Adhinayakudu Telugu Full Movie | Balakrishna, Lakshmi Rai, Saloni | Parachuri Murali | Kalyani Malik

Adhinayakudu Telugu Full Movie | Balakrishna, Lakshmi Rai, Saloni | Parachuri Murali | Kalyani Malik

15 years later… Central Jail, Cherlapalli Why did you bring him like a beast? He’s also a human like us. Remove the shackles. lt’s very difficult to control
him without shackles, sir. l’m warning you as the
leader of the ruling party, not a DGP would remain in post, will you free him
or get suspended? l want to interrogate him,
all of you please leave. Attempting to kill Ramakrishna Prasad, undisputed leader of 11
constituencies in Rayalaseema, you’d tried many times
to escape from jail, now, you’ve got the
opportunity to kill him. We and our system is behind you lf you kill him,
you’d have your revenge, and we’d win all the
11 constituencies, and form the next government. You’d kill me in an encounter
after l kill him. You’d claim to have shot the
killer of Ramakrishna in 24 hours, and win the next elections, this is your plan ! lndeed that was DGP’s original plan. But l’m promising you, as soon as we form the
new government, we’ll free you using mercy petition, and make you undisputed
leader of Rayalaseema. You’re planning to kill
Ramakrishna Prasad, and have his man as the security, that is your system! There’s no man to touch
Ramakrishna in Rayalaseema Go away! Nagulappa, Ramakrishna’s niece
is going tomorrow to Vizag, if we lock her up there? The man who would do
anything for people, he’d definitely come
for his family! lf you can make him come out
of Rayalaseema alone, l’ve kept ready the
weapon to kill him. You ran very well! We’re now at the residence of
Central Minister Nitish Patel, last night a girl Nikisha
was brutally murdered, but there are rumours that
it could be a suicide, but Nikisha’s father said to media
that it was a brutal murder. And accuses Central Minister
Nitish Patel’s son Sanjay Patel! Just a while ago Nikisha’s father
came to meet the Central Minister. Who is he? Father of the dead girl Nikisha.
Your father called him here. Would sensitive people have this? Get me a hangover peg, go! Media and people are anxious about
Nikisha’s father meeting the Minister We can’t get any information till
Nikisha’s father emerges out. This is Sandhya with
Cameraman Ravi for Zee news. What happened to the Goregaon meeting?
– lt’s postponed, sir. Fix a meeting with Hiranandani.
– Okay sir. Nikisha’s father! Keep it in your pocket. Our Nikisha’s father?
– Yes. Greetings sir.
Are you doing fine? Please sit down… May you be blessed with long life. Sit properly before elders, you fool! When our girl got so much injustice, media people are busy promoting her
like Mallika Sheravat! He’s studying in America. People go on dating and
chatting before marriage. He too got afflicted with
that disease. You’ve raised your daughter with
discipline and values of middle class. This incident took place as
a conflict of cultures, people who should ensure security and
justice by implementing law properly, leaving the old trend, they’ve joined
the bandwagon of new business trend, and made crores overnight! Why are you boring me with this? Why did you call me here? You fool, keep quiet! l’d called you to make your
daughter my daughter-in-law. Like chicken are grown in farms
for people like us to eat, you poor raise daughters to get
raped by sons of people like us. Even after a life of hard work,
you can’t celebrate a festival happily, are you getting so much
coverage on TV? Where’s justice in this country? To say you and your daughter
were meted with injustice. Will you damage 40 years of
my political life in just one day! lsn’t that injustice? TV media will cover only
till the body is cremated. Take this cheque,
it’s Rs.10 lakhs! You assassinated my son’s character
before the media, correct it now before the same media.
Take it. No.
– Don’t you want money? ls his elder daughter Lakshmi
good to look? She’s more beautiful
than the dead girl, daddy. Very good! Make currency your life trend,
you’d be happy always! Go! May you be blessed with long life! Give me the ear bud! Call MDTV people.
– Okay sir. Why did you meet the Minister? Why did Minister invite you here? Has Minister promised to do justice? They say Sanjay has no bad habits,
what’s your reaction? Please tell us, sir. l’ll accept the truth before you. My daughter took to bad ways and
visited clubs and pubs often, and became a drug addict, in an inebriated condition,
she committed suicide, anyway my dead daughter
wouldn’t come back, with a bad intention of making
quick money with her death, l made a false accusation
against Minister’s son. Did you see a middle class
man’s intentions? To make money from his
daughter’s death, he made wild accusations
against the Minister. lt has been proved once again that
poor are jealous of the rich ! Party workers are celebrating!
Please close the door! Congratulations on behalf of MDTV. l’ll ask you an exclusive question,
please answer it, sir. Please! lt is said your son is eunuch
and not a man at all! How can he rape a girl?
A TV channel ran it on scroll! What’s your reaction on it? Get me the sisters of the
man who said that, l’ll show you right before the
media whether l’m a man or not! Don’t harm me, l’ll go away! With your son’s dirty work,
many people got rich ! Even professional killers who do
jobs for others must settle, right? What? Are you a killer? Don’t kill my son,
l’ll pay whatever you ask! Neither you can stop death
with money nor buy me! Yours is pure business and
mine is pure devotion ! Look, how clash of two cultures is
leading to a devastating incident! Don’t kill him, please him alive,
that’s enough ! l’ll accept the truth
before the media. l’ll ensure justice prevails! Hail Nitish Patel!
Hail Sanjay Patel! Minister promises justice,
connect this cable and go live! Respected people of Maharashtra, my son Sanjay Patel raped and
murdered innocent girl Nikisha, threatening Nikisha’s father and
forced him to lie before the media, l’m enlightened after
an exclusive interview by Kittu, my son who could escape from law
couldn’t escape from me, l’ve punished him myself, l’ve ensured justice prevails,
please don’t kill my son. Please leave my son ! Birth, death and my decision
are irrevocable! l’m eternally indebted to you. You took revenge on my behalf,
take these Rs.10 lakhs! Killing one is satisfaction to pocket,
killing another is job satisfaction. You were hurt as father,
and l reacted as a brother! This satisfaction is enough. Celebrate your elder daughter’s
marriage grandly with this money. No problem. Whether it is in earth or
as part of God’s ornaments, diamond is diamond! Your parents are blessed ones
to have a son like you. You’re speaking as if you know
my parents very well. Had l know them, l would’ve
handed you to them long back! l found you when you were just
2 years and raising you since then, don’t you trust me? Did you see the SMS? l’ll call you in 10 minutes. Who is it?
– Old friend. When did you come out
of jail, brother? l’ll tell you later,
you’ve understood the plan, right?- Got it. Before signing the contract to kill, he always checks if his victim is
good man or bad before killing. lf he comes to know the next
assignment is to kill his own father, he would turn against
and pack all of us to hell! He’s not the right man
for this assignment. Please allow me to live peacefully. You’ve decided, l know it. l could make you a killer
but not a criminal. People of 11 constituencies of
Rayalaseema revere your father as God. Unable to win over your father
in consecutive elections there, they couldn’t even dare
touch a strand of his hair, they’re plotting to kill him, this phone has all the
details of that plan, you’d kill me if l tell
why l raised you? You’d kill even if l don’t! l don’t want to die in your hands. Thanks, if you’d delayed giving your
hand even for a moment, l would’ve missed the train. lf l hadn’t helped you,
l would’ve missed you. l said we met now because you
gave hand at right time. Are you also in the same coupE? ls it too small for us? Why are you talking strangely? To appear special. l thought you’re a daring woman
for boarding a running train. You too know what fear is! Do you know who am l?
– l’d know if you tell, right? Budda Vengal Reddy,
Samarasimha Reddy, Bharatsimha Reddy,
Narasimha Naidu, lndrasena Reddy,
did you hear these names? Aren’t they Rayalaseema batch? My uncle is much more powerful
than all of them. Entire region salutes
when he appears. l’m that leader’s niece. Good background. Would you like to hear
about my background?- Go ahead. Kothapeta Rowdy, Bazaar Rowdy, Two Town Rowdy, Assembly Rowdy, Rangoon Rowdy, State Rowdy, do you now their boss is? l’m right before you
and you say don’t know! lf you go back 15 years
and see me like this. Why are you beating them? They’re filthy rich brats! While racing on streets at night
they killed a lady by running over her. When asked for compensation,
they said get lost! So l beat them! Who is that girl?
Why is she so angry? Shravani! lsn’t she beautiful? She bravely lodged a complaint
on me for public nuisance. Later on she realised and pawned
her chain to get me out on bail. Did you meet her again? l met to return her chain. Was she happy? She didn’t but you’re very happy. Tell me how did she react? See! l made a mistake,
so l got you out on bail. Our relationship ends with that. Don’t try to take advantage
of it to get closer, with friendship or
say l’m very beautiful, won’t be nice if you follow me! O my girl, l’ve fallen flat
for your beauty… l’ll take care of you like my eyes… Have no doubts, follow me… Hello, don’t over praise me…
don’t exaggerate… Don’t make any plans… l’ve seen many a smart guys,
don’t get smart with me… Please leave me alone… Why are you so proud?
Cool off your anger… Come to me and
give me your hand… Your beauty is bag of sweets,
we’re ants… How can we live away from you? Come my exotic bird…
My five feet flower… Your life would be great… Don’t come after me,
l hate you… Don’t irritate me… When l ask you to become my life,
don’t say no and walk away… Don’t slip away… You come in hordes and
if given an inch you take a feet… Men are always like that… Given a place of needle’s tip,
you hoist your flag there… So, l’ll not come… Listen to me, my darling… Shall l put hurdles on your
way to escape from me? Don’t trouble me…
don’t spoil my heart… Don’t stop my way… My heart never asked me
anything till now… For the first it wants you,
become mine, dear… l like your speed,
l’ll become your life partner… Come what so ever it may
you’re my husband… At last Seetha has crossed
the proverbial line… Watch now, l’ll play the
band of happiness… She has opened the lovely account…
l’ll be yours… l’ll fill your life with kisses… Though romance is rough,
you managed to rock her. Are you both married? No, she avoided me.
– Why? l came to know yesterday that she’s
getting treated for cancer in Vizag. Cancer? Yes, doctors have confirmed she
may not live for more than week. l’m going there to marry her,
let her die peacefully as my wife. What are you writing?
– About you. Why? l shouldn’t forget you in my life. Don’t how many are there
like me in that diary? Two, you and my childhood friend. ls your friend in touch with you? No, we got separated
while we were quite young. l’m feeling sleepy,
yours is upper berth. Excuse me…hello… l’ve a small wish.
– Tell me. lf you don’t mind,
can l attend your marriage? Did you sleep well last night? lt was very comfortable
to travel with you. Since you were scared of me,
l made up a story from an old film. You were comfortable after that. Who are you searching? Do you’ve to come so early?
Couldn’t you come little late? Missed a good friend. Who is more closer to you than me? l met him in train, he was
strikingly resembling my uncle. My sixth sense says he’s my uncle’s
son who went missing as a little boy. Have you started narrating the
same old boring tale again? ls my family’s 25 year yearning for
missing son a boring tale to you? Our friendship ends here,
l’m going back to my place. Stop Deepu ! Start the car! Go…go… How to reach Errada?
– Errada? Why? l’ve work there. lf you’ve work thee,
why did you come down from up? lt won’t land anywhere
other than water. Where are you coming from? From Mars planet. Can you come this far in a Qualis car? lt’s not a car but spaceship. l mean you are…? Alien from another planet. Can you guide me to Errada? They say there are 7 people
in the world who look similar. How to find your train friend
is really your uncle’s son? People of Rayalaseema
adored my grandfather. Even such a great man had enemies. My grandpa was shot while talking to
my uncle’s son who was two then. The bullet hit my uncle’s son
and luckily both were saved. lf he has that bullet mark, l can be sure train mate
was indeed uncle’s son. Where did the bullet hit him? Exactly here… Very complicated place, right?
How can we see it? We must first out
where he is staying here. Then, let’s think about
how to see the mark. Who are you? Didn’t you recognise me?
– l’m Bobby! Bobby? Who? Your daughter’s class mate in school. ls it you Bobby? Karuna, Deepu…come here! Why are you look surprised? Your childhood friend,
who wounded your father’s head, do you remember? He’s Bobby. Are you Bobby?
– Yes, you..? Didn’t you recognise me? l’m Deepu, she’s Karuna. l’ve written twice about you
in my diary. ln our childhood days
and last night in train. Both are same! How did you get the address
after so many years? l saw in the diary.
– Diary? l mean l saw in the daily newspaper. Read about Karuna getting
first rank in Civil exams, her compete details were
given including her surname. l found the way to your
home in Errada. Hasn’t Brahmam become normal yet? He was given shock treatment
for 6 years to get normal. Where is he now?
– He’s coming! You’ve a long life, dear! Why are you staring at him?
Didn’t you recognise him? Our daughter’s class mate Bobby. Show the room to him,
he’ll freshen up. l’ll get him a coffee. Even in these tense moments,
a doubt is bothering you, right? How do you know it? We’re 3000 crore years ahead
of you humans. We aliens know what’s in your mind! Tell me what’s my doubt? How could a Marsian like me
befriend your daughter on earth? lsn’t that your doubt? Ours is middle class family in Mars. Do you also have middle class families? There’s no planet without them. Can’t buy a tea there even if Ambanis
sell their entire property! lf they want to?
– Have to beg at signals! Since they take less donation,
my father sent me to St.Marys school here. Like that Karuna became my friend. Do they also know you’re an alien? l didn’t tell them fearing
friendship may get snapped. You too don’t tell them. Were you staying in St.Marys hostel? No, l used to come from
Mars every day. ls it shuttle service between
Vijayawada-Guntur via Mangalagiri? You saw how l landed just now! l used to come every day like that. Won’t books get wet
if you land in water?- No. But you got wet, right?
– Battery got discharged. l’ve to change, please go out. You’re a machine, right?
Change, l’ll stay here. l’ve lot of spare parts in body like
aerials, receivers and antennas! lf l undress before you,
ultraviolet rays will make you blind. ls your doubt cleared? That doubt is cleared but the doubt
of what would happen to me remains! What would happen to me? What? Taps are jammed here and gone dry. Use the other bathroom. Where?
– There! l’m tensed.
– Why? We’re going to see only the mark, right? Vigor of youth is splendid…
Crossed the limits a little… Suddenly hit by an unknown desire… Magical intoxicating swan…
fixed auspicious time for kiss… Vanished the distance between us… Come like parrot to taste this fruit… l’m inviting to celebrate love… Give me something…
take something from me… ln this chill weather…
have fun with me… A mound of desires…
a rush to have it all… Do you want to enjoy
the fun of love? Hit by passions…l’m melting… Why don’t you come to quench
my thirst of love? You came and started the
festival of love… An unquenched desire
brought me to you… l found the man in you,
l want you to leave your mark on me… Open the door. Why are you in this condition?
Did you see the mark? No. What did you do without
seeing the mark? Generally people take bath
facing shower, but Bobby took bath facing the door! Don’t know where’s the water bottle? Daddy is coming here for water,
let’s go. He’s listening to news
in Mars to sleep. This evidence is enough for
my wife to believe he’s an alien. Where are you taking at this hour? You didn’t believe me, right? Look at that wire,
he’s sleeping listening to news. He’s an alien. lf you’ve doubt,
you too listen to it. You can listen news.
Come on ! Mother…mother… l’ll not leave you alone!
You’ve gone mad again. shock? Stay here till we go to
hospital tomorrow. l think you’d kill me
with your madness. Please don’t feel for him,
go to bed. Come, let him rot there.
My fate! When l held the wire
l didn’t get the shock, but how come wife got
the shock of her life? Power cut in Mars then ! Power cut in Mars? How could he survive such a great fall? l’m also confused. Why are you shocked on seeing him? Do you know him?
Who is he? Alien? You can get surprised later,
first tell who you all are! Terminators! Where is he? What are you breaking there?
l’m fed up with your madness! You’ve latched the door, open it!
Calling you ! Come get going quickly…go…go… Go… What? ls your job done? Hang on the line,
l’ll finish it in a moment! What was that noise? Lord of Death’s noise! Who are you? lf you think
you’ll shudder to death ! lf you see me,
you’ll shiver to death ! Send anyone or you come personally! The vehicle is on high octane,
it’ll run over you ! Did they kidnap the girl?
– No. Other we three, a fourth person
knows about this plan. l know who that fourth man is! He could save the girl but
can’t tell this plan to anyone. Arrange to get me out of jail. Death anniversary of
Ramakrishna Prasad’s father! lf we attend it,
we’ll be positive among the masses. Even if he dies,
people won’t suspect us. Please open the door!
What’s that noise? Open the door! Can’t you hear me?
What are you doing? l’m calling you, hubby! Open the door! Thanks. Hold this!
– Why? To save yourself from fits and
paralysis in the next scene. l think you won’t get better
unless l take you to shock room! No need to put him through
shocks at this age. He must get shock treatment
at any age! There’s a nature cure centre here,
he’ll get better there. Get better? lt’s my damn fate! No need! Alien? Studying with humans, coming to Vizag from Mars
for a friend, l feel like laughing at you,
its unbelievable, son ! People can’t go from one world
to another world with this body! You made a mistake there, Swami! They’ve latest vehicles
that can go to any place! No vehicle can travel
like mind, right Swami? You’re right! lf mind is in control,
he can win over it. What do you mean by it? The way you behave is known
as madness. You got that opportunity! Can you cure him, Swami? Meditation therapy can bring
him back to this world. Meditation therapy? l thought
you’d give me shock therapy. Do whatever you may, truth can’t
become false or vice versa! Where’s meditation therapy?
Come, let’s go. Stop, not that side,
you’ve to enter this! Enter this?
How can l enter this? lt’ll be difficult for him.
Please help him! ls it bank loan with
low interest to help? You’re asking them to help me. How can l sit in it? l would die without air!
Why don’t you tell him?- Go! Every patient says the same
thing before entering it. Put that mad man into it. l’m unable to breath, open it! He’ll raise hell and then cool off
to become a normal man again. Nothing to worry. Thanks dear! lf you cheat a handicapped man,
you won’t get even a banana! lf so l’ll manage with hand. Are you physically challenged man? Your limbs are normal! l’ve seen your talent. lf l tell people here, you’d
spend rest of your life here. Please don’t tell anyone,
let’s share it 50-50! l don’t want partnership in this. But you must cut the back
of a man and show me!- Back? l’ll return the purse then. Where exactly the location is! Keep you left on your back! Whose has such a great background? How do you feel now? lt was different earlier
but now l’m peaceful. ls he completely cured? He may be better now, if there’s
any change in his behaviour, he may need meditation therapy again. For safer side, l’ll observe
him for 2 days.- Okay. You’re right, Swami. l’ll have a coffee.
– Go. My body is aching!
– Come. That man ! Cut would be great! Your taste is too bad! l didn’t tell about that man,
the man next to him! Your taste is rocking! Why are you so tensed? Aunty, there… What? Save me, Bobby! What’s that? Can’t you see? Blade! What do you do with it? Can tonsure heads, shave
and commit suicide too! That’s all? lf you trouble more than that
blade will break! l put so much pressure
but it didn’t break! lt’s your hand power not the blade! Use to shave or cut,
if you use it like me, next time you’d be dead
instead of tattered! You said you’d rip him! Thank God, my blade didn’t
touch his clothes! l would’ve been shred to
pieces by the entire state! l don’t know if l’ve all
my body parts intact! lf you give the purse l’ll
have it scanned in hospital. l didn’t want lndian tourism to
get affected by people like you, l’ve returned the purse
to the foreigner. Bye! Why are you so dull? Can’t get an idea
to see that mark? Try this herbal mixture.
– What’s this? A man was shouting unable to
bear the pain of the treatment. He fell unconscious on smelling
this herbal mixture. Come here my hero, my man… l’m burning with desires… Hey you sweety,
you waist is rocking… Your beauty is devastating… This is a cesspool of trouble,
l’ll not get into it… lf you give me little space,
l’ll occupy and never leave it… You’re alluring and
l’m itching to have you… l’m inviting like standing crop,
harvest me… l can’t hold anymore,
l can’t stop myself anymore… May l hunt you like a tiger… lt has begun,
what are you still waiting for? Burn down the forest
with your fire of passion… Don’t make me go mad with
your sensational waist… Don’t put me on tenterhooks
with your manliness… Don’t challenge me
with your youth… Don’t smoke my heart
with your incense… Your youth is rushing and gushing
like river Godavari in spate… lt wishes you to embrace me
like a windstorm… You’re a bag of beauty
and trouble… May l take to task your
youthful bounties… lt’s green signal,
let the fun rock… Take on and devastate me… lf you invite with your beauty,
its trouble… Your manliness has got
the right partner… The fun began in the hut…
in chilly twilight… On wet sand…
with you… Will you accept now that
he’s my uncle’s son? Are you both here? We don’t get signals here, your uncle
has been trying to reach you. Today is your grandpa’s
death anniversary, right? l forgot it. Where can l get a signal?
– That side. Mad girl! lt’s anniversary of a great man,
people like you’re not allowed here. Go away! They won’t listen to words! Show it to people and
immerse in river. l can’t, you tell him
why we are here! He won’t believe me, you tell him. l’m here to tell personally news
that may cheer up you and your people. Your father Harishchandra Prasad
brought an end to factionism, made people to take up jobs, and became a great man who lives
in the hearts of the people here! 15 years have passed since he died. With an intention to make him for
live in the hearts of people forever, in the heart of Kurnool city,
on a 10 acre plot, my government has decided
to install a 72 feet statue! Sir, l think you didn’t get me. 72 feet tall statue on a 10 acre plot! One of it’s kind in lndia! lt’s not 10 acres but 32 acres! 8000 families are living
there putting up huts! To usurp their land if you lure
with parks or statues, and dare to remove even one hut, l’ll see that your body won’t get
even an inch of land to get buried! People themselves have installed
statues of my father, we don’t need your Govt. to
install any new statues. Good leader must live in the hearts
not on roads as statues! Will you tell why you’re playing
this statue politics, or shall l tell that myself! Matter is that, it wasn’t his plan ! Party high command planned
to impress you with this, and invite you to join the party, your candidates are winning here
for the past 25 years, if you support their party this time, party high command is ready
to offer you any powerful position ! Position to me? lt is not an award! To accept when someone offers it! lt’s a responsibility given
by people to the leader! Man who stands by people and
stands by them through thick and thin, he’s the real leader! When position comes seeking him, even if he says no,
it’ll chase him! He’s not a leader who falls
for the bait of position ! There are many out there,
find one yourself! You and your party high command! Do you know the power of my high command? Taking sides of these
brainless people… lf you raise your voice when l’m
talking or use filthy language… Sir, phone for you ! Who is it? You’ve forgotten your enemy,
it means you’re living happily! Your bad time starts now! l’ll not spare anyone in your family! Your niece is in my custody! l’ll ruin her honour in hours! At least try to save her life! Come alone to Vizag!
l’ll wait for you ! l think you know who l’m now! l would’ve killed before you woke up. lt seems you ask the details
before killing anyone. lt’s my style to tell details
of me before killing anyone. You saved her life twice!
Save her now! You’re son of Rayalaseema tiger! Why don’t you take a step? Your father raised her fondly! l’ll rape her as you watch ! You’d die in anger
unable to do anything! Stop! Stop! Gun him down boys! lt’s empty! You’d die with one swipe! You must live and see the hell! Then you’ll beg for death ! You asked me to come alone! Just one hit and you’re gone! To call yourself as my enemy,
you need status! Where is Deepthi? She’s unconscious getting hurt, father! l’ll rip your tongue!
Who is your father? l know the truth ! Then you should’ve known the wrong also! l know, that’s why l’m here. l know you’re here for my legacy! Even if you become Valmiki,
you’ll not get it. l’m that ambitious! l’m here to protect my family. That’s what l’ve been doing
before you were born. Go anywhere in this world,
have relationship with anyone, if you try to join my family,
l’ll kill you ! What are you saying, Swami? Was there a battle here
2 hours earlier? ls this Pakistan or Kirghizstan? lf anyone hears this, you’d enter
this box and l’d be sitting there. Did you see how he’s talking? Says he’ll put you into the box. Swami, keep him in box for
at least 10 days till he’s normal. 10 days in this box? Come with me, let’s be here
for next 10 generations. What nonsense are you saying, father? Do you know who Bobby is? He’s Deepu’s uncle’s son
who went missing as a kid. Deepu’s uncle’s son? Where is he now? Missing since that fight.
– Are you mad or me? ls this cosmopolitan city
to go missing? lt’s hardly the size of a loin ! My legs are paining after
continuous meditation, l’ll go a little stroll. lf there’s any problem,
l’ll come back. Like God took 10 incarnations
to save this world, don’t know how incarnations
this alien would take? l’m sure to go mad! Even in this tension,
you’ve a doubt, right? You doubt how could l become
Rayalaseema leader’s son, right? l’m not an alien, l’m a human ! Why did you come down from up? Few people kidnapped me
from a temple festival, and sold me off to American scientists, to test if humans can live
on Mars or not, they sent me to Mars in a rocket, l was found by few aliens,
they raised me! My bad fate, you came here! Yesterday l came to know l’m Ramakrishna
Prasad’s son and not an alien. l went to Mars to know the truth. lt took little time to reach earth. Tell me my parents’ address
in Rayalaseema, l’ll give whatever you ask! Will you give whatever l ask? l lost my balance getting beaten
by you and my job too! Give me Rs.1 crore!
My wife would respect me! She’ll revere me with flowers! Shall l give the cheque here
or cash there? Give the cash there! They’re children of Ministers
of the ruling party! You all are software engineers!
lsn’t it? One of you four would die surely
if you go to the court, other three would accept
to register meekly, why? You all are paid high by
the software companies, keep your money in fixed deposits
in banks on your children ! How could you people without
any background invest in land, would they keep quiet
without occupying your lands? We know you’re supporting
corruption and threatening us! But our leader sent us to face you
bravely without fear with our education ! What education? Can you use knives, daggers or gun? They’re well trained in this!
Tell them! Please go away from here, sir! lf a leader like you creates
trouble before DGP’s office, people wouldn’t trust police anymore. Please go away! Would people trust you more if you
run kangaroo courts inside DGP’s office? You’re holding a responsible position ! Never do anything again to
hang your head in shame! Tell them to say sorry and
leave the occupied land! Should we say sorry to these
salaried class people? Government is in our hands,
law and order is in your hands, why are you afraid of
this powerless man? Why did you come in between?
l’m talking to him, right? Sir, please leave him. lf anything happens to him,
l may be forced to take action ! What are you waiting for?
Take action ! You can’t get a better
chance to kill me! For you and the politicians
behind you ! l’m telling you to leave him. lf not l’ll fire at you ! You’ve the power and
you’ve a gun too! A crime is happening right
before your eyes! Fire! Sir, Shankar Rao is on line! Tell me! Down your gun and send him and
those software guys respectfully. Entire state is watching the
scene live using spy camera! You said govt. is yours and
can do anything! You’re struggling to breathe! Power is not in position
its in your self confidence! Shouldn’t software engineers buy lands? lnfact they’re responsible
for the land boom! Are you attacking them who used their
intelligence to earn billions for the state? lf they leave their jobs and
think about you for 5 minutes, did you see how would it be? How dare you come from Rayalaseema
and beat a Minister’s son? lf a Telugu man cries about
injustice meted to him, not just Hyderabad, l’ll come to
any place on earth to beat the unjust! Don’t plan to kill me by letting
out an old jail bird! Plan must be like this! l know he’s alive! Try again ! Shift him to hospital immediately,
his pulse rate is going down. lf it still goes down,
he may go into coma. Are you here for 2 minute silence? Did you watch TV? We’re getting bombarded! You said about a plan to win
in 11 constituencies, we lost hope in all
the constituencies. l thought you were a
powerful police man ! Didn’t expect you were so meek? Why are you staring at me?
Please listen to me. We’ll be in trouble if he’s here.
Kill him! Tell Cl of that area to issue a statement, that he was killed in an encounter
while trying to kill Ramakrishna Prasad. l’ll tell you later the plan
to kill Ramakrishna. lt’s impossible for you
to kill Ramakrishna! Only l can kill him! Will you on stretcher to kill him? Not me, l’ll use Ramakrishna’s
son to kill him! His son? Narrating a new tale? Call the Cl whom you wanted to
issue a statement and find out, to check if there’s any complaint
lodged for his missing son. Son would reach Rayalaseema
in search of his family, this is enough,
the people who revere him as God, l’ll make the same people to hate them
and get lynched by them! Are you sleeping? lnstead of 50’s and 100’s, if you
give 1000 notes in a suitcase, it’ll be comfortable
to travel back! l too want to tell you
an important thing. You won’t cheat me because l had
accepted without an agreement, right? Generally people give reward
if you take home missing children. l went missing as kid and
if you take me home now, what would they give you? People who promised a crore
would just offer a coffee. So, tell them l refused to come, and when l fell unconscious,
you brought me here! l’ll give you a crore! lf you claim to have lost your
Rolex watch in the fight, they’d pay you extra! Won’t l get massaged in Mars
if you’re with me? You sleep well with a band aid,
l’ll run the show from here! What happened to him? You’re asking about him,
do you know him? l know. lf you knew about him,
why didn’t you tell us? Uncle told me not to tell you. Though uncle pleaded, he left saying that his foster
parents were his real parents. lf you know that son whom
we lost forever has returned, he told me not to tell fearing
you’d be very sad. Why did you stop there?
Come in son ! l’ve only two wishes in my life. When l lost hope of getting
those wishes fulfilled, long lost son has returned, come in and fulfill
my second wish too, son ! Why are you angry and obstinate? l begged him more than you
and convinced him. Still he didn’t listen to me. l hit him on head and
he fell unconscious, l brought him here. l lost my Rolex watch in that melee. Rs.20 lakhs! Did l care about it? l brought him here! You brought him our family’s diamond! Forget about that lost Rolex watch ! l’ll buy a diamond watch. Not only that l lost
my gold chain too. l couldn’t find it. Bobby, you’re genius! Our Rolex watch plan
has worked out well. Why did you bring me here? What can l do if you change
plan suddenly? l’m asking you,
why did you bring me here? Our plan… Please stop! You’re my uncle’s son, l can prove it. What’s there to prove? l came here as a friend and
leave as a friend. Don’t force relationship on me, don’t get hurt for it later
and hurt me too! Son, you may be affectionate
on your foster parents, please show empathy towards me too! l can understand your pain. l’m not your long lost son. Hubby, please tell him. What he said is also right, we gave him birth but
did we raise him fondly? lt is his duty to go to
the people who raised him. Let him go. Please don’t tie me with
bonds and relationships. Uncle… Please ask him to stay
at least few days with me. Stop! Though not as our son, let him stay
here for 10 days as her friend. Okay, since you asked me, l’ll stay! As a friend only! A man whom people revere as God… Don’t know why he has
stayed out of temple? When would he enter the threshold? Lord Rama who returned after
14 years of exile… When would he be crowned
as the prince? When would he walk tall
among his people? Why close relations are so obstinate? Why there are entwined knots
in the garland of flowers? Though everyone have love,
it’s hidden deep inside the hearts… Though all are from one family,
everyone is going in a different way… Though hills are full of rocks,
there’s wetness inside it too… Though eyes turn red on seeing,
there’s a trace of affection when closed… The more you share love
the more it grows… Let the anger subside,
father and son come closer… Why wrong notes in such
a perfect family? Why God is so merciless on them? Why is the innocent man in jail? Why love is sentencing
such harsh punishments? Won’t the heart come back
as ball hit on wall? Won’t it remember the love
of parents and hometown? Won’t a mother be happy and
jump in joy like a calf? Though the shore stops it,
would the waves stop coming again? Though there’s distance between hearts,
can honey ever turn bitter? Why this fire in the fort of love?
Who would douse it? Why there are so many
questions without answers? Though it’s bright,
they’re still sitting in darkness… Stop! You made a mistake by
breaking the family photo. l can bear if you disown this family, but can’t bear if you hurt the man who
is living like a servant in outhouse. Why is he living in outhouse? He’s not my son, he’s your
grandpa’s first wife’s son. When she died, he married me
after elders forced him. Do you know how great
man he was! A man who never forgives
even small mistakes. When you visited here every week,
l thought it’s your affection for me, you’ve an affair with the
maid servant! You dirty rogue! lf my husband comes to know this,
he would bury you alive. lf you pay Rs.1 lakh, she would
abort the child secretly. l don’t have the right to
spend money as l wish ! Though l’m the mistress of the house,
elder son’s writ runs large in the home! People respect this family and
l’m the chief maid here! Where can l get so much money? Where did you get so much money? Did you steal? No sir! Who gave you so much money? l’m asking you ! l gave her, father! Why?
– To abort a pregnancy! Why are you still here?
Take money and leave the place. l made a mistake by pampering
you as a motherless child. l gave the responsibility of running
home to make you understand it. But not to make mistakes
beyond your age. From today, you take care of this house! For the sin of fathering him,
l’ll feed him! But he must live like a servant
in the back yard. The right to call me as father
and entering my home, tell him he has lost it forever! Sister, my nephew is the
lone heir to this family. Put him down !
– Sister! Put him down. lf you ever enter this home or
show your face to me again, l’ll kill you !
Get out! Because of my brother’s mistake, fearing his wife and children
would end up on streets, he took the blame on himself. Though my husband died years ago, he’s still serving the
punishment given to him. Don’t raise hell unnecessarily! l need money urgently,
will you give or not? Why? For bringing me here,
l’ve promised a crore as reward. l’m talking to my parents
for your money only. Parents? Which parents? My foster parents. You mean with aliens?
– Yes. We both are humans,
why don’t l see what you can see? ls that your doubt? l got my eye operated in L V Prasad
eye hospital before Mad Max, so l can see and you can’t! There’s a hospital by the
same name in Hyderabad too! Where?
– Opposite to Cinemax! You don’t believe me, right? l don’t need to beg you. No need to give me a crore, you go. l saw you landing on earth from Mars,
how can l not believe you? They may leave without giving
money, please stop them. How can they leave?
They’re on a hunger strike. How did they know this address? l told them.
– Why? l told them to bring your money. Our Rolex plan was working out
and they entered then ! lf l accept them as my parents, they have threatened me
with fast unto death ! l had to beat you in that
complicated situation. l got you clearly. You do one thing,
draw a circle around them. l’ll take care of them. Bobby, you inside and be happy. What about your money?
– l’ll collect it. How?
– How? l’ll end their fast
by offering lemon juice. As days pass,
l feel like losing my life. l know you too are sad like me. l’ve never asked you anything till now. But today l’m asking you. Do something and ensure
my son stays with me. How dare you kiss me before marriage! lf you’re feeling shy to talk
to your parents, l’ll talk to them. But it’s wrong to cross limits. l didn’t do anything wrong. Arrange a marriage feast and
correct your mistake. What did you do just now?
– What did l do? You did the wrong thing
and blamed me for it. Then, let’s do the
wrong thing together! Won’t you? Just because l said it’s wrong
to kiss before marriage, will you refuse to marry me? Why are you fighting for
a small issue, sir? Who so ever may do the wrong,
they have to undergo punishment. Sir, you must arrange marriage feast. Madam, go ahead,
don’t get scared. Did you see? How you’re
getting trapped in my plan? You’ve to be in my arms all the life. Beauty is sensational,
latch the door… l’m here with love… Youth is open school,
l’ve opened it for you… Come with me… Your cheeks are shy with dimples… Your swinging waist is alluring… Rock me… lt’s a type of selecting
the groom openly… Somewhere l’m feeling the itch…
– The cot is squeaking… l felt the shock with your touch… The cot squeaked with
our love wrestle… My heart yearns for
your pending kisses.. Don’t lose heart,
l’ll settle with interest… You’ve come in hot sun…
quench your hunger with a quick bite… You’re hot and spicy…
– You’ve left bite marks… You’re hot like chilly… You left marks of love bites… You’re a great arena,
let me play the game of love in it… Let’s till the land all the night… Let’s rock the night,
it’s a different type of bliss… You’re not allowing anyone
to come here. Tractors are coming for
loading the bags. Leave alone tractors,
not even cycle tyres must come here. What would happen if it comes? lf you run over without them,
two lives would get snuffed out. Sir…sir… Why are you shouting loudly? He’s talking like a mad man. That’s not madness but pranic healing. What’s that, sir? lf we talk with wind, bad ideas
would go out from our system, and good thoughts would come to us. Do your work.
– Okay sir. Why are you so sad? What am l to say if you ask like that? My hands are tired making lemon juice
but your parents are not budging. They left with a note and money
after breaking their fast. Slip? Where is it? Did they leave behind money? Hold your hands together. Sorry, they kept 10 wads of
Rs.500 notes, it’s a bit of extra luggage,
please don’t get angry. But l can’t see anything. When you can’t see the people
who gave it, how can you see their money? What should l do to see the money? Get your eyes operated in L V Prasad
Hospital opposite to Mad Max. So, l must get everyone’s eyes
operated to see this money, right? That’s it. How much would it cost me? You can’t see that money unless you
sell Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. l don’t want the money l can’t see. l beg you ! Give me money l can see
to go home, l beg you. So much money? Don’t waste your time for
easy money and unseen money. Go! You were going back,
family is getting attached to you. lt’s dangerous to the family
as well as this region. Leave as you came here. Do at least this one good thing
in your life! You asked me to come alone, you vanished without a trace
for one shot! To call yourself as my enemy,
you need status! Why did you come with
a battalion of police? We’re here to investigate a murder. Do you know where you’ve
come to investigate? A temple!
Please go away. We’ve evidence. Court has ordered to take him
into remand if proven guilty. They don’t listen to words,
can hear only action. Kill them! Stop! Allow them to do their duty
by honouring the law! We’ve to check your finger prints,
can you please come here? Both finger prints are
matching perfectly, he’s the killer! Harishchandra Prasad was killed
here 20 years ago. This country made pistol
was used to kill him. Everyone in family got their finger
prints checked with ones on the gun. But the finger prints on it
tallies with his finger prints. A kid killed him then, how can his
finger prints match with junior boss? Finger prints remain same in life. They never change. He killed him and he ordered it,
so we’re arresting them both. How can my son kill my husband? Can you dare to arrest and take him? lf you’ve guts, take a step! You love your son very much. But your son doesn’t love you. Refusing father’s property and
political legacy, staying in your own backyard, he made you believe his son went missing, he sent him away to raise secretly, and made him a cold blooded
killer since his childhood, for the sake of power, he’s great political leader who
killed father of this Rayalaseema! Your step son ! He’s accusing you of killing
your father by your son, why are you silent, son? Just say no, people would
take care of them. Why are you silent? Answer me! He killed! Mother!
– Don’t touch me. With the same hand that killed him
you offered obsequies too! That would’ve hurt his soul too! l’ve heard about fathers raising
their sons to become great men. You’d be the first father
to make your son a killer! You could do anything for power, you made us believe you lived
for our sake, uncle. Till you made us revere you
and made us lose trust on God too. You’d have a dog’s death ! Who said that?
– You committed mistake and then… Stop! Take them away before people
kill them in rage, DGP! Don’t touch me! l wish to die for
what you did just now. Go! Have you lost trust on God? You’ve made this a God less region ! Why are you backing your father’s killer? Not just back him but pray him like God! Will you say my brother
would meet a dog’s death? When Govts. too didn’t bother
about you, my father started the good work
of rehabilitating your lives, my brother stayed behind
and lead him forward! Do you know that? l don’t have a laptop. How great your country is, why should we come there to invest? You must also in visual
as other countries did, if you don’t how can we decide
to start projects there or not? ls it? There’s no mathematics without zero, without mathematics, there would be no computers or
laptops that you depend on. lt’s our Aryabhatta who gave
zero to the world. Should l tell the greatness
of my country, or say why should you invest
in my country? Tell project details. Give these reports to all delegates. lndia is world number 3
in exporting iron ore. We’re exporting 100 million
tons every year. We’ll divert the material
to this project. Not only that, we’ll give skilled
work force at one fourth cost. We’ll allot 5000 acres of land
for this project in Rayalaseema. There’s a mistake in your report. What’s the mistake? The iron ore in your country
isn’t of primary grade. Second grade iron ore, to clean it
and make it into iron, it would cost more than
other countries. Don’t know if you think
we don’t know geology, or cheat us to take this
project to your country, l don’t understand! Even after decades of independence,
they didn’t achieve anything. Except corruption, rowdyism,
politics and naxalism! This project is in the
faction ridden Rayalaseema. We’ll lose money with so many
problems there, can’t make money. Think over it gentlemen ! Which country do you belong to? Which is cricket’s birth place? Don’t you know that too?
My country! Did it win world cup at least once? Your country ruled over
my country for 200 years, we’ve put satellites into orbit,
could your country do it? Didn’t we achieve anything? lf l start telling your life
is not enough to hear it. Only few politicians are corrupt
not our people. lf we take loan and
are unable to repay it, we take our lives for honour
but not steal from others! lf there’s one factionist
in each area of Rayalaseema, there’s one in every family
who goes with him. lf you start the project there,
factionism will fade out, l’m here with good intention that
every family would have one employee. Neither l nor my country have
no intention of cheating you. l don’t want these arguments, would we get losses or not
if we use second grade ore? Please answer that. You stopped with the
mistake on page 3, if you go to page 5, you can
find the answer, check it. lts true iron ore in lndia
is of second grade, but the thing that can
clean it cheaply, Dolomite, l mean in your geological language
calcium, magnesium, carbonate, Rayalaseema is abundant with it. Life is in wishing good for everyone. There’s nothing in wanting
everything for yourself. Except death ! You’ve opened my eyes,
l’ll also invest in this project. Social worker Harishchandra Prasad is
pawning his wealth to start steel factory, he got the seed capital
with great difficulty, worked hard to get investors
from London, when he made a plea for land, fearing the govt. land you’ve been
enjoying for years would be taken back, you stopped me from signing the G.O. With hurt pride,
he’s entering politics, if he wins, you’ll lose lands
and l’ll lose my ministry. He doesn’t know about faction politics.
– He can’t win. He will win ! People love him,
nobody can defeat him. Then, l’ll kill him. Social workers and film stars
must shudder to enter politics. His death must be so gruesome! Hail Harishchandra Prasad! l’m grateful to you for showing love
and affection on me and my family. l’m not entering politics
to get hailed by you. To make your lives better. You needn’t have to come here
leaving your work. l’ll come to you. Sir, l’m Penugonda Cl, l’m unable
to give you security officially. But as your fan,
l’m here to save you. There’s confirmed news about attacking
you on the way to file nomination. Aim is greater than life. lf that aim is good to people, it’ll
turn the heat against my attackers. Start the vehicles! Driver and one who signs as witness
must come with me in car. People want to accompany you
but you’re saying no. You’re going against the factionism,
at least elder son with you. lt’s been years since
l’ve forgotten he’s my son. Don’t make me remember it again. Some before me as good sign
with my grandson. Hail Nagulappa!… How come the old man is still alive? Till now we never failed in
any plan to kill opponents. Did you see my capacity? That’s not real! l think old age got you eye problem
as well as hearing problem. By donating your ancestral
property to people’s cause, you may think you’ve become a leader, tell him the qualities of
a leader in this region ! lf hungry, throw food grains, if happy, get them drunk
and make them merry! must have guts to sleep in anyone’s
house if one gets the mood, wet this land with the blood of
anyone who dares to stop you ! That’s a leader! That is also not real! To abide the guidelines of EC, you brought me here without
any weapons, if not l would’ve beheaded this old man, and shown his the truth. Leave me, sir. My family prospered because of you. lf you win, entire region would prosper. l’ll not get a better opportunity,
l’ll kill him, sir. Am l having eye problem? lf l had eye problem,
you’d be dead by now. lf he lives,
he’ll not let you win. l’ll kill him and
make you unopposed leader. l’m entering politics to show
how good can win over bad! To see that happen,
my opponent must live. When he tried to kill you, people who came here hailing you
didn’t move an inch to save you, but look what he was about
to do for helping his family! That affection is for doing good. lt won’t diminish even
after generations. lf you provoke that affection,
you can’t bear it’s consequences. Will you throw food grains? You’ve been enjoying govt. lands
freely for many generations, l’ll take back those lands,
l’ll start a steel factory there, l’ll give job for one
in every family here, l’ll see that there’s no one to
take the food grains you throw. l’ll reform them and see that
no one prepares illicit liquor. lf you get mood and enter any home, your heads would hang on
thresholds instead of pumpkins. People here with love and affection, breaking the barriers of
caste and religion, without any gender differences,
men and women work together, get their children educated
away from factionism, making them good citizens, and bringing great laurels to this
region in lndia and foreign countries, this land must get wet with
their parents’ happy tears, not with blood! Till this happens, l’m with people! He’s Sun who beheaded the darkness… One who inspires people to do
good is a great leader… Crowds have joined the
leader like a deluge.. He has come like Lord Shiva to
vanquish the demon of factionism… Look at the walking thunder! Look at the man who
terrorizes bad… A leader who toiled to turn battlefields
of death into industry of workers… The leader has come to take people
away from the life of violence… The region which was in the
iron fists of poisonous snakes… A man who filled the paths of
blood with flowers of hope… Look at the courage of victory… Look at the victory of people… People’s aspiration is his aim… People’s welfare is his ambition… He’s the sprout of hope
in the barren deserts… When injustice rules the roost… He’s the ray of courage in
the darkness of hopelessness… Bleeding profusely.
– Dress the wound. We don’t have this medicine,
it’s available outside. Bring it. Give the phone to your brother. He’s not here. He’s in the temple tower
guarding your father. Call him! Call him quickly, if you delay,
your nephew would die. Call him! You’ve protected the old man very well, why do you save a man who has
refused to accept you as his son? Think about your son’s future. l have. Then, leave that place. l’ll not. l’ve kidnapped your son. He’s in my custody now. Decide now whether you want 75 year
old man or your 3 year old son? Future of few millions depends
on my father’s ideals. lf my son is sacrificed
for his ideals, l’m really proud as his father. Kill him! Brother! My son is not dead. Tell everyone that he’s missing. lf not he may not bear at this age. My brother is God who sacrificed
his son for your sake. Uncle never cheated anyone. He always lived for us then
and now also! Did you ever realise that you’re
an orphan in his upbringing? What are you saying uncle?
Am l an orphan? Am l not a member of your family? My father after winning the elections, to make his dream of starting
the steel factory, he had invited NRl’s to lndia, he arranged their stay
in government guest house, your parents too were in
that guest house, Stop! Foreign delegates are here. lf you create trouble, not one
of you would go alive from here. Are you raising guns for
beating your SP? He got suspended two days earlier. He’s no more a police officer. Down your guns.
…Down ! Thanks for coming to develop Rayalaseema. l’m happy as well as sad to see you. lf start project here,
people would get jobs, you should be happy,
why are you sad? l’m worried what would he do
with your women ! Baby! Why are you getting angry
if l touch her? She’s my wife.
– Wife? How long you’re married? 7 years. You got angry if l touch
your wife of 7 years, you’re occupying the land we enjoyed for
25 years and starting project there, how angry should l be? We came here trusting the elderly man, if you harm anyone of us,
not one of you would be alive. Do you trust him so much? Leave me…leave me… Leave her… Hey you.. l will kill you… Hey you… Hubby…hubby… This is atrocious…barbaric… Stop it!
She has a little child. This is unjust. Are you surprised how could l kill
foreign delegates without power? Not just our lands, lands of ruling party MLA’s
too are in it, you’ve seen what had
happened here, right? Tell this to that old man ! Get his sign on this paper! They’re not willing to invest here,
these are not Govt. lands, and its private land. lf you delay, one person would die every 30 minutes!
Go! He’s sleeping, don’t disturb him. Brother, 30 minutes over. l can’t hold on anymore. When l see them… You lost only lives for
trusting that old man. Not your honour! Be happy! My father thought he could achieve
anything with intelligence. But understood it’s useless
for beasts like you. You’re right, this land must
get we with blood. Be ready to bleed! lf you escape alive from there,
l’ll sign wherever you ask me! One man has come to kill hundred men ! To count hundred
you’ve to start with one! Come, let’s fight it out! No, l’ll fall at your feet…
l beg you… He’s the one left in my family
for trusting factionism. lf you want l’ll quit factionism. Please tell him to spare him, sir. l’ve been suspended two days ago.
What can l do? l’ll get your suspension cancelled, l’ll take responsibility
to all the murders here, l’ll sign wherever you ask me! l accept my mistake,
please leave him. Don’t leave him, we’ll not invest
here unless you kill him. Shame, shyness, morals,
discipline, mercy, empathy, if you think mother earth mustn’t
carry this dirty rogue, he must die! Come! Trusting our family they came here, this child lost her parents, it’s our family’s responsibility
to raise her! Give her! They abused him without
knowing anything about him. For your sake,
for your brother’s sake, a man who should’ve been the king
lives like a servant in his own house. How could you believe
he would’ve done the crime? Do you know who killed father? l want to study,
please help me to study! Come! Who are you, son? l’m an orphan. l don’t have money to study. Never worry about having nothing. You must get the thought
what should l do to help others! Only then you can reach
great heights in life. lf it has to happen, study well. Father! Stop! Are you sad? lf you had thought before ruining
our political life built over years, you wouldn’t be mourning now, shall l tell the truth that
can break your heart? l didn’t kill your son, l’ve raised him, l’ve turned him into a human weapon,
and had him kill your father! l’ll have him kill each one
of your family members. You’ve thrown out brother
from outhouse too, mother. l’ve made a mistake!
l must see my son. Rayalaseema used to shiver at
the mention of a factionist’s name! You’ve weeded out the factionists. l wanted to see fear in your eyes. Are you thinking
how would l kill you both? Ripping your body with bullets, as each bullet pierces
to cut your body, and as you die shouting in fear, factionism will raise from the ashes, not just Rayalaseema,
it’ll rule all over the state. Stop! l like you ! Though surrounded by death,
you’ve fearlessly attacked me! What makes you so brave? lt’s the courage of my father’s ideals. What are his ideals? Aim is greater than life. lf that aim is good to people,
it’ll turn the heat against attackers. Your father’s ideals couldn’t
save his life How can it save you? Look at that board. Blasting would start in 3 minutes,
run to save your lives. Bombs will go off, let’s go. We’re lucky to get saved! Father and son would’ve got killed! The fear you wanted to see in my eyes,
l can see it in your eyes. lt means your time is over. All police personnel
can leave the place. l don’t have any enmity with you. l don’t want your children
to become orphans. No need to fear them. Go away! Will you aim guns at him
or get suspended? You can suspend only if you return
alive from here, come one guys! Why are you leaving? That’s why we politicians trust
goons more than police. Kill him boys! Will you make Andhra Pradesh to shiver? You wanted to see fear in my eyes
shredding me to pieces. God gave everything to my family
but forgot to give one thing. That’s fear! Though he did it wittingly
or unwittingly, it’s a crime, l’ll accept any punishment from you. Age will give you experience
not make you wiser. Will you accept any punishment? l will accept. To make your father’s soul rest
in peace, you must enter the home. as his heir, you must become
their leader and lead them!


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