50 Inch Booty: Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel

50 Inch Booty: Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel

Patricia: Some pictures were posted on Instagram. That next morning my followers tripled! MAN: Dear me, how’d you do it girl?! COMM: Patricia Washington has fans flocking whenever she flaunts her 50 inch booty. COMM: And the 31-year-old dreams of leaving her tough day job in the steel mill to pursue
modelling full time. Patricia: For the past years I’ve pretty much lived my life like a caged animal. Patricia: Not experiencing everything in this world has to offer you, so my ambition is to be free. Patricia: Growing up in Detroit is pretty rough, the city is very poor. Patricia: I witnessed my own mother’s murder here when I was really, really young. Patricia: She was on drugs you know she did what she had to do to try provide for us. COMM: Patricia credits her hard upbringing for preparing her to work in the male dominated steel industry and gain the respect of her colleagues. Patricia: When they first heard that a female was going to step up and take the challenge
they were like “no way she aint going to make it, she not going to be able to pick
up this 100 pound nossel, she not going to be able to swing the sledgehammer or whatever”. COMM: Calling herself Superwoman on Instagram, she always wanted a career in modelling, but had given up on her dream. COMM: Until a night out in a club changed her life. Patricia: You all ready?
Stylist: Yeah, let’s get started.
Patricia: I’m so excited! Patricia: Some pictures were taken of me and posted on Instagram. That next morning my
followers tripled. Patricia: I got contacted by a photographer and he was like ‘look, you have the look, you don’t look like any other girl that’s out here now, come to Miami I’m going to shoot you and we’re going to submit your pictures”. Patricia: And I went to Miami and shot my first photo shoot and it was published in
one of the top urban magazines. Patricia: I’ve had photographers from Hong Kong reach out to me, I’ve had
people, magazines, from Africa, South Africa wanting me to shoot for their clothing
lines and magazines like that so right now I’m just, I’m enjoying the ride. COMM: But it’s one enhanced asset in particular which draws the most admiration Patricia: I did what you call a Brazilian butt lift, I had fat taken from my stomach,
my back, a little bit from my arms and my inner thighs and they process it and they inject it back into your butt. Patricia: I’m happy with it, I’m happy with the way I look and you can’t tell me nothing else. I look fabulous honey. COMM: Patricia always visited a bona-fide plastic surgeon but she is aware that many
women are risking their lives to get her look by using illegal butt shots. Patricia: A lot of girls have died from it you know and that is kind of scary. I wouldn’t
tell anybody to risk their lives just to look like me it is not worth it. COMM: While she covers up in overalls when dealing with molten steel, once she hits the
streets she likes to flaunt her curves. Le Mac: I wanted to stop and draw her because she had a beautiful derrière you know what
I’m saying? Le Mac: It’s not everyday you see ass like that. Jane: We thought that she was ghetto fabulous. A booty you could sat a tea tray on the
back of and I love that I think she’s just lovely. COMM: She may get mobbed on the street but Patricia is still single. Patricia: 7 out of 10 guys would just want to sleep with me because of my butt. Patricia: I would like to get married I am a relationships kind of girl. If I found that
person who is worth me giving my all to. Patricia: If I found that one guy you know that has the same values as I and upholds
his relationship with respect and love… Yes I most definitely would like to get married one day. COMM: Until she gets her big break, Patricia will have to continue balancing her work at
the steel mill with her modelling. COMM: But her co-workers only want the best for her. Kyle: She’s been stuck here for a long time so her getting the chance to travel, I know she loves that, I see her going far. We’ll be happy for her. Patricia: I don’t want to be 45 and look up and say like why did I spend all my life
here and I haven’t done anything, I haven’t travelled, I haven’t experienced the world,
I haven’t met different people. Patricia: I see myself being on TV screens, I really, really do!


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