Next week is Thanksgiving here in the US
and immediately following is Black Friday and what is probably universally
known as the official start of the gift-giving season so today I wanted to
put together a gift guide with some interesting items that you may want to
consider purchasing for your holiday gifts I’m personally someone who when it
comes to gift-giving I take it really seriously I really like to make sure
that I’m finding interesting gifts for people that I think they’d really truly
like so I have put together this gift guide with I believe 13 items and all of
these items come from Amazon so this is going to be an amazon gift guide so if
you’re someone who loves Amazon and is looking for some great inspiration for
gifts for this holiday season then this video is for you below my Charmed Ones
and welcome back to my channel for another video and if this is your first
time with me I would like to say welcome my name is Alexis but I’m also known as
miss trenchcoat all across the internet I’m an online entrepreneur who designs
and sells productivity tools strategies and skills to help you manifest success
with less stress so if that sounds interesting to you I’ll leave some links
down below in the description box where you can check out more of my work online
and feel free to download some of my latest free productivity tools over at
the charm shop calm so I have 13 items on this Amazon gift guide not all of
them are actually sitting in front of me but I do have a bunch of them here to
actually show you everything else I’ll just pop up a picture and I will leave
links down in the description box for everything so you can make sure to check
that out as well and I have broken up these items into three categories
there’s home items personal items and then pet gifts okay because I feel like
pets are very underrepresented in gift guides and I happen to be a fur mommy
and I like to give gifts to other people’s fur baby is so I wanted to
include some great things in that category as well so let’s go ahead and
jump right in to the first category which is going to be home items so the
first item on my list is a mile vadik vacuum cleaner I know I’ve talked
about this time and time again but I’ve actually given at my Robo vacuum as a
gift to others because it is such a time and energy saver now I think this is a
great gift to give because a lot of people think when they think of the Robo
vacuums they think of the Roomba which is a pretty mainstream brand name which
has a very mainstream brand name price but the iLife version that I own is very
affordable and like I said mine’s been lasting mate for two years I think at
this point and you know it really is a great gift to give to someone who may
not think to buy something like this for themselves so that is number one on my
list number two is another vacuum I know I don’t want to overwhelm you with
vacuum cleaners but this is actually a gift that I was recently given and I’m
obsessed it is the Dyson cyclone stick vacuum so
if you’ve ever seen this cordless stick vacuum I actually became aware of it
because of people here on YouTube who are using it in their like a clean with
me videos so thank you to the YouTube community for the inspiration but I
became obsessed with this there are a lot of different versions of this
cyclone that you can get at a bunch of different price points so just to give
you the quick and dirty on it it goes I think from like maybe v5 v6 v 7 8 9 10
10 is the most recent and the most expensive version of the Dyson cyclone
so you know I have the v7 animal okay and I’ll get to what that animal means
in a second so the v7 is an older model but it still works amazingly and I’ll
tell you when I got this as my gift I literally cleaned my entire house with
it no I did have to let it recharge one time in like the interim but it does an
amazing job because it really is like a multi-tool now is it gonna completely
replace my robotic vacuum we will see but I still see that the Robo vacuum has
a really legitimate like place in my home because I can just set that and it
can do big areas and I although the cyclone can do big areas as well I love
it for doing like a lot of detail or quick cleanup right so like if the dog
trails in a of dirt or something I can clean up if
something spills I can clean that up very quickly and I love the detail
things that I can clean like baseboards you know all the corners of my house and
like the ceilings and getting you know dust out of random areas it’s amazing
for that end I love that I clean my car that too because you can detach the long
hose and they come with a lot of different heads based on what your needs
are so let me talk really quickly about the different options with that as well
I will link you guys specifically to the one that I have down below just so you
can get an idea but there are three levels of the Dyson cyclones across all
of the different variations in terms of like how new they are so the basic is
the motor head option which comes with whatever their basic pack of heads is
then is the animal which has some again all you’re adding with these levels is
different heads right so the animal has like a special head that supposed to be
optimized for like picking up pet hair and that’s basically the big vacuum that
I use like all around the house and then the more expensive version is the
absolute which has all of the heads that you could possibly have for the cyclone
so again you could choose you know in terms of price points to get an older
version or a newer version or to choose between the different tiers to kind of
find a price point and a set that works for you or the person that you’re
gifting to now the next items that I want to share with you are all home
automation gadgets the first is the nest which I’ve had a nest in my home for
about the last year I believe and it is one of those automatic smart Wi-Fi
enabled thermostats now this is an amazing gift because again it’s not
always the thing that everyone thinks to buy like I’m a techie and when I bought
you know when we bought our house I knew that I was going to like deck it out
with all of the gadgets but it’s not necessarily something that like my dad
would do you know or like your grandparents would do you know so I
think it’s a really nice gift to give people because it’s very easy to use
it’s actually I think easier than using one of those manual thermostats because
everything can be done on your phone through an app
and it’s very easy and very clear to set schedules to change the temperature and
then on top of that you’ve got the wonderful features of it being able to
like learn your habits and it actually helps to optimize the temperature in
your home by learning more about you and your habits and it actually will you
know help to save you money because you’re not going to be like heating or
cooling a house where you know nobody’s home right so you know that is a really
awesome feature that I definitely think has saved me money with the electric
bill for my home and I just think it’s a really interesting gift that most people
wouldn’t think about getting for themselves but it also you know it
actually falls into a pretty decent price range to give as a gift to someone
who you might have a bigger budget for so definitely recommend the nest second
home automation gadget I have is the August smart lock system now the obvious
Mart lock system actually comes with a lot of different accessories that you
can pair that not only automate your home but also go into the home security
arena so for example the August smart lock I have that installed on my front
door and basically it means that I never have to use a key to enter my house I
have like keyless entry for my home because I have an app on my phone and
when I leave the house the lock automatically locks actually whenever
the door shuts did automatically locks in a certain time frame and then it
senses you know dy5 senses when I’m home and unlocks the door for me so I like
not touched my house key in whatever over a year or whatever you’re a year
and a half that I’ve had that installed which is wonderful
now it also gives you the ability to remote unlock or lock your home so if
you have someone coming to your house and they don’t have a key you know they
can call you as a hey key unlock the door you can unlock the door for them
and you can also give people access to your house by allowing them to download
the app and then giving them like sorts of permissions for you know when they’re
allowed to enter your home etc etc so that’s very helpful for someone if
you’ve got like a pet walker or you know like a friend or family member that you
know does a favor for you or stopping buyers dropping something off it’s
really amazing even for like house cleaners if you’re not home it’s a
really great way to be able to control who enters your house without having to
give everyone a key and of course like I said the system is great because you can
add on a lot of different items like a video doorbell a different code sort of
locked so if you want to give you know have a lock on your door that’s actually
like a code you could give people like a four-digit er I don’t know how many
digits you can maximize on there but like afford maybe ten digit code that
you could give out to people so they can unlock your door and of course also
video surveillance so you know where you’re going to fall in what you’re
going to be gifting to others are purchasing for yourself or for your home
this holiday season it’s up to you but there are a lot of options and I find
that the August system is a really great reliable system that even some very big
companies actually use in their home security bundles as well if you were to
purchase a home security bundle from let’s say your cable service provider I
know the one in our area also offers home security and they use AHS oh yes so
it’s definitely a very reliable system and I definitely recommend mine now the
last item in the home items category is a essential oil diffuser now so many of
you have asked me about where I got my marble diffuser that’s here in my office
now that was a limited edition item that is like no longer available sadly but I
found an amazing version on Amazon that I also purchased for myself for my
bedroom and it is a beautiful marble it comes in white marble or black marble
and it is a wonderful home diffuser option now I love diffusers because I’m
definitely someone who absolutely believes in the you know power of
aromatherapy number one but definitely is something I use but I’m also someone
who you know liked their home and spaces to smell nice so I really do have
diffusers and like every major area of my home and a lot of times I think
they’re safer than using candles right so I do love and use candles but you
know if you have children or pets a diffuser with oil and water is going to
be a lot safer than having candles little over your house so I
we recommend it also it can be a little bit pricey you know to have candles you
know and use them all over your home so that is why I another reason why I love
diffusers so if you have someone in your life that might love candles right you
might love the diffuser too because it’s really easy to use and you know there
are so many different essential oils that can go along with it you can use
like a you know any essential wheel basically in pretty much any diffuser
within reason it works so I definitely would recommend that diffuser it is
really great I personally owned one as well and yeah it’s another great gift to
give at a really reasonable price range ok now we’re moving into the personal
category so the first personal item I actually have most of these items I
think in front of me if not all of them the first item that I would highly
recommend is Apple earpods ok and I’ve got like a little sticker that I’ve put
on mine just so I can differentiate my air pod case from other air pack cases
but I really highly recommend the Apple earpods I’m someone who usually has
headphones or earbuds in and it took me forever to get into this I think it
purchased these earlier this year like maybe at the beginning of the year I
think I can’t even remember I’ve had them for a while now but they’re
definitely that item that you might think is superfluous because of the
price but it’s definitely something I get so much use out of and I love that
initially I thought that they would be annoying because you have to like
recharge them but they recharge like back to full in like 15 minutes
so it really is like a great item to have and definitely worth the money so
if you’re someone who uses headphones a lot or someone in your life is always
using headphones especially if they’re just using like the Apple earbuds
upgrade them to this and they will definitely thank you especially if they
are in your price range right so you know they’ll definitely thank you I
think they’re a wonderful gift to give and I have really appreciated mine and
it was something that for a little longest time even though I’m a tech
lover I just didn’t buy for myself so do not regret this the next gift on my gift
guide is an iPhone case and it’s the most recent iPhone case that I have been
using and so many people have given me like asked me about this and
anytime I go out you know people stop me and ask me about my iPhone case this is
a felony iPhone case that is the name of the
brand and I think it’s called the Kaleidoscope I have the iridescent
version but it comes in a lot of different versions you may have seen it
it’s been around Instagram like forever and I’ve been like eyeing these cases
forever they come in like black white you know different colors different sort
of metallic finishes but once I saw this iridescent I had to get it because to me
it looks like honestly it looks like angel aura quartz if you are familiar
here’s an angel Oriol quartz but it looks like that or like a drusy crystal
if you are familiar with that term I love it now it is like definite like a
showstopper case it is you know it is pointy so it’s not something that you
know you’re gonna be able to put in your pocket but for someone in your life
probably like old woman who maybe like always has our phone and ornate end or
just loves a showstopper case I definitely love this I think it’s
beautiful and it is in a price range that’s a little bit more expensive than
your average iphone case but it does have really good protection and is a
really great quality so I think it’s worth it so it’s something that like you
know might not be what someone would buy for themselves necessarily so I think
it’s like a great gift idea okay the next item is a haircare product okay
that I have been singing this items praises forever I just can’t imagine
there ever being anything that’s gonna replace this in my life but it is the
Revlon pro collection salon one-step hair dryer and volumizer
now I don’t have the actual unit with me this is just the box but this will give
you an idea of what it looks like oh my gosh you guys um I’ve been telling
everybody to buy this and spoiler alert if you’re someone that I’m buying for
for Christmas near a woman with a lot of hair you’re probably getting this for
Christmas because I want everyone to own this if your hair calls for it so let me
give you guys an idea I em Arabic and Italian I have very curly
thick hair and if you are familiar with like the hair curl patterns
I am a 3b so I have very you know very curly hair very thick on moving into
very coarse so I have struggled my entire life to straighten my hair and to
blow on my hair I still do not know how to do a blowout ohh
the only reason my hair was ever straight to begin with you guys may have
been saying well your hair straightened all your videos you know more or less
it’s because I would use a hair straightener um so I have completely
replaced my hair straightener with this item because essentially I really I
cannot sing this thing’s praises enough it is a hair dryer that is like a round
oval brush and it takes me no joke do you see this hair today from taking a
shower and letting it dry to about like 60% dry I blow out my hair in 15 minutes
and then the greatest thing about this is that after my hair is dry actually I
blew dry my hair straight yesterday and overnight I put my hair up in a bun and
it gets it gets like curly again like kinky again from like sleeping on it I
wet fully wet I can re blow out my hair with this so this is amazing I think
it’s like I don’t even remember how much I paid for it fifty to sixty dollars and
you can buy it in a lot of different places but Revlon has it as well
highly recommend this gift to anyone who like you know blow-dries their hair or
has thick unruly hair like literally I know you can see my hair right now like
this is because of this so I absolutely love and recommend this it’s completely
taken over my like haircare routine I don’t even use my Chi hair straightener
anymore that I’ve been using since I was 16 I literally put it in the closet
because this is ten times better quicker and better for my hair which is
amazing so highly recommend this next personal item is a little bit of a
metaphysical a sort of woowoo gift but I have been eyeing me as for the longest
time and I found one on Amazon that I really really loved and purchased it a
couple months back so this is a crystal water bottle I don’t
you guys can see I’ll try to bring you a little bit closer this is to her that I
put on it but it is a blast water bottle that has like a pointed crystal inside
now I realize that this goes in the you know very novelty item for a very
specific person but I really believe in the power of crystals and the power of
an pension and things like that so for me I just think this is a really cute
water bottle and it took me forever to find something I liked because the
normal brands of the crystal water bottles are so expensive and I don’t
always I don’t love all the crystals that they have as options to go inside
this is a rainbow fluorite and I found this on Amazon for like probably close
to half the price of the traditional crystal water bottles and it is so well
made so I did not lose any quality not buying like a name-brand crystal water
bottle that you might see featured in a place like goop but yeah I love this and
yeah I think it’s cute it’s totally woowoo it’s blast so you can put a lot
of different you know beverages in there and you know it’s a beautiful crystal
obelisk not like a point but I guess you’d call it an obelisk and yeah so
they come in lots of different varieties with different crystals but I will link
this down below I love it I think it’s so cute for the whoohoo person in your
life you know who just makes a nice little stocking stuffer gift that
someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves okay in the last item I have
in the personal item front you guys I know I’ve talked about this before
I just wanted to include it because I think that this would make a really good
gift for people I really do and it is my charmed life master planners right so
this is a great gift again really great price range for a planner all-in-one
planner you can get it an undated this black matte matte black or my 20-19
version which is a white marble you can see and so only difference is that this
one’s dated this one’s undated and then on the month on 4 pages at this point
lay out the monthly tracker is different in the planners but
great gift definitely something that would be a wonderful starter planner for
someone going to school or going to college or you know someone who gets
their first job or really everyone can own a planner and I really believe that
this planner is a wonderful all-in-one planner and it’s a great gift to give to
anyone in your life who might you know need a planner or somebody that you
think needs a planner that they don’t currently have one and I think we all
know something like that so just wanted to include it because it is available
exclusively on Amazon in the printed version and you guys at this point
should know you know where to get it if you want it print on demand digital on
my shop the charm shop com so that is the last item on the personal item front
and finally third and final category for gifts is the pet gifts now the first
gift I have here in front of me is an on-the-go pet water bottle now I take my
little do with my little dude Starbuck on walks all the time and I always
normally try to feed him with a normal water bottle and do it but I found this
on Amazon and it is the most amazing thing I know there’s so many different
ways so so many different pet owners have like those on-the-go travel cups
and things like this but this is amazing because it’s the water bottle and the
feeder you know all in one or the drink or all in one I’m gonna show you guys
how to use this goes pretty amazing as you can see there’s water loaded into
the bottom and there’s this little lock here I’m gonna find lock it I’m gonna
turn it upside down and you press this button up here and water feeds through
okay I don’t want to put too much because I don’t want to get water all
over my desk but then the dog can drink out of here once the dog is done and
this is the thing I love about this because it’s like a no waste to scenario
once the dog is done drinking press that button again when you put the bottle
vertical and the water goes back down the hole so it really is like super
useful oh geez okay so I’m like not holding this straight yeah you got a
hold it straight that’s pretty yeah all the water you can just kind of like
wiggle it around water goes back into the hole
how useful is that and then you know you can reluck it so that the button doesn’t
actually release the water this is amazing an amazing gift
super super you know budget-friendly so this is a great little thing if you’re
giving someone a gift and you know they have a pet this is an easy sort of
add-on and I believe it comes in different sizes so you could get a
bigger water bottle if you know they have a bigger dog this is great for
Starbuck he’s just like a little Yorkie or Jackie and a key or key but it is a
small breed dog and it comes in different colors too so you can buy the
color and that works for whoever you’re gifting to love this item and then the
next gift is something it’s a little bit interesting another sort of stocking
stuff stuff for a price range I know that if anyone out there has a dog has a
pet and you unfortunately probably feel my pain who that doesn’t matter how
clean you keep your dog okay whenever they go outside or in my case with my
dog if he goes to the window and the windows open he comes back smelling like
outside is what I call it you smell like outside Starbuck I tell her and it’s
when the dog gets that kind of dirty dog smell which is really unfortunate
because you know I clean Starbuck every week like he gets a bath with some
really nice shampoo and luckily for me he’s a nice ship who actually does a
really good job of keeping him deodorized but he does accumulate a dog
smell and he goes outside so I’ve tried a million different doggie deodorizers
and this is the best one this is from wool and it’s the doggie deodorant pet
friendly formula ph-balanced paraben and alcohol-free eucalyptus spearmint now
what I think is different about this than every other deodorizer is that
every other deodorizer for a pet I think it really just has a perfumey smell that
masks their scent and you can smell it smells artificial it kind of smells
nauseating it kind of just adds floral to your dog’s smelly dog smell but this
is made with like actual like spearmint and eucalyptus like oils I believe have
been like put in here so it really does refresh them and it truly makes them
smell better and then also the scent is not overpowering you know that’s the
other problem with some of the doggie deodorizers is that the smell can be so
strong this has a very nice light scent and it works because it’s real like oils
and ingredients that are actually freshening your dog and not just masking
a smell I tell everybody to buy this for their dogs so I just wanted to make sure
I included it in today’s gift guide because it’s a great stocking stuffer
another gift something to buy for your own dog whatever I buy it on Amazon
that’s the only place I’ve ever been able to find I think I found it in a
store once and I’ve never seen it again so I always buy it on Amazon the last
pet item I have is not in front of me I’m going to throw up a picture for you
guys it is a dog car seat so starbuck has I believe it’s called the snoozer to
pet lookout and it is this beautiful dog car seat or pet car seat it comes in a
variety of different sizes based on how big your dog is and it’s more for
smaller breed dogs so like medium to small breed dogs
it basically is a platform bed for them to lay in that helps them look out the
window and secures them in their seat properly so starbuck has had this for I
think since I bought my car two years ago so he has this he loves it he goes
right into the seat when when we go into the car he knows exactly what to do
specifically because when I bought my car my old car had cloth seats so we
just kind of like last vote him into his to the seat belt with his harness but my
new car has leather seats and he you know dogs with leather seats I’m not
really worried about him scratching the leather so much as he cannot stand up on
the leather like he always slips and slides so he really appreciates the dog
pet car seat and it is beautiful I have a beautiful black quilted version with
like a cream Sherpa interior but it comes in a couple of different varieties
and again a couple of different sizes so if you have multiple dogs multiple
little babies that you want to have you know secure in a car seat you can get
different sizes but I will leave you guys a link down below it is a great
gift in fact after seeing mine my stepmother actually asked for it for
a gift from someone because her dog loves it as well it’s just like a very
beautiful car seat and keeps the dogs nice and safe and helps them look out
and I just think it’s you know it’s better looking than some of the other
ones out there so just wanted to add that it’s a great gift for your own
or a very special fur baby in your life so that is everything for my Amazon gift
guide today I would love to hear your recommendations for gifts if you want to
like list anything down below in the comments that would be awesome and I
would love to know if there’s anything on this list that you’re particularly
interested in feel free to ask me any questions like I said all of these items
I personally own so I should give you some feedback if you have any questions
but I’m not like a sales are up for anything so I can only go to so far with
my helpfulness but yeah I definitely use and love everything on this list so I
think they’re pretty good pretty good gifts to give to others if you enjoyed
this video please and make sure to give it a thumbs up and feel free to share it
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