Abigail Disney not happy with workers’ conditions at theme park


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  • Executive compensation in this country is obscene. In contrast, the CEO of Toyota, one of the largest companies in the world, makes about $5 million per year. Compare that to Iger's $65 million.


    The IRONY of republicans complaining about someone being an entitled brat that complains and whines all the time 😂🤣 you sure you don't want to elect her president??

  • Abigail: Bob Iger should give half of his bonus to the lower workers
    Me: So are you going to give half of your heiress fortune money now to the workers?
    Abigail: Uh…

    It's easy to criticize others when you don't practice what you preach.

  • Hello there Friend says:

    Lol, if cast members need to vomit they are not allowed to break character UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The whole "Keep the magic alive at any costs" is a real thing.

    The cast members must vomit into their suit, and are told to "cover one eye and raise their hand". This tells other workers that you are in need of assistance and they will quickly shuffle you off into a "staff only" area.

    Working at a Disney park is Hell. There's a reason why they call it "Moushwitz".

  • Iger’s got to pay those insane California property taxes on his $80 million Holmby Hills estate, and $45 million Malibu estate. …..welcome to California!!!

  • Housing costs have increased 55% just since 2000. Income tax reduces $15/hr wages by 30% to $10/hr, while rent isn't reduced at any rate.

  • Señor Elotero says:

    What she misses is the investors and top % benefit… not the workers generating those profits both @ Disney & Amazon

  • all stocks are up due to phony interest rates which makes them the only game in town. to give iger all the credit is a fox news canard

  • RiotontheRadio says:

    Of course 15 isnt enough. We humans always want more. It's a child trying to see what they can. get away with.

    Also if you dont know how to manage money then you will always run out.

  • Disney workers are pampered compared to most manual labor jobs. She should try working at a car detailing shop or a McDonalds. That's why its called work, and not play time.

  • Tara Schleicher says:

    1000% more… this didn't happen in the 50's & 60's. CEO salaries have been going up ever since. The workers are complacent so they take lower wages just to pay the bills. Craziness!

  • We just took a Disney world trip and it was very sad the themed hotel we stayed at ALLLLLLL of 4 days NEVER TOOK OUT TRASH so the trash in hall ways spilled out… the workers were very rude and mean for the most part… found a few that we really nice… I grew up in Orlando and went several times, but this was insane at the park and the resort!!! My son lost out on that… Thanks Disney

  • Michael Carter says:

    This happens alot nowadays. Its almost impossible to find a place that pays how it really should. Especially a place that actually cares about employees. Hell I worked for a boiler company that had welders that have been there over fifteen years, none of them made over 25$ a hour! I only failed one x-ray butt weld out of 500+ that were shot last year I was there, and I didn't even make 20$ hour.

  • My buddy works for Disney and he believes it's one of the best places he's worked at. He's payed a lot too, compared to most servers at restaurants.

  • racing cricket moon cricket says:




  • Disney should give up and double worker's pay. Admission prices will have to increase to cover the added cost, but the people demanding the raises never realize it comes out of their pockets, not the officer's or stockholder's.

  • Disney employs over 201,000 workers. If you distributed Mr. Iger's compensation among those workers, it would give them about a $6.22 per week raise (before taxes). If Ms. Disney is so outraged, maybe she should consider relinquishing the hundreds of millions of dollars bequeathed to her by her father……as low wage, unskilled jobs at theme parks have been there since Walt built the place.

  • Bob Igor needs to resign. He's been running the company into the ground for his own benefit for years now. People criticize Eisner for all the things he did, but Igor arguably has completely removed any sense of being from the Disney franchise as a whole. The projects that are greenlit are only boring, unoriginal cash grabs, and the same thing goes for the acquisitions that the Disney company has made over the last few years. On top of that, his inability to look after his own workers makes him in my eyes one of the worst CEOs the Disney company has seen to date. For the sake of the Disney parks and the Disney film industry, get rid of him!

  • I'm am certainly no fan of Disney (especially after what they did to the Star Wars franchise), but no one forced these people to go work at Disneyland. They are perfectly within their rights to seek employment elsewhere. If they are not qualified for a higher paying job, whose fault is that?

  • So what if Bob makes that much! A person washing the streets with no education should only make what they're worth, period. That Disney heir hasn't worked a day in her life, give me a break. Ugh ppl

  • Considering the company won't allow employees to buy feminine hygiene products, or even bring them into the dormitories, yes conditions are quite bad. Only slightly better than prison.

  • Disney pays a minimum wage of 15 dollars an hour in a state that has one of the highest cost of living in the US. As a retired person I make what many of these people are living off of. But my needs are simple. No house payment, no long miles to drive to work. No costs associated with work, these people must be struggling. If I wanted to take young children I would go to Disney world anyway.

  • Middle class people fight among themselves while the elite watch and get further ahead. All these people in the comments blaming HER are missing the point.

  • HAHAHAHA, bro, working at disney for 3 years i moved from the kingdom to epcot. Part time mind you, i left epcot after breaking down because of the 80hr + work week. I held out for 7 months before losing it, they wouldn't give me full time and every few weeks would change the schedule so you cant even challenge them in court to get benefits, all while making minimum which back then was 7 and change. Disney gives no fucks about its workers everybody knows this except the heir of disney

  • Have California cut their taxes and stop throwing money away on stupid illegals and focus on citizens then the employees getting 15 an hour would actually be able to enjoy the so called "living wage".

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Disney world despite its ridiculous prices. Seeing what they’ve done to franchises and their agenda, I’m glad to say I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  • I'm a former cast member of Walt Disney World Resorts and I have to say it was a lot of fun. Even as a cast member things are still heavily overpriced.
    But I think if adjustments need to be made, then do it.
    If he wasn't being paid that much, more could have been done for maintenance of rides and parks; many projects could have been completed by now; and many cast members could work full time instead of part time, with benefits.

  • High taxes aren't the answer because I don't trust the government with all that money!! So if you are wealthy give to charities, build housing for the poor. Be responsible for your money and be generous. DON'T GIVE IT TO THE GOVERNMENT YOU FOOLS!!!

  • Is Disney the guys who made their professionals train to replace themselves under duress? They would not receive their retirement if they did not train them
    to replace themselves at a lower wage. Of course they lost their jobs to visa applicants.

  • umefunasone together says:

    rich get richer poor get more poor……NO ONE is worth that much money—and wonder WHY we have to pay so much ADMISSION PRICES—not only at disney—-sports as well ..again NON ONE is worth that much money!!!

  • Disney workers get full benefits profit sharing and start WELL Over the minimum wage.
    Abigail is a grifter who is not a

  • Sadly, $15.00 an hour in California, is not the same as $15/hr in other parts of the country.

    Also, this issue seems more like labor reformations and more so internal business issues are needed; than just either that of Bob Iger or Abigail Disney forking over their money to solve the problem; which would help in the infirm and act more like a Band-Aid; but it won’t fix the much bigger longer lasting issue at large.

  • Sam Sabet's Video's says:

    She is worth 120 million.  Her siblings combined is worth 400 million.  What the hell is she complaining about?  You don't see her giving any of Disney employees crap!

  • rich have a blind eye they are so used to the money that they think we are just fine after all looks good on paper??????WTF!!!!! this country economy could be much stronger if we had the money ,supposed to be the best place to live but since the electronic age forget it george carlin said it best the American dream is gone

  • Vincenzo Vieri says:

    Some disney workers still live in drug infested motels across the street, while being paid $12 an hour it's so disgraceful of disney… they get away with this because they feel ur getting a privalge of working at the park, it's slavery treatment

  • the can pay the CEO 65 million but yet cant give descent pay to workers who really make it happen its a team effort the ceo can say what ever he wants but its the workers who put there effort into it that make it [email protected]!

  • Disney is the patriarchy. Who wants to give them more money? A family visit to the park can easily top $1,000 and that does not include hotel or travel. No wonder the Anaheim park is so empty.

  • Abigail Disney finding out about shitty working conditions at Disney is like Jaden Smith learning that not all kids star in movies when they grow up.

  • Chatla Suresh says:

    How long did Disney survive to see wrong conditions?
    Fire those who don't work and improve system and working conditions.

  • I don’t like the garbage movies Disney has run with and other shady investments in the past. It’s just not as sweet as Disney wanted it to be. I miss thst.

  • You go Abigail. Disney's not what it used to be. They have taken Waltz name and dragged it through the MUD. I myself have been Boycotting Disney since they hired foreigner's and laid off American workers. Now they are trying to get into politics and suck at that as well.

  • Chantel Mogollon says:

    As a former cast member I was only making 11.37 an hour. That was last year and the only time we made more was if they had any over time available.

  • I’m done with Disney. Omg glad to say I have never wasted my money there. CEOs in this country have to stop hogging all the money. Money’s not being dispersed at all making our economy crumble America is a mess

  • Disney is another terrible company which does all sorts of Left Wing virtue signals. Cavuto, who hates Trump, should like Disney.

  • The haunted house and space Mountain Suposibly isn't there anymore..its not the same..
    "Never follow dreams your dreams can turn into nightmares"

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