5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs

5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs

In this video I’m gonna show you the five
types to YouTube videos that you need to create and the one
type of video that gonna be a a complete waste of your time and money so if you’re ready
to overcome that video writer’s block and finally shine infront of the camera
stay tune…Okay I don’t care how many cats you have
or how cute your baby is creating a viral videos about as easy as
picking flight at a ground pepper and if you think you can just half hazardly pull the
Harlem shake into your next video can get more
views. Yes again yeah you need a proven repeatable and scaleable strategy and a
viral video is anything but that here the five types
to YouTube videos every smart business owner needs to have
on their YouTube channel. Number one the YouTube Trailer Video this is a simple video that
tells the story of view and your channel and most importantly
shares why you create the video content that you create and
like all your YouTube videos make sure to have a Strong Call tO Action tell
people to subscribe to your channel and take that next step with you. Number two
the Stats Video if you do a quick search for the term social media revolution
you’ll find a slew of videos with massive views if you want
to replicate these results here’s what you need to do find
your favorite emotional song over on Premiumbeat.com and put together a list
of statistics facts and figures about your industry
and “BOOM” you got a glorified music video for nerds. People love stats because
the inform educate and empower and that my friend gets
people to share yeah. Number three the Customer Success Story
let’s be honest telling your potential customers how
awesome you are is exactly the best marketing strategy but sharing the success stories of
your past customers is. Now it’s one thing to capture
a shaky testimony of a happy customer on a Flip Cam
but you plan on a whole new level when you can transform your past customers into
heroes and bring to life their challenges and their victories through online
video new lift-up and empower your past customers somehow you keep
finding yourself with new ones. Number four The Q AND A Video the
best way to leverage the Internet for your business
become the authority in your marketplace the best way to become an authority give the
best answers to your customers questions even bad questions YouTube is a
community first create a platform to share your opinions
and advice and make sure to keep a finger on the pulse of your audience so you can figure
out what questions they have and answers they need and lastly, number
five The Tutorial Video I could either get on the phone with
each and every one of my customers and walk all of them step by step how to
upload their first youtube video or I can just send them a video of me
walking them through the process one takes me 30 seconds the other ones
gonna drive me insane today people make a beeline straight for
Youtube every time they’re needed a quick How to or Tutorial Video create your
tutorial videos and upload them for the world to see before your competitors does, so still
having writer’s block can’t figure out your next
video to your audience will be well just ask them sent out
a survey email or even a post on Facebook and ask for suggestions and advice
on your subscribers trust me I tell your just make sure
whatever you do never ever ever yeah…still trying to figure out all this YouTube and
social media stuff well I got you covered click the link
below to download my latest guide the YouTube traffic report to finally give you a clear
cut strategy for online success with video, good put together
a list a powerful stats statistics stats statistics
look today people make a beeline straight for youtube
everytime they have a look today people make a beeline straight
for youtube every time you how to or tutorial video
help them in their business with it so quiet ahh shut up I can get it.


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  • Alexandre Chaves says:

    Statistics…that one got Jim Carrey at "Fun with Dick and Jane "… Excelent video by the way ! AGAIN ! Congrats James !

  • Sabrina Huang says:

    Definitely your best video yet! I loved it! Thanks for consistently delivering such great material to your fans!

  • maybethismaybesomewh says:

    I've got to hand it to you, James! When you lend a hand, you really give a hand! The great thing about your hands-free video is the handoff of firsthand handy video making info. Not to now take hands-off action, but I don't want to overplay my hand (or your hand!)! On the other hand…

    Warren Freedlund

  • HA HA – definitely loved the end. Thanks again for another informative and entertaining video. And yes, empowering your customers is the way to go, yo!

  • Matthew Schulze says:

    Hey James, great video! I just wanted to let you know that the link in this video for the Youtube Traffic Report actually takes us to your 10 Leads a Day report. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the advice!

  • Cupcake Trainings says:

    I LOVE that I'm not the only one getting frustrated through filming sometimes. Lol. Love you tons James!

  • לימור בנרון רפלקסולוגיה says:

    Hey James – i was clapping my hands from the fake hand all through the shake…funny! What do you recommend for the trailer video – length, look and feel etc? besides the cta to subscribe? thanks! Leemore

  • maybethismaybesomewh says:

    Wow, Indeed, James! Thank you very much for your very generous appraisal! You definitely have a disarming disposition (Uh Oh, I better not get started again!)! So as to make a comment that is completely clear and conspicuous, I shall place a purposely practical post (with no funny stuff), in the current time slot (if I can sufficiently stay serious!).

  • maybethismaybesomewh says:

    (See my comment from yesterday for the funny stuff. This one is pure praise.) While I can't speak as a major student of his at this time (having only purchased a modest written work of his), he is the expert that I want to buy from when I have both the funds and the focus (perhaps at the end of summer).

    Why? In addition to his Bio, he supports people. I say this from experience, even though all I have done (prior to yesterday) is make that small purchase and a comment on his blog. (Continued)

  • maybethismaybesomewh says:

    (Part Two) So, what did James do? I was prepared to disclose the way that he supported me, but it occurred to me that it might put him in a predicament (because he may not be able to do the same for everybody), so I changed my mind.

    Now, I feel compelled to disclose something else. It is true that I also supported a competitor of his recently, with two comments and "appreciation" of their launch, but that big, bloated, bigwig behemoth is still too pricey for me, and I like James better!

  • Keep it short…under 2 min…probably 90 seconds…the big secret: Tell WHY you create videos/content…then give a call to action!

  • Hey, I thought you said NO harlem shake! LOL awesome video & tips James, you had me as soon as I watched the fake hand.

  • Shannon Renee says:

    great job… wouldn't have known you had fourth function Se till you did the shake. 😉 really insightful and well planned video.

  • Thanks James.. I have been working the RMI angle but really need to up my game. Love the Stats video.. I work in Direct Sales and there are stats everywhere to put together..

  • Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette® Learn Parisian French on Skype says:

    Thanks so much, James
    Awesome categorization – and very helpful list… another list!…
    No, I'm joking 😉
    I have a tutorial – daily videos – 2 years and counting (very proud of that), but I do not have a q&a!!!
    What the heck was I thinking??
    Thanks for your awesome, fun and informative videos – you do rock the world!

  • HelenahSwedberg says:

    I agree, this is definitely one of your best videos. And the production quality really went up with this one!

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  • after viewing this clip I would recommend you SOCIALMEDIAMANAGER.ALLALLA.COM Great method of making money with facebook and twitter

  • You are my video hero James. The hand thing was really very clever!! I always learn something valuable when I watch your very well produced videos!!

  • Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette® Learn Parisian French on Skype says:

    Hi, James
    I've seen a technique where a large thumbnail was posted at the end of a playing video. The thumbnail is linked to another video from the channel. It doesn't seem to be possible anymore. Do you have any techniques for us, or we just edit our videos and use the spotlight annotation? Thank you!

  • Hey James, I love audio/video and am getting into the online market of that. I was searching for studio monitor headphones, and can't find it on any online marketing site?
    I have had to buy some already, but was surprised that I found nothing online from internet marketers….

  • Gerardo Zarzo Escribano says:

    I don´t know which one is the master, and which one is the apprentice: WEDMORE/LUCERO…but both of you are abolutely GREAT. 
    Thanks for everything

  • Jack Farnlacher says:

    OK, nice. BUT… still looking for hints about ending a prepared video.  I want to end (or pause) the video on my logo — and not on the YouTube screen.  Maybe pause it, so viewer can proceed when they want to?

  • Love what I've learned from you so far, @James Wedmore.    Looking for the traffic report, however, I'm finding a dead link: http://www.jameswedmore.com/get-the-report

  • Great video, just started in October playing in the youtube space, do you have a video of how to get more organic traffic, or will that just happen over time?

  • World Infomania says:

    Well nice video but I was finding another answer actually.I mean  how many types of video making methods are there. Like –
    1. Video Recording & Editing (Using Camera)
    2. Screen Capture Video
    3. Slide Show Video
    4. Text to Speech Video
    5. Motion Graphics Video

  • I like your style, very down to earth and believable, without the BS. Now if i could only find the next video you referred to in your video…..

  • subscribe my channel……
    and i'll subscribe you back……
    and you need to also reply with comment…..easy way for you

  • Good vid James. You informed and made me smile. I specifically like what you say about customer success story videos but what kind of call to action would you include in these videos? Obviously I would like the videos to attract more customers but should you take the direct approach and ask viewers to get in touch now or adopt a slow-burn approach by inviting them to sign-up to your list?

  • My Life In Fitness says:

    I've been following bits and pieces of your work ever since I took a course with you in it on CreativeLive, I'm just starting my YouTube channel and am looking forward to learning as much as I can from you! Btw, I think you did a great Harlem Shake 😉

  • Miracle Diengdoh says:

    I am uploading music videos and other types of videos in my channel. Do you think it will impact my channel or my subscribers?

  • 0:00 – 5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs


    #Netfriending #MeetMeVideo



    James Wedmore
    Published on Jul 16, 2013

    5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs:


    To ramp up your YouTube Marketing, get started here: http://www.jameswedmore.com/get-resul...

    Whether you're doing your first or one hundred and first video, coming up with content can be tricky. In this video, I show you the FIVE types of YouTube Videos you'll need to on your channel in order to be successful and see results!

    Let's take a look, shall we?

    Video #1: The YouTube Trailer Video
    This is a must. In order to get new subscribers and welcome people to your channel, simply make a short video telling everyone what you're all about! This video will be featured front and center on your Channel Home Page.

    Video #2: The Stats Video
    A Stats Video is emotional video that combines music and text that share statistics about your industry!

    Video #3: The Customer Success Story
    Why not showcase your best customers through video! The secret is to capture the story (the before and after) of your students and customers!

    Video #4: The Q & A Video
    We are on the Internet looking for answers…so give them! Answering the questions that your students have, is the easiest way to come up with endless content!

    Video #5: The Tutorial Video
    Video is extremely visual. If I want to know how to tie a tie, or bake a cake, I'm looking for a YouTube Video…create visual tutorials of the tasks and jobs that your audience needs hand holding for!

    That's it! Now, go out and make a video!! 🙂

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