Apps of the Month iOS & Android | May Edition

Apps of the Month iOS & Android | May Edition

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video welcome to the apps of the month May edition It’s a one’s a little bit late I didn’t do an April edition so many apologies for those who are missed out on that one This is a host of iOS and Android applications that you can go away and download So this month sponsor is PDF Element 6 for iOS the application is free and allows you to do a host of different things You can read edit convert and sign PDFs on your iOS application Which is something that a lot of people like to do So if you’re bitter the PDF nerd this will essentially allow you to use PDFs essentially as a Word document Allowing you to do a host of annotation as well as being able to scan in PDFs now It’s really easy to use and the great thing is it is free on iOS so you guys can definitely go and check it out it’s got a few bonus things like Multifunctional file manager and a host of different PDF converters as well so you can transfer it into other files if you wish Now what I would do guys has include the link in description, so you guys can go away and check that one out So guys without further ado, let’s jump into the apps of the month Now this month there were our host of apps that have caught my interest the first one is err table and this is available for iOS and Android as well as Mac 2 and web this application is a project manager that’s sort of making a few waves and it if you thought reviewing it very recently and I very much fell in love with the UI and the experience as well as the sort of Custom experience that you can make with it now It’s very similar to notion but provides a sort of bit of a kick in terms of allowing you to do a host more in terms of the blocks function So it’s definitely something on my radar now, there’s another application on my radar too noisy Oh I think it’s that time you pronounced her should be able to nail that it’s seeing as my sort of heritage is Italian But I don’t think it is an Italian word and the application essentially allows you to play this Gorgeous backing music and it ranges from you know Rainfall all the way to sort of like a classic coffee shop and plug in for Mac I found it through the setup description and it works really really great in terms of allowing you to have this ambient noise as you work especially if you’re trying to do a bit of focus period of time and you need that sort of like murmur in the background of Something it will allow you to keep calm and sort of work on your projects and that’s available through Mac I’ll include a link in description now The next one is bare note something. I didn’t talk about as much burnout is a pretty functional application I use it for scripts for pieces as well as some content writing. I’ll be doing a full video Video if it’s very soon about the writing experience it delivers because it’s really fantastic now recently I have been focusing a lot more on my health trying to get back into a better routine for example doing more boxing and Trying to weave that into my daily routine. I went off for like a month and I didn’t really get too much fitness done so it’s something I’ve been trying to catch up on an application that I found very helpful for tracking food is Life some I may have talked about this in the past But I sort of reignited my account and I really like the experience you do that so you can basically track your calorie intake Follow a plan, although some of them unlocked and premium I bought myself premium for three months just to give myself a bit of a kick I guess but I really find the application So enjoyable to add and you know everything from breakfast to snacks to your exercise to now recently. I have been learning Danish it’s been sort of like a week challenge that I’ve been doing this week I’m naturally learning CSS, which is quite fun, but that’s probably going to be changed because this book being recorded two weeks before Essentially the application I have been using to sort of catch up obviously been using flash Academy a duolingo But tiny card is a duolingo based application which allows you to use cards to basically like flash dance to remember certain items and I used the some of the Danish ones that we created and I’ve really really enjoyed it So that’s one that I have been thoroughly enjoying it lands on my home screen, which is great and helps me get through that So the next application is an iOS application. It’s something that I kept an eye on. It’s good out of milk And for those who don’t know And struggle with shopping baskets out of milk essentially allows you to add in I shot your shopping list together It’s a shopping list based application there are many of these popping up but this one seemed of real interest to me because it was very specific you can add from Like history so stuff you’ve already purchased or even scan barcodes in as well as having Like an inventory list a pantry list and a to-do list of what you need to do So it’s quite an interesting application in that sense, and it is really easy to get started with now just a note in that application or if you add so that might maybe deter you from your experience and The final application of the month is down-dog. This is a new yoga application that works really great It’s sort of like video yoga very similar to the application on you. Can’t use called asana rebel I’m going to be trying it out and very soon sort of combining the two but I actually find it a really good experience from The one or two workouts done we’ve had so far It’s really easy to do and the videos explain things really really well, so hopefully they’re good yoga recommendations anyway, guys I hope that you enjoyed today’s review and remember that PDF element 6 for iOS is available and you can download it Inscription below and it’s free So it’s a great way for you to edit and formulate PDFs on your smartphone Especially if you’re doing like your own business or side project you need to edit them fast and get them sent to people So guys hopefully enjoyed this one and let me know in comments what you thought what your favorite apps are and be great to hear That and let me know whether you’ve stole a few from this list, which is highly recommended any other guys Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it. 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