A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then a homeless man gives him perspective. | Ironied

A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then a homeless man gives him perspective. | Ironied

Next round’s on me guys. Yeah, I got a client tomorrow. Come on, stay up for another. Yeah, yeah. No, I got a client tomorrow. One more drink before we go. No, no, no, no more beer. No more beer. I got enough. Shots? Who? Allison did you get shots? come on buddy, just have another shot with me. One more beer and a shot. All right. Fine. Cheers. I gotta go. I gotta work in the morning. Ow . . . fuck. [phone ringing] Hello yup Yep, oh yeah mm-hmm. No no no I’ve already left. I’m out the door Yeah, I’m just running. I’m just running a few minutes. No no no it’s good. Why what’s going on? Is he there? Okay, all right all right. I’m on, yeah. I’m on it. I’m on my way. I’m on my way. Ow! Oh, oh Hey Ron. Hey long time no see. Yeah…Yeah, how you doing? Yeah, how’s um… Christine? Knocked her up. She got a little fat. But she still has a pretty face. Yeah And this . . . uh . . . Peter. How you doing buddy? Give me a . . . What’s up Donald? Oh nothing actually. I’m just running . . . Oh Peter what you doing? Peter you can’t do that. Okay, buddy, it’s not good. You shouldn’t do that. Hey.hey.hey. Don’t boss my kid around. I’m not, Ron. I’m not bossing your kid around. I’m not. He just nailed me Whoa take it easy. Have your own kids if you want to boss them around. Take it easy? Your son, just nailed me. I can hardly see straight here It might be best if . . . Don’y raise your tones like that in front of Peter! Your behavior’s a bit aggressive What if I nailed you, huh? That doesn’t make any sense. Like… You know better. I would probably nail you back. Right. So you gonna hit a kid? Huh? Gonna hit him? He’s right there. No, no, that’s not my point. My point is, is that . . . Exactly he doesn’t know any better. So back off Come Peter Oh forgot . . . He’s cheating on me, I know . . . Oh! Fuckin’ . . . god, great. Thanks. My coffee. That’s real cool. Don’t put your fucking coffee there. Oh, don’t put my fucking coffee there That’s real nice. It’s a coffee. You choose to put it there. Deal with it. Get a new one….I What you know you could at least offer to buy…buy me a new one . . . I owe you nothing, buddy I don’t believe . . . Hey, what? Where’s my . . . Hey hey Where? Did you guys . . .
Did you guys see someone? Oh…
I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this. This is crazy. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. Oh my god. Oh my god What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? I d – . . . This is . . . Wait Oh, Jesus. Ow. Holy moly. Wow Sorry I’m late, Charlie. Charlie? Yeah. My name is Donald. How are you today? Uh . . . Okay. You don’t look okay. How do you feel about that? Well, that’s why, uh, that’s why you’re here, right? Um Yeah, I mean you’re here because you want to Get off the streets Want to change your life. you want to find employment. you want to live a normal life? Right? And that’s why I’m here. I’m here to decide whether or not we can help you make these changes But you got to stay onboard the entire way through. Make no mistake, Charlie We will help you. We will help you find employment. We will help you to rehab. We will help you . . . Find shelter But you AWOL once from this program, and you are out We will stop the assistance. That’s it. It’s done. You understand? So it says you came in yesterday . . . You came in yesterday, and you weren’t in very good shape. You want to tell me about that? Hey, what happened to your face? You have a gouge. What happened to yours? See . . . no . . . Charlie. I’m the one asking the questions here, okay? All right, this isn’t about me in the horrible day I’ve had, all right? Let’s focus on you . . . and why you’re here, okay? Well, I it’s, um . . . I don’t know I don’t remember. I fell or something. I don’t know. You should see my leg. It’s. . . It’s even worse. On your leg . . . Why didn’t you go to the hospital? The hospital? Well, you can’t get past security there. They won’t even let me near the doors. Probably think I’m looking for a place to sleep or drugs or something. Are you? When was the last time you used? Oh . . . that’d be night before i lost, I guess Mmm. I’d like to know the details of that. Please. I need you to explain that night to me. Well . . . I woke up around 5:00. I guess. Yeah. And I had enough money for a bottle. Bottle of what? Mouthwash And, so . . . I met up with a buddy. Yeah, I met up with a buddy and he told me about a friend of ours who had just died. He just died that day. She was pretty sick. Yeah, was sick and uh . . . Nobody would help her. So anyway, she, you know she was like a sister to me You know she was lived on the streets like us like eh? and uh . . . So my buddy had a bottle and a pipe. And so we had a drink to her And….uhh Drank for a bit, and then I said goodbye to him. and uh… Strange thing. I’m walking down the street, and I walk past my ex-wife and daughter. I think she’s a teenager now Yeah, t. . . .teenager. I think it’s been around 15 years Oh First time I’d seen ’em. Wife recognized me. Daughter did not. Probably a good thing, right? Cause uh . . . anyway Yeah, we lost a baby when we were married. just after she was born and uh . . . She left me and I started drinking pretty heavy, and then uh… I lost my job and uh… So… And I, I was in the park later that day and uh… these little sons of bitches, they beat up on me I don’t know who they were. I didn’t say anything to him. I did nothing. They kicked my face. They kicked me in the ribs and in the crotch Yeah, sorry about the smell. But… And, uh . . . Passed out, it’s all blurry after that. When I woke up, again Um… Well, that’s when I thought, maybe I should come here I just don’t think I’m gonna make it. Yeah What did you say happened to your face again?


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  • I have to say that I had low expectations about half way through this film, but that all changed the moment the homeless guy entered the scene. I was deeply moved.

  • I think Charlie is Donald in a few years and Donald figures this out. Donald now understands that anyone under the right circumstances can become Charlie. I lost Triplet boys 40 years ago and my wife walked out with another man soon after. She just never could accept their deaths. I started down Charlie's path. My encounter with a church going girl changed that course. These days although I am still single by choice, I own my own home and am retired now. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

  • Byron MacGreggor says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the only reason some people get away with the crap they do is because they were never punched in the face growing up. I’m reminded of a Bill Burr sketch — getting punched in the face is a good way to recognize that you’re getting out of line.

  • That woman… Not only was it her fault for not paying attention and she didn't even utter a single apology, but she also SAW him getting robbed and said nothing, either. That may just be worse than that miserable kid and his overly protective dad.

  • Margarida Attam says:

    The US is such a sick country, how can yall criminalize homeless people? They are so fragil… Yall need some common sense

  • AshVsTheDeadite says:

    And to think.. some people hate the homeless.. try living one day like this man most of you would die in the streets.

  • andropov neveyevich says:

    So when did he get the cut on his head? I thought it was when he fell at the bus stop but if you look at 4:38 there no cut after he fell. He never touches his head to show concern or pain. Anybody see when that happened? Or was it just shoddy editing and should've been at the bus stop?

  • My dad taught me this. Everyone has bad days, and it’s okay for us to complain because it’s a way to vent, but he also said that if you were to take your problems to the streets, you’d be fighting your way out to get to the top. This means that someone else is having an even worse day than you and to just be thankful that you’re not that person, and also it taught me that in the end when I have a bad day I’m thankful that I’m not having a terrible or upsetting day that someone else is going through. Now I’m thankful to be the way I am.

  • If this had of happened in the States? We would be reading about this on the news, I'm sorry but it's true. I love America 🇺🇸


    but its not the kids fault the father is not teaching him the right thing to do. and the kid looks like misha

  • Safe Space Bear says:

    Awesome stuff. I needed that. On my way to work and feeling a bit too sorry for myself lately. Life ain't that bad and it's a sinful to neglect good in pursuit of perfect

  • There is a thin line that separates us from where we are at today and where we were at in the past. Choices have led us to where we are today. I worked in a shelter when I was younger and met Tom. A big man 6’4” and strong as an ox who used the shelter to sleep in when he was sober which was one of our rules. Tom got a job in the foundry and started at $6/hour and told me that Monday night they would give him $0.50/hour raise each week that he worked without missing a day. On Tuesday he told me what he was going to do with all the money he was going to make. On Wednesday, he told me how the supervisor tried to tell him to do something he wasn’t hired to do. How he power-tripped on him. So, Tom said, “I quit.” I told him I was sorry to hear that. He told me not to feel sorry for him. He said, “Life is about choices and I live by the choices I make. You go to work because you have to: bills to pay, college debt, car debt, etc. But I am free and owe no debt. If I want to get high or drunk I am free to do that and people like you pay for it when I panhandle. When I don’t have money I come here and get supper and a bed. My choice is the freedom I have in my life. Your choice is to live within someone else’s limits. Today, I remembered what I had and what I was giving up for $6/hour and chose to be walk away. Never feel sorry for a man who makes his own choice because I am freer than you are. Ha ha ha.” And he walked away laughing and he did not feel sorry for me because he knew that I was where I was at: a graduate student seeking a master’s degree and working this job because it paid the bills that my loans didn’t cover. I was wracking up future expenses in a profession that would pay less than teachers and felt the heavy weight of that slavery to my debt as Tom walked away, laughing at me because I had felt sorry for him.”

  • bigbellybear 94 says:

    Even when someone has bigger problems than you it doesn't mean that your problems are small or worthless! Everyone has their own problems.

  • These are both sick people. One is having a kidney stone attack and the other has a terminal heart condition. But when you're on the floor writhing in pain it does no damn good to be told that your stone will pass , so be thankful you don't have a failing heart. The pain is still real and that doesn't make it go away. Both have neurological problems. It's like telling someone who is so depressed that want to kill themselves to just " man up, a lot of people have it way worse than you". Yes his pain will pass but he is neurologically predisposed to getting PO'd and will have to deal with the condition the rest of his life. And… the fact that most people have this condition doesn't make it go away. OK, to say something constructive… in the same way certain diets can change you physiologically (i.e. cancer) , certain ways of operating your brain will reinforce certain neurological pathways and staying away from them will cause the pathways to atrophy. No matter how good they taste at the time you've gotta, gotta gotta not embrace hate, racism (insert whatever demons you may have here) and good grief, don't even taste conspiracy theories !!! It may sound trite but so is 'cigs cause cancer'. It's simple but difficult.

  • This is poorly written. Someone running that late to work wouldn't mosey down the street, stop for a conversation with someone he obviously barely tolerates, and then get a coffee right after.

  • A few years ago, following divorce, I was that homeless man, with a similar story to tell. I hung onto my sanity and my dignity by the skin of my teeth and eventually found myself in the world of Academia via college and university. I now live in a very small, one-bedroomed bungalow that suits my needs very well. Despite maintaining my compassion for my fellow beings, I can tell you one thing – I will NEVER look for a relationship with anyone else again. Ever.

  • Jaime Escalante says:

    I'll never understand people who think coffee is so important that you gotta shell out money for it every morning when they could just make it at home.

  • Trashcan Troubadour says:

    I’m really glad I watched the whole thing. The beginning was annoying as hell, kept thinking there was something wrong with my phone that I couldn’t see anybody. Then after that, the whole set up was basically unbelievable, like who’s going to be running late and be as worried about it as he was, then stop and totally change their demeanor for a casual conversation? The dad‘s behavior was also completely unbelievable and over the top. Then the stuff that happened after that, felt like they were just piling it on. The office scene, however, made the whole thing worthwhile.

  • Perfect advertisement for why I moved out of a Democrat-run city to a beautiful mountain town run by conservatives. There's almost no crime (most still leave their doors unlocked), there are good jobs, the cost of living is low, people are extremely friendly, accepting, and the town prides itself on keeping it clean = recycling rather than tossing trash out the window, etc. There is NO amount of money you could pay me to move back to a big (democrat run) city. NONE.

  • please let me know if I am out of bounds with these thoughts : I see a mirror thing going on. The cut near hair line is never explained on the social worker. Homeless man has mirrored cuts on hair line . The homeless man talked about his leg and crotch. The social worker was hit in the crotch and I think hurt his leg and fell more than once. I bet the dad of the puke kid beat up the homeless guy if there is lore to this story that is hidden from the viewer- just a thought. Homeless man lost job after drinking too much- social worker about to loose job because he was drinking too much. I assume that last part . Also the homeless man asks a few times, suspiciously , what did you say you did to face again? Because we do not see the hurt face happen of the social worker , could this be not the same day ? could this be another day ? is the social worker doing this over and over ? ya know , being crappy lushy , waking up late and missing or being late to appointments and on this occasion, that we do not see the beginning , he hurt face? I don't know . back to the mirror thing – homeless man walking down street and walks right by his ex-wife and daughter , 2 girls one older one younger . now back to social worker waking down street bumps into someone that has a recall issue partially and they are boys , one older and one yonder. Im not smart enough to make the connection with that and the look the boy gives to the social worker. That has meaning I can't figure out what it means or my thoughts on it are too in the clouds and too long shot. GREAT main actor , great photography ,great sound , great story. loved it. PS : woman who spilled. coffee. Im certain that if he had had a similar reaction but more internalized she would have been pleasant about it. I think we are meant to feel that the social worker was reacting without thinking and his priceless response was one to encourage a crappy attitude back to him. I bet that was really though our scene and directed to illicit the feeling of easy mistake turned vile. you don't walk backwards while talking in public without risk, You also don't balance your coffee on the end of a handrail in public without risk, neither at fault except watch the social workers immediate response….it begs for confrontation. I would have acted the same way as the woman with his response but I would have bought a coffee for him if he was just like "damn it to hell, I should not have put that there. " I think that was an interesting tipping point in the flick. oddly the coffee spill happens at almost exactly 3 min , and that is about half way from meeting the homeless man if you start the flick at the time the social worker wakes up. Waking up is also a theme in the story. After this revelation I have determined I am a mad hatter. peace and love

  • Due to circumstances beyond my control I grew up to be an angry young man. After a short failed marriage and a child, I hit the road. I hitch hiked around the country for 9 1/2 years. I normally worked when I wanted money but sometimes had little to eat for a week or more. I usually lived on the street to save money so I could continue to travel. As the years passed I became more knowlegeable on ways to get by. It was a good time in many ways but at the same time brutal. I had to fight for my life on several occasions. I am lucky to have survived, but it made me a real person with real values and real beliefs. I do not judge people by thier bank accounts. This short film awakened feelings I haven't had for many years. Well done.

  • it's perfect that the same actor plays both roles.
    I realize its not the same thing, if I ever catch myself thinking my day sucked or work was hard, or feeling sorry for myself, I look at or think about a picture of my Dad using a horse and plow in the fields. He's sweaty, dirty, and his wooden shoes are caked with dirt making them twice as heavy as they really are. He looks strong, content, and a look of satisfaction on his face for a hard job done.
    At the time the photo was taken, Dad was fifteen.

  • I woulda yeeted my, or any other, kid across the solar system if he did that. And I would probably nail the dad for being a moron.

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