Am I Judged for My Productivity in Sharing the Gospel?

We need to be careful that we don’t turn productivity
into just a list of things we need to accomplish. When we think about productivity we usually think of a list of tasks. But people are not tasks to accomplish. They are people who are created in the image
of God. And so our job is not to accomplish salvation
in someone. And not to say I shared the Gospel so I can
put a check mark there. But to live in this world in the way God calls
me to. And that means deliberately building relationships
with people. And then using that relationship as a bridge
to share the Gospel with them. And as we do that we trust that God begins
to work in them. But we believe in a sovereign God who often uses many different means to bring people to salvation. There’s very few people who come to faith on the basis of one conversation or one person. Usually when we look back on our lives we can see all these different things God
used to bring us to faith. And most of what we get to do is just be one
little piece in that. And so I like to say instead of sharing the
Gospel to talk about having a spiritual conversation. Which means when I get to interact with someone whether that’s a stranger or a friend I just want to raise something that will get them thinking about spiritual things. It may mean I can share the whole Gospel with them or it may just mean I get to talk about grace instead of works. But we just know that in the way God works few of us have the privilege of taking someone
from the beginning to the end. So faithfulness then is creating opportunities
and taking opportunities to speak just bits of truth to people and
trust that God works in that way. For illustration Greg Koukl talks about putting a pebble in
the shoe. And you know what it’s like when you’re walking
with a pebble in your shoe, every step you feel it. And he says your goal for any conversation with an unbeliever is just to put a little
pebble in their shoe. Just something they’ll think about, something
that may nag at their conscience. And we just trust that God works and that
maybe someday God will show us how He used all those things.


7 thoughts on “Am I Judged for My Productivity in Sharing the Gospel?”

  • Elisabeth Thunderberry says:

    Was he really translating the same words..or rephrasing…hmm..translaters as false witness…?..misrepresented the speaker…? yes…

  • Sharing the Gospel is good for we acknowledge Our God and our faith in him by sharing the Gospel but at the same time living the gospel is more important .Because it is not in our hands to judge the productivity but our Master's .For he is the one who has to say Well done ! Good and faithful servant ,when we meet him face to face at the Judgement seat.

  • Thank you thank you thank you, Tim! This is something I have berated myself over. And I am even familiar with Greg Koukl's Ambassador Training! I am currently the only person in my house serving the Lord…and I pray for each one, asking Him to please bring them under His protection. Yet I hold back from activities outside the home (volunteering, for example – although I feel quite a call to it) because I fear I'd be neglecting my duty to my family in terms of preaching and praying. Now I can see how wrong I am about it. How many times must I remind myself that it is God Who does the work — all I have to do is take the opportunity humbly.

  • Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  • Mudpie Conspiracy says:

    I have always enjoyed Tim's teachings. He teaches with clarity. This is related ro one of my current study "theology of work"

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