7 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs [Start Today]

7 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs [Start Today]

If you need to stay home but still need to
make money, I’ve got 7 part-time jobs you can do remotely that require no experience. I’m revealing how to get started, how much
you can expect to make and the companies hiring for each job. We’re talking part-time work from home jobs
today on Let’s Talk Money. Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s talk money. Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
here on YouTube. I want to send a special shout out to everyone
in the community, thank you for taking a little of your time to be here today. If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. Last week I highlighted three passive income
business ideas that almost immediately became one of the most popular videos on the channel. I got feedback from a lot of people though
that they weren’t necessarily looking for some big business idea but just a way to make
some quick money at home. And I realized that a lot of the jobs videos
we’ve done on the channel from the jobs with no degree required and the college jobs
video, none of them help someone that maybe has other responsibilities but still needs
a part-time work at home job. So today I’m revealing the seven best part-time
jobs you can get working from home. Compared to a lot of online or at-home jobs
we’ve covered, these don’t involve starting your own company or website. I’m focusing here on the jobs that are already
set up by an organized company, that require no experience and that you can start within
a week. Understand that none of these jobs are going
to make you rich like those passive income business ideas. What they will do is give you flexible hours
and a solid paycheck so you can focus the rest of your time on other things. For each work from home job, I’ll tell you
how to get started, how much you can make and list out some companies that hire for
the position. I’ll also share three secrets to working
from home at the end of the video and believe me, as someone that has worked from home since
2013, these three tips will save your sanity. They will make you more productive and make
you more money so stick around to see what they are. Our first work-from-home job is as a fundraising
consultant for schools and other organizations. And there’s actually two job ideas here. One is consulting organizations on how to
run a fundraiser, so guiding them through the planning and process. The other idea would be working for a fundraising
company as a sales agent, reaching out to the organizations and getting them to use
the company’s fundraising products and campaigns. That second idea is a sales position so you’ll
need that drive but what I like about this on is that it can be a lot of recurring income. You build a relationship with a couple of
organizations and you can come back to them every year to sell them into those fundraising
products. With the first idea, you’ll need to have
some experience running fundraising campaigns and know what works. It would probably help to work as the product
agent for a while first to establish those relationships and the experience before going
out on your own for consulting. Through ABC, you’ll be contacting schools
and other non-profits about running fundraisers and you’ll receive commissions on the campaigns
they order. ABC says the average commission for sales
is between $100 to $400 and the website Paysa reports an average salary of $35,000 for independent
distributors. Now that’s probably for a full-time distributor
so expect to make between sixteen- to twenty-thousand working part-time. Our next job is as an online travel planner,
the 21st century’s answer to the travel agent. As a travel planner, you’ll work with individuals
and companies to plan their vacations and business trips. A lot of this means planning complicated trips
that involve lots of stops to make sure the customer is getting the best price on tickets. You might also work for an online travel agency,
coordinating travel plans and trying to sell vacation packages. You’ll help people decide on where to go,
how to get there and rentals while they’re on vacation. You might even suggest or book tours and attractions
for them as part of a package. AirTreks helps companies and people with complex
travel plans including multi-stop international trips. Staff is 100% remote and besides wages, you’ll
be eligible for profit-sharing and an equity ownership in the company. Paysa reports the average salary at AirTreks
for a Travel Agent Consultant between $37,000 to $48,000 so expect to make between eighteen-
to twenty-four thousand part-time. Our third work-from-home opportunity is as
an online stylist or fashion consultant. This is a really interesting one to me even
though I don’t think I could do it. As an online stylist, you’ll either work
directly with a customer or work off a profile they complete to pick clothes for them. You might be suggesting an entire combination
for a specific event or just helping them pick an everyday wardrobe. This is obviously one where you’ll need
some fashion-sense. Beyond how to tie an awesome bow-tie, I have
no idea what that is but it sounds like fun. Stitch Fix is a personal style service for
men and women. They hire remote stylists and fashion consultants
to hand-select clothing for customers which are then delivered by mail. Glassdoor reports hourly wages for remote
workers at Stitch Fix make around $15 an hour but a range of between fourteen to seventeen
dollars. Next on our list of part-time at-home work
is as a virtual bookkeeper. This one is actually more up my alley as a
numbers nerd and I’ve worked freelance as a bookkeeper before. Working as a virtual bookkeeper can mean anything
from managing a simple budget to acting as the outsourced chief financial officer to
a rising startup. You won’t necessarily need a degree in accounting
or any certification but you will need to know some of the common accounting software
like Quickbooks. It’ll help to have some accounting or small
business experience. Fix My Cash Flow hires QuickBooks trained
bookkeepers for outsourced CFO, cloud accounting and general bookkeeping services for small
businesses. Paysa reports the average salary at Fix My
Cash Flow for a specialist between about $46,000 to $69,000 so expect to make between twenty-three
to thirty-four grand part-time. You can make a lot of money on this one and
I’d recommend finding some of your own clients even if you start freelancing for a company. Fifth on our list is one I’ve talked about
on the channel before and a great opportunity as a Social Media Manager. This one has a lot of room for growth and
can easily become a full-time career making six-figures. Any blogger, small business owner or online
influencer is going to need to market through social media and take it from someone that
manages more than eight of his own social profiles, there’s always going to be a demand
for this job. As a social media manager, you’re working
with the customer to put together a marketing plan and social strategy. You’re scheduling social updates on Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter and any other platform they’re on and you’re engaging with their
followers. You might also be designing graphics that
fit on each platform and helping to moderate webinars or other communication. Being a social media manager is more than
just tweeting out a few times a day so take the time to really understand the job. It’s the social revolution meets marketing
and can be perfect for those growing up in the digital age. Modsquad manages customer support, content
moderation on social forums and community management in social media for brands both
big and small. The company hires remotely for community support,
social engagement and moderation and offers some great benefits including vacation and
health. Glassdoor reports hourly rates for moderators
at ModSquad between eight to ten dollars an hour with project managers making $39,000
a year. That’s not bad for as easy as the work is
but this is one where I’d definitely recommend getting some clients on your own where you
can make between $20 to $50 an hour. Our next work-from-home job is a big one,
one with huge growth, as a virtual assistant. This one is really broad to include everything
from answering emails to scheduling and even helping your boss run their business. So not only can this one be a quick source
of income but you might constantly be learning new tasks like creating presentations and
doing market research. I’ve met VAs that were more like paid business
interns than administrative support. You’ll need to be familiar with spreadsheets
and word processing software like Excel and Word. You should be highly organized and have excellent
phone and email communication skills for this one. Fancy Hands hires VAs for all kinds of tasks
including scheduling appointments, making travel plans, data entry and making phone
calls. Glassdoor reports hourly rates for virtual
assistants at Fancy Hands between seven and fifteen dollars an hour. The company pays new assistants per task,
anywhere from three- to seven-dollars per task but these can be pretty small tasks so
you’ll typically be able to do three or four tasks in an hour. Our seventh job you can do part-time from
home is as a transcriptionist. Being a transcriptionist is probably one of
the easier and faster jobs on the list. You might need some kind of certification
to work as a medical or legal transcriptionist but anyone that can type can work as a general
transcriptionist. You’ll be listening to audio or video recordings
and typing what you hear. That means you’ll need a good command of
the English language and it helps to type quickly. You don’t have to type super-fast, it just
means you’ll have to listen to your clip a few times to get everything down. Rev.com is the transcription service I hear
most often mentioned among bloggers and the company is constantly hiring. Indeed reports $380 per week for Caption Editor
which is well above the $240 a month Rev says the average captioner makes. The website has a blog post sharing the experience
of several captioners and most seem to fall around $7 an hour. This is another one where you might start
working for the established company but consider finding your own clients because you can make
a lot more on your own. Considering Rev charges users a dollar a minute
for transcription services, you can make several times what they’re paying the captioners
if you’re able to find your own clients. Now I want to share three tips I’ve picked
up in more than six years working from home. I’ve seen a lot of people come into this
lifestyle thinking it’s the best thing ever. Then they realize that it’s not always what
you think and many end up going back to a traditional office job. These three tips are not only going to help
you be more productive but they’ll save your sanity and make your work-from-home experiment
a success. The first tip to work from home success is
to treat it like a regular job. I know it’s probably the last thing you
want to do but there are some things you want to bring over from your 9-to-5. You need to keep regular hours whether that’s
a set number of hours in the morning or afternoon. Even if your work-from-home job is flexible,
working those set hours will help you schedule your time and get everything done. Within this idea, you also need to schedule
time to learn how to do your job better. It can be really easy to fall behind with
an at-home job so you’ve got to find ways to keep your skills fresh to make sure you’ve
always got opportunities. The next secret to working from home, and
this is probably the most important, is to cut out all distractions. This is the biggest killer of work-from-home
dreams. There are so many distractions from social
media to TV, food and family that you can go the entire day without really getting anything
done. This is a tough one because you can’t always
depend on your own discipline. You might start the day motivated to work
but after an hour you’re getting up for a quick snack that turns into three hours
of lost time. Beating distractions means writing out a formal
schedule of when you’re going to work. It means having your own office space with
a door, not watching TV during work hours and maybe even using an app to block social
media access during work time. The third secret here is to track every expense
in your work-from-home business. You might be working as an independent contractor
for a lot of these companies which means it’s up to you to buy supplies. Keep your receipts and you can take this money
off your income come tax time. Beyond this, you can also write off the cost
of your computer and other office equipment and a portion of your utilities paid for your
home office. I’ve seen people save thousands off their
taxes by just tracking these expenses so it’s definitely something to watch. We’re here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
with the best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for
you. If you’ve got a question about money, just
subscribe to the channel and ask it in the comments and we’ll answer it in a video.


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