Amazon Workers Get Hurt At A Rate Of FOUR TIMES More Than Other Factory Workers

Amazon Workers Get Hurt At A Rate Of FOUR TIMES More Than Other Factory Workers

Well, folks, we’re pretty much just hours
away from black Friday madness, right? Everybody’s going to forget that they had
just given thanks for all the good things that happened to them over the past year,
hoping for better days in the in the future, and they’re going to go out there. You’re going to spend all your hard earned
money on things that aren’t actually even a deal because technically if you wait according
to statistics, you get better deals later on as the holiday season gets closer. But sure, whatever. We’re going to go out there and we’re going
to spend a lot of money, but for those who don’t want to fight the black Friday crowds,
you’re going to order stuff from Amazon, right? So what everybody does now, you just order
it from Amazon. They have everything. Well, before you do that, I want you to listen
to this story here. Phenomenal work here by the Atlantic and reveal
from the center for investigative reporting. They put together this massive new report. They told multiple different personal stories
about the people who work in these Amazon warehouses that fulfill your orders. When you click buy it now, and it talked about
the horrors that they’re experiencing now. We’ve talked about the horrors in the past,
right? We talked about the workers having to pee
in bottles, too afraid to go on bathroom breaks. The guy who dropped dead of a heart attack
in the middle of one of these warehouses and wasn’t found for so long after that, he just
died. Well, there’s more. There’s more than just that because according
to this new report by these two phenomenal groups, Amazon warehouse workers are four
times more likely to be hurt on the job than anyone else in that industry. Amazon warehouse workers, the most dangerous
job of all warehouse workers here in the United States and the stories they tell are absolutely
gut wrenching. The story of a woman forced to stand all day
long filling boxes, right, fill, fulfilling orders. She had to fulfill a new order every 11 seconds
in order to meet the quota that Amazon set for her. If she didn’t meet the quota, she got written
up and you get written up one too many times, you get fired. So every 11 seconds she had to fulfill a new
order standing up all day. The woman, I believe who was 54 years old,
well after some time doing this, she went to the Amazon doctor who said, you’ve got
bulging discs, now you have chronic pain, you can’t do any lifting whatsoever. And the doctor said, this is 100% because
of the job you’re doing. And then they sent her back out. They didn’t give her a chair, they didn’t
do anything to protect her. She just had to live with that. They gave her a little bit of worker’s comp,
but it’s now almost completely run out. Other workers have reported similar stories
and while they do admit that, yeah, Amazon trains us on how to be safe. They have all these warnings up everywhere. But unfortunately, because of the quotas that
set for these people, they’re unable to both fulfill the quota and follow the safety protocols. So guess which one doesn’t get met, the safety
protocols, because they know if they don’t fulfill those quotas, they get fired. So they have to break Amazon’s safety policies
to fulfill Amazon’s quota policies. And then they end up getting hurt again at
four times the rate of other warehouse workers in the United States and then once they get
hurt, they get fired too. So it’s a lose lose situation for these workers
in these Amazon warehouses. You can either do things the correct way,
in which case you can’t possibly meet your quota and you get fired, or you can break
the safety rules to meet your quota risk, permanent injury, and then you get fired. Anyway. Amazon is quite possibly the worst company
in this country. Absolutely filthy, disgusting what they are
doing to these people, and again, this is a company that is owned by, depending on the
day of the week, the richest man on the planet. I think bill Gates just took back over that
title a couple of days ago, but it’ll shift back, I imagine after the holiday shopping
season. I want everyone watching this. Follow the link in the description. Read this entire story. What I’ve given you here is only a snapshot
of what the Atlantic and reveal found out. It’s disturbing what’s happening to these
people, and I want everyone to read this story before you hop on Amazon and a few hours to
begin your holiday shopping.


60 thoughts on “Amazon Workers Get Hurt At A Rate Of FOUR TIMES More Than Other Factory Workers”

  • Black Friday is a total scam. The word says it all. It's black because it's as black as the whole in your wallet,……..Black Friday. 😒

  • The same "get your quota" work directive is starting to manifest itself in Europe. You are basically 'squeezed' energy wise. When people are literally worked to death maybe it's time to call it "fascist capitalism."

  • My ex's mother was working at the new Amazon factory in North Randall Ohio she slipped on old laundry detergent and broke her hip.

  • Adventures with Frodo says:

    I have worked in safety compliance and this sounds like BS. I have seen OSHA come in and enforce safety standards and shutdown plants because of safety violations. So to say Amazon has repeated accidents, and no OSHA enforcement is BS. FYI they are not an Amazon doctor they are a workman comp doctor and are independent of the company.
    Your starting to sound like Trump BS.

  • unfortunately that is the case in a lot of the jobs ive done – they make u sign a piece of paper saying u have to do this safely and that you know how to but then there is no time given to follow the safety rules and then when you get hurt they just say "well, he signed saying he knew how to do it"

  • Having worked in a warehouse in my career I can tell you it can be some incredibly physically demanding, soul sucking, physically to the point of pure exhaustion work depending on the work you are performing, most of mine revolved around pick, My coworkers and supervisors generally did care about the wellbeing of each other, but being that you are on a monitored device that checks productivity at all times, there is pressure to exert yourself beyond your means. This constant striving to achieve new highs in productivity has mad Amazon successful, but it also adds to a work environment setting that can become more dangerous. Safety procedures were illuminated regularly. I had success in terms of productivity, but in order to do so it meant I had to be in fairly good physical condition with endurance to last 10 hour shifts, often walking up 10 to 15 miles a shift, and picking was the most common job performed by workers, plus workers stowing away items in areas around where picking occurred could create hazards, but effort was made to ensure there was little to no overlap where workers stowed and the pick paths assigned, holiday season work usually means working beyond 4 10 hour shift, I applaud some of the ways Amazon has sought to help the common worker, make things convenient. Thought I'd share my experience. Feel free to critique it, share your own experiences, refute some of my points, Thought the info would be useful to inform or to compare with others experience working in Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

  • I think Jacob RoastsChild is the richest man on the planet. Though Jeff (Half-man Half-turtle) Bezos is certainly very wealthy from his slave empire.

  • waffledude111111 says:

    Remember, whenever you click same day or 1day shipping, just remember that an amazon worker somewhere is at the risk of dropping dead.

    unless they do cell phones, and other electronics at special prices, i don't do black friday. There just isn't a lot of interesting things. A Switch is always going to be around $250, a IphoneX is always going to be around $1100.

  • That’s why I have stop buying from amazon, a long time ago!!! And others should stop too and get out the house and buy from the store if one needs it that bad

  • I am very happy to live in Germany, we are protected by law. We have many days vacation and paid sickdays. Our system works too, for we have a good economy.

  • Hello Human Being says:


  • Amazon= Greediness The Love Of Money And Power, The Maga Company's!!! Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer. America Need To Wake Up. Walmart = Buy As Is, Get Home It Don't Work, Not There Problem.
    Amazon = Working People Like Slaves, To Meet That Quota!!!
    How Would You'll Feel If This Was Your Mother, Father Or Sister And Brother Working At this Company? What Have We Become As Americans? Or Is This Who We Really Are!!!
    When Is The Last Time We Looked In The Mirror?
    God Bless Us All. Have America Failed Us Or Did We Fail America? Money Before Family, Hate Before Love And Most Of ((((((((((((All))))))))))))
    God Before (((((((((((MONEY))))))))))
    WAKE UP!!!!

  • Actually most online distributers are easily monitored and their prices are actually lower during Black Friday. Like steam and gog and many more.

  • Amazon is a high tech fancy sweatshop, does anybody really need billions of dollars to survive, they call Jeff Bezos job creator bullshit, he's more like a plantation owner working his slaves to death.

  • Amazon could be the responsible version of Walmart but I think Walmart is NOW in position to send Amazon to an early grave. Sending a whole truck to deliver a pair of shoes to a trust fund Trumpliklan wealthy blob who can't be bothered with trying shoes on in person? How many traffic accidents are these ADDED Uber Amazon Lyft Tesla goofs tying up traffic causing in your city?
    If overnight all App-related UNNECESSARY traffic was erased, would the roads suddenly get safer, less traffic, and fewer crazy nuts trying to win points getting places under deadlines?
    Yes. And Amazon, Uber, Lyft etc all know they are causing traffic jams. More wasted gas stuck in traffic while delivery drivers flooring it, burning even more. Yes, your electric car charging has fossil fuel footprint, especially when you're causing gas burning cars to sit in traffic to deliver Chinese food to rich creeps getting fat clicking on websites all day.

  • Nothing about this story is justified. Not that I'm trying to be the devil's advocate but could it be because of their high production? Just saying

  • Hey everyone on here if you do not have an amazon prime account but have an account with amazon you need to check your account and bank to make sure they are not activating prime for you because I believe amazon did it to me and I had to call to have them refund my money and cancel that action that I did not make!!! When I called the costumer service all they did was ask me for my name, my address and zip code and they were in my account… it is that easy for them to access your account so people check your status and bank account if you do not have amazon prime!!!! This is a warning to any/ everybody who has an amazon account

  • Amazon has been running recruiting ads in the Nashville TN area featuring actors portraying the warehouse employees dancing and singing on the job like happy little elves. They need some fresh meat to keep up with the happy holidays.

  • Love this guy's attitude and pure heart and soul that comes straight from the 💓. Imagine a democratic runner with the same energy and common sense and enthusiasm. Imagine.

  • Kimberly Goenaga says:

    I don't shop on Amazon and black Friday too disturbing and the prices are too high. I have better fun at the dollar store

  • Even if Jeff Bezos is sued for labor practices he'll continue his billion dollar operation by filling those positions where others have been fired.

  • All they care about is making millions! If their employees get hurt or killed they simply replace them with another employee. They don't care at all about their workers.

  • I used to shop a lot on Amazon b/c the prices were great. NOT ANYMORE!! Many of the items they offer in any given dept. are higher than at our local stores…plus, you have to add on shipping!! Then too, there are some downright crooks that sell their wares on Amazon. (Try getting a refund for a faulty product from them! And Amazon now does virtually nothing to help you recover.) We used to buy our cat food (we have 8 cats) on Amazon. NO MORE!! We now shop at exclusively. (And the "real" people at Chewy are wonderful to deal with!!!) Sorry, Amazon. You've grown too big and too greedy for your own good. Bye-bye!!!

  • Bezos is rich enough he could afford to DOUBLE every employee's wages AND hire twice as many floor workers to boot! Welcome to the "Dark Side" of Capitalism!!!

  • The rich love deregulation. A few workers might get injured or even die but hey as long as the bosses make money and can bribe the politicians who cares..

  • Addicted to Not Smoking says:

    THANK YOU! I've been saying for years that Black Friday is the exact opposite of Thanksgiving Day, and it's sickening that they're only one day apart. Glad I'm not the only one saying that.

  • Workers rights have been eroded over the years until it's come to this. People are treated like machines in their work place with no consideration on the individual.

  • Expose the real 1%ers getting rich off the backs of these employees. It use to be UPS, they would use college kids who would load and unload these trucks. Only thing is UPS had character, of some sort. I know this because I was a full time driver.

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