6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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– Alright What’s your favorite candy? – Most candies without gelatin in it Name one Just name one – Sour Patch Kids Okay, those aren’t vegan. We brought together seven vegans, I’m vegan I am vegan I’m a vegan I am vegan I am a vegan I am a vegan I’m Vegan One is a liar. If the group discovers who the liar is, they’ll split a cash prize. If the liar survives, he or she wins the entire prize. Okay, Brandon, what do you eat for breakfast? – This morning I had buckwheat. Buckwheat, hot cereal, add almond milk and some water. Okay Who eats buckwheat in the morning? Like I know people do, but I’m looking at him and his body language and how he’s telling me, and I’m going “you just had buckwheat?” I eat buckwheat every single day for breakfast and I feel like that’s a normal thing, but everyone acted like it was a weird thing. I’ll be honest, I eat everything on bread. I have to. Because like, I just– I’m a recent vegan. I’ve been vegan for like five months. It’s a challenge I did for myself. I have a question. What are y’all’s favorite restaurants? You guys should check out, in North Hollywood, there’s this like awesome, it’s literally– it’s Cajun vegan. – Ooh yes, yes um You know, I talked I took my friend Hannah She’s actually a big youtuber as well. Everything that came out of his mouth was super random. Brandon, what’s your favorite restaurant? – I go to Taco Bell all the time. – What do you get at Taco Bell? – I get a Crunchwrap, but swap out the beef and get some beans in there. Also swap out the sour cream and the cheese. – And yeah.
– Don’t they use eggs in their, like in their wraps? – I hope they don’t. – Yeah, I hope they don’t either, because then that wouldn’t be vegan. I don’t know why she was coming at me. I don’t know if it’s like the way I look. I don’t look like a vegan. Why is everyone here a vegan? – I’m vegan because– I actually moved out here. I felt like, I was like, all right, if I mess up I can keep on doing it, so I challenged myself on five months in and I was like, alright, I’m gonna continue doing it because if I don’t–
– You guys, we have 4 minutes left. Sorry to interrupt you
– Oh yeah, sorry about that – But we have 4 minutes, I wanna hear from other people
– Sorry, sorry – I wanna know
– The only reason I did it is because I want to– Can you just–we got it? Let’s go around… Jaylyn was just taking up all the time so that I couldn’t find any information about anybody. – I’m vegan because of the environment. I think the meat and dairy industry just contributes way too much to our environmental issues. And so that’s why I decided to go vegan. – I’ve been vegan for almost three years. I kind of just followed, like, blogs and stuff, and then I found out I had, like, high cholesterol. I, like, cold turkey, just, like, quit it. The more I learned about it and educated myself, the more I wanted to keep going. – I initially went vegan for my health, for my skin. It’s kind of helped, it hasn’t helped that much. But I think just when I was doing it, I was like why go back? Kind of like you, like, I could do it and I don’t think there was a huge, like, pressing environmental factor. Just like, I can do it right now. So why…go back? And it’s like been good,
– That’s exactly what I was doing So it’s almost been like a year, so kinda similar to you. – Good job man – I became vegan for animal cruelty reasons. It’s a whole bunch of stuff, you know, you can go into. But yeah, for animal reasons, and environmental reasons, and health reasons. – So I’ve been vegan for almost 10 years combined Started off when I was 21 years old. I was drinking heavily and I just wanted to be feeling, like, better in my body. So I took a yoga class, went vegan overnight, went raw vegan for two years. I became a raw food chef. I’m a yoga teacher now. Yeah. – I went vegan, kinda as like a transition. I was pescetarian for 10 years And we have 2 minutes Umm – I want to–oh but not, I don’t wanna cut you off, but I wanna ask specific questions to people. What is your favorite documentary that helped you go with the– – Oh, helped me go vegan? I kind of watch like those YouTube ones. – Which ones? Like what, name one? – I don’t remember the names. I, like, saw them in the blogs that I was talking about and like, – Which blog? – It was called, it was like this girl. Her name is Emma. – I gave her the side-eye like hmmm… You don’t know what blog? You don’t know what post? You don’t know this? You don’t know, you don’t know anything. I watched the VR, this actually helped encourage me, and I watched, um, from a first-person perspective,
– Ooh, yikes – Yeah, cows getting butchered,
– Oh no from you can see them getting cut up. – Six, five, four, three…
– …so that was really traumatizing. She had a little more makeup on and she had nail polish on and so, I guess in my head, I think vegans just go for the more natural sort of look. I was, like, looking for some cues and, like, what people were wearing and he was wearing, like, suede shoes. Most, like, vegans don’t really wear leather. Okay Bye guys. It was nice to know you guys. I was really shocked. I think I was a little bit shy in the beginning. When Erin was grilling me, I just got really nervous. And, like, I forgot the names of everything and I was like, there’s cameras here and like everyone’s watching me, like, the time is ticking and – What is your favorite soap that you use? – Oh my gosh I’m more vegan for like food-related reasons, – Right, but typically, like, if you’re vegan, then you know you use all your products through [inaudible]? I identify as a vegan, but I do it more so for food-related reasons. Not exactly– because I, like, did it for my health. – So I actually fully agree with you there – Do you wear a leather? – I don’t own leather. – It’s interesting I own leather, but I don’t buy leather. It’s leather that has been bought years ago that I still have, that I feel this kind of like wasteful to like throw away. – The important thing is you don’t buy,
– Yeah – Because we vote with our dollars. – Exactly. – I think, like, in this circle, like, there would still be people who, like, identify themselves as vegan, even if it’s like food-related or like something else – Like the range is like, ethical, …
– There’s like levels, because there’s vegans that… – Yeah, I think like the odd man out wouldn’t be
– There’s like levels, because there’s vegans that… someone who like, is like me, like, just doing it for food… – You guys, you guys can ask me questions too. I like questions. – We know you do
– Do you eat honey? – I actually don’t even, I don’t eat honey – Yeah, I don’t, I just don’t at all. – I eat honey, but… – Honey isn’t vegan. – I think they made me feel like my reason for being a vegan wasn’t good enough, because it wasn’t coming from the same place that they were. – I have a question. So, okay, everyone think about their immediate circle. How many folks in your circle are vegan? – I’m supported by my circle. Like, they thought I was unhealthy at first because I wasn’t getting enough to eat. Mm-hmm And I had horrible gas issues, umm. That was bad, but um – I mean – I actually didn’t even know that was a thing… – It’s real, dawg – So far you’ve said that you don’t really consider yourself vegan because of the products you use, and then you eat at Taco Bell.
– I feel like if I were lying, I would like go, like, the extra mile and, like, lie and like, say a lot of stuff. But, you know? Like I’m just, like, being real with you guys. – Oh yeah, yeah
– Like I try my best to be a vegan. – How many years have you been vegan? – Oh, no, it’s been like less than a year, like eight months. – Actually their– the Fresco style at Taco Bell is supposed to be vegan. – He didn’t mention that. – He said that he got the taco and then he removed everything, and then he mentioned that later on. – I have seen vegan YouTubers who like go to Taco Bell and like, you can make it vegan…
– Taco Bell’s like the go-to- place for being vegan – …just to show people that like, it can be, like, convenient.
– Now at two minutes, y’all. – I don’t know why you guys are…trying to tell me about this Like, woah – We have two minutes left – And then Del Taco also has vegan wraps…
– Del Taco, started Beyond – Del Taco has the Beyond meat, why don’t you go there if you’re vegan? – I thought Erin was pretty aggressive, but in all the best ways for a game like this. Like, she asked all the, like, heavy hitting questions which is exactly how it should have been. – What’s your favorite candy? – Favorite candy? Most candies without gelatin in it. – Name one, name one. Just name one. – Sour Patch Kids – Okay, those aren’t vegan. – I thought they were, but… – Not Sour Patch Ki-i-i-ids – Do they have gelatin in them?
– (not Sour Patch Ki-i-i-ids) – I, okay… Maybe I’m not a vegan… Like I don’t, I don’t… I thought they were.
– But I mean, you know – What’s your favorite candy? I don’t eat candy – Really?
– Yeah, I don’t It didn’t seem that his ethics and his values were in alignment with the diet, because typically when you are vegan, everything surrounding you matches that. I’m not, like, really a part of the vegan community, I feel like. I have one vegan friend. I could have had five vegan friends, but they voted me out, so… – I think those were the obvious ones… – I think we need, like, one more round – So we raise our hand if we think he’s still in here?
– Yeah – I think they might… – I don’t know – But no, I think no Okay, everyone looks nervous so I feel a little bit more secureness – I found the mole so… – …he was talking too much, he was obnoxious – I’m so upset… – I literally whispered to Erin, “I think it’s Jaylyn. I think it’s Jaylyn.” So I’m a little mad, little sour, a little broke. – I have watched too much Survivor man, like First round, getting thrown in, I was tested to see if I was gonna trip up on my words, how much knowledge I actually had. Cuz I’m like, if I go first I can speak the most and make it seem like an accident. So I just want time to run out, so it felt good because people got annoyed and they didn’t want to hear from me. So they pushed me aside and started talking to everybody else. I got one for my fam. I got one for my fam I got one for me, one for my new Xbox, alright. – I’m pretty frustrated because I think I could have won if I hadn’t just been affected by everybody else’s doubtfulness. – I was reminded of the different perspectives of veganism. – I don’t think you can really, like, see a vegan It’s more like their thoughts like their ideology and how they think about the world. – Thanks for watching guys. We really appreciate it And we love making this stuff for you. – Absolutely love it. Tell us what you thought in the comments below and also tell us your episode ideas. We do read all the comments. People think we’re some kind of giant corporation, but we do–
– We read them all. – We’re actually humans, we’re not robots. Anyways, we’ll see you guys around and, peace out. – Bye guys


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