About the Productivity Commission

The Productivity Commission is an independent research and advisory agency for the Australian Government. While the government largely determines our
work program, our findings and recommendations are independent and based on our own analysis
and judgment. Not only do we look at economic issues, but
social and environmental issues too. Our research and policy advice can help governments
improve or create better policies to benefit all Australians. Our main role is to conduct public inquiries
and studies into current issues. For example our inquiry into disability support
was used in creating the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our projects provide opportunities for different
points of view to be heard and considered. Participation in our inquiries or Commissioned
studies is encouraged and gives you the opportunity to have a say in Australia’s public policy
formation. You can participate by making a submission to us, it’s open to all. Submissions can be a short email or letter outlining your views or a much more substantial document. Providing evidence such as documentation,
data or research to support your viewpoint is always useful. Often after we release a draft report, we
hold hearings that are open to the public. Anyone can participate whether it be elaborating
on their submission or simply providing relevant information to the Commissioners. Whether you want to speak at a hearing or
just observe you will be able to book a spot via our website. The Commission also undertakes additional
research. Some of this research supports our inquiries as well as helping outline future
directions for reform. You can find out more about us and our current
projects by heading to our website, pc.gov.au.


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