet cleaner at
a time I did everything to change and that’s why my habits just became very
easy because it’s kind of my subconscious subconscious knew that
this is me transforming and so that is a third point get rid of the old anchors
and begin to set the new let’s go on to the fourth point the fourth point is is
morning routine now you may be wondering how does the morning routine help in
regards to waking you up earlier whilst it’s more so once you’re woken up
what is it that you’re doing first first hour once you’ve woken up to charge you
and fuel you for rest of the day cause I found if I don’t meditate if I don’t
journal with all of this stuff that I do on a more on a daily basis I feel my
time it gets the evening time I feel stressed I feel overwhelmed thus it’s so
hard to go sleep early because there’s so much on my mind in regards to what I
need to do more of and as a high achiever as an entrepreneur you’ve gotta
make sure that you have a morning routine that that solidifies your base
so when you’re on the field when you enter the whirlwind called life that
you’re able to remain strong so when you get to the end of the day you feel like
ah I feel that I feel like I deserve that rest that’s what you want and this
is why we created so many videos to do morning routines and I highly suggest
you go check it out on our YouTube channel success insider in fact I’m
gonna chuck some links below in the description box as well as in a card
above if you wanna check out some videos I’ve created to do with that as well so
that’s the fourth point make sure you master the morning routine let’s go on
to the final point the final point which leads perfectly from morning routine is
the evening routine you look at the highest performers on this planet they
all have a wind down ritual for example Richard Branson all of these great
leaders like Alan Sugar they all wind down in a specific manner they know
something they’ve found out through systemizing their life what keeps them
very calm in the evening especially when it’s leading to sleep because the last
thing you want when you’re going to sleep it blow the open loops in your life
in regards to what you’re thinking about the different thoughts different
emotions you wanna make sure that you’ve closed every single chapter you
felt like you’re well rested the way you can do that is for example meditation
you can calm the mind the little voices because that way you’re gonna feel
naturally you wanna sleep and rest well because here’s all about quality
because you could for example sleep eight hours of let’s say quantity sleep
and what that means is for example you wake up every hour you’re restless
you’re moving around in bed listen that is not gonna do any any good but if you
have eight hours of quality sleep what that’s gonna do for you is well you’re
gonna feel rejuvenated when you wake up and so when your alarm clock goes off at
five a.m. you’re not wanting to stay in bed because you’ve had great quality
sleep so you wanna make sure so you would feel like you wanna get up if
that makes sense and so you wanna make sure that you have a great evening
routine and one of the things I would suggest here because we have created a
lot of videos to do with evening routines on success insider so I don’t
wanna repeat myself here so I do suggest that you go check out more
videos by following the link above me or in description box below or just go
check it out on our YouTube channel success insider to go model what what
successful people do in the evenings now one thing I would mention quickly here
is make sure that you do not use any technology one hour before sleep time
the reason being is all of that light that that’s being emitted to you is not
good at the same time your mobile phone is amazing at just creating a reactive
state and open loops because think about it you’ll be checking emails
notifications on Facebook all of this social media stuff and it is not gonna
be a great thing to be thinking about when you’re going to sleep so make sure
that you read a book meditate do whatever it takes like I said go watch
the videos where I’m break down exactly what to do in the evening and this is
what’s gonna help you to wake up nice and early so you can truly create the
life you’re born to live I hope you found this video helpful by the way
insider if you have be sure to share this with your friends and loved ones on
social media because I believe life is all about paying it forwards and contribution
and once we begin to contribute to others I believe that’s when we begin to
get the power and if you liked the video be sure to click like button and comment
below in regards to any comments you may have or any questions you may have and
as always my friend folly your heart and take action and go create the life you’re truly
born to live I’ll see you on the next video soon take care


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