Adopted | Hindi Short Film | Real Caliber Production

Adopted | Hindi Short Film | Real Caliber Production

Dear, did you call up your mother? Umm… I’ll call up right now, papa Hello, mummy Hello You will live a long life mom! I was just about to call you. Where have you all reached? Your dad is worried since morning… talk to him, please Hello… Hello, dad. Yes Vidhushi dear Where have you all reached? Umm… papa… Listen, you won’t be able to tell… just hand over the phone to your father-in-law Yeah, okay dad. Papa… – Yes, dear. – Dad wants to speak to you. How are you doing, sir? Very well? That’s great. …reaching in just about one and half hour. Well, please keep the food ready, sir. We’ll enjoy the hot meal together. Don’t worry, sir. You just reach here. Vidhushi’s mom is already
into cooking since morning. – Sure, we will. Wait, wait… I want to have a word with my son-in-law. Hello listen… …please give the phone to our son-in-law. Vidhushi’s mom is dying
to talk to her son-in-law. Oh, sure. Here, son… Yes, papa. Welcome, sir. Hello. Welcome ma’am. Satish! My son… Coming mom. Vidhushi dear… …Come fast. Just five minutes, mom Vidhushi and Satish… Hurry up… Hello. Yes, sister. Please reach Rajpur Road Max Hospital is right there How’s Vidhushi? Is she conscious now? My son-in-law and his father is no more Let’s pray for Vidhushi How come you are here? Yes… …I’m here. and what about you? I’m Vidhushi’s mother-in-law. Your Vidhushi is our Jiya… …who was adopted from the orphanage. – What is your name, sweetheart? Jiya. Jiya!!! Are you my mother? Mansi… Hello, Jiya… Hello. How are you? I’m fine. Oh,wow! Such lovely paintings! You made them for your mother? Yes. Okay. Now tell me one thing. Tell me, why didn’t you come for lunch today? There was no seat for me. Ohh..there was no seat? Of course, there was a seat. Tell me one thing,you made these for your mother? Yeah. You want to meet her? Yeah. Come on, let’s go These are some paintings… …which Vidhushi had made for her mother. Mansi… Listen… over there… Just leave all that. Focus here. Where are you looking? Look here… You’re just wasting time.


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