10 thoughts on “Amazon Warehouse Workers Protest Working Conditions”

  • Milano Martin says:

    If you have an obligation to not eat or drink for then you really shouldn’t work at Amazon. Hydration is part of what is needed when you’re working on your feet actively moving. You work, you sweat, and your body needs to replenish those resources utilized to keep you from overheating. It’s not enough to say “okay well crank up the ACs,” because they do. They actually place it at a temperature better than what the law requires. That all doesn’t change the fact that your body is still going to heat up and choose to cook itself down through sweating. If they knew this they should have gotten a job at an office or did Amazon’s work from home position.

  • Why do we have to change for them? When you emigrate to another country, you accept and respect the current culture and conditions, you don't impose your way on the populace, unless you conquer them, which is the overall plan any way.

  • THey should GTFO if they dont like the job. In the Capitalist economy should never cater to stupid religious BS. How moronic is this stupid protest ! unbelievable these morons !

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