A Day in the Life of an EU Business School Barcelona Student

A Day in the Life of an EU Business School Barcelona Student

Good afternoon. I’m Sebastien Vandecasteele. I’m 22 years old. I’m a student here at EU Business School. I’m doing an MBA in Entrepreneurship. I just left Via Café, it’s a café really close to the school. We meet here for school lunches, for breaks, to do cases, it’s a really fun café. You find 100 nationalities here because the school is very international. I’m going to be showing you around our campus today. We have two buildings and I’m going to meet a friend of mine now, so follow me! Hi Amandine! Hi How are you? How are you doing? Very well So, how was that company visit you went to yesterday? It was really fun. It was so interesting and even the guest speaker is coming next month, so you should really go. oh yeah, I might. It’s cool. Do you want to go to class now? Hey, how’re you doing? Hi Here’s your coffee. Thank you. So, are you excited about your transfer to Munich? Yes. I’m moving next week. And now you’re having exams? Yes. I bet you’re so busy. Good luck with them! Yeah. Thank you! So, right now we’re in the Barcelona campus, but EU Business School also has schools in Munich, Geneva and Montreux, and students, if they desire, can transfer between the different campuses and the different countries, which is a really cool aspect of EU Business School. Let’s go right now to the other building and check out the classrooms. Hey guys! Now we’re leaving the first building and we’re heading over to the building across the street, which is also a campus of EU Business School. As you can see, the weather. It’s beautiful right now. It’s sunny, it’s January, so it’s winter, so even in the winter, the sun always shines in Barcelona Follow me, let’s go to the other campus. Hey guys. We are now in the other building of EU Business School. Hey Marie, how’re you doing? Hello How are you? Fine, fine. Laurie from career services is waiting for you. Ok, ok, I will see her. Right now we are at the library and the study hall. Here you can come together with your group for assessments to make cases together or to just relax between your classes. I’m heading now over to career services to where I will meet with Laurie. Hey Laurie. Hello. Marie told me that I had to meet with you here? Yes, well actually, I wanted to talk with you because I just saw a great opportunity for an internship. So if you would like to sit together so that we can do this whenever you have time. I’m really interested, yeah. I don’t know, I’m not that busy this week. Tomorrow. Or I can send you an email. Definitely send me an email and we’ll book an appointment. Oh perfect. We’ll coordinate it like that. Thank you very much! See you. Have a nice day. You too. Have a nice day. Guys, I have to go now. My class is about to start. So, see you!


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