Are you a lightworker? – What is a light worker and what are the signs of being one

– Hi, my name is Ray Maor and
welcome to my YouTube channel. Are you a lightworker? I’m sure that this question has crossed your mind a few times. You think you might be, some
of you are sure that you are but you’re not really sure. But you want to. You want to have a
definition of what you are. And I can tell you in my life right now, I am 100% sure I am a lightworker. And I will define what a lightworker is to make it more accessible and easier. But I can tell you it all
started with difficulties. Difficulties from a very
young age of not fitting in, of feeling lonely, of feeling
misunderstood by my parents, by my siblings, by people
in my life, by my friends. I didn’t really understand
that the monetary system. I didn’t understand why
people keep hurting the planet and hurting each other. I was always nonviolent even though I’m a very strong type of guy. I’m six foot four, I work out quite a lot but never really understood,
never really fit in. And I can tell you it was
really really troubling. It was having a very difficult
childhood, in other words. I came back home from a place
that nobody understood me to another place that
nobody understood me. So I decided to spend a
lot of time by myself. I spent time collecting different animals and playing around with them and spend time on my bike riding all over. I was raised in a desert,
so it was kind of fun. I had a bow and arrow. But only later on, I really understood what the difference is between
we can call them old souls and new souls or incarnations of people that have come here to raise
the vibration in some way. The discovery for me started when I was about 14 or 15 years old. I started reading channeled information but I didn’t know it was channeled. I didn’t know what channeling means. I was one of those kids
that’s attracted to x-files for examples and all these
like ridiculous sci-fi series that were bouncing back in the day. You know the Enterprise and Star Wars and all these type of things. I didn’t understand why. Now I understand that this was
the part of the lightworker. I understand that there is much more than
meets the eye right here. And this is one of the definition and really it changed
my life to understand. And now I work with lightworkers. Everybody that comes
to any of my workshops, they’re, all open-minded people, they have their own language. When they meet each other, it’s like they recognize each other. And that’s what I really like. One of the things I
recognized in a lightworker is that we see each other and
we understand each other. It’s something in the eyes. But what is a lightworker? So, a lightworker is a person that has been reincarnated
here, out of choice of course, to help elevate the frequency
in the vibration of Gaia. Gaia is the name or the spiritual name of the planet right now. That the spiritual name in the 3D it has another spiritual name on the 4D which is where some of the lightworkers are actually moving the planet to. One of the definitions of a lightworker is a person that in the
beginning at a very young age, he feels like something
is wrong around here. He feels like he doesn’t belong. It can be so difficult that some lightworkers
take their own life. Much before an awakened
process happens to them. An awakening of a lightworker is when they actually understand that they are a lightworker. So one of the things that happened after I started accepting the
fact that I’m a lightworker without that hesitation,
without that 80% I’m sure, is that my life started shifting. I started meeting more lightworkers. I started getting more information about how I should, what type of videos I should make for a YouTube
channel, for example. What type of materials I should
teach online and offline. What I should do with my
life, with my relationship. How I can put my baby to
sleep and stuff like that. So there was a very, very
big change in my life. But again, some of the
definitions of the lightworkers I would say that 80 90%, are people who have been
incarnated here out of choice but their soul is from somewhere else. So that means a part of their soul it can be Arcturian,
Pleiadian, it can be Sirian. It can be so many different
types of the different alien ancient civilizations that
already exist that have chosen volunteered even to come here and help. Now, this already means
that a part of you feels that there’s something wrong. It’s not that there’s
something wrong, of course. In God’s world, everything
is absolutely perfect. It means that there’s a
part of that knows that life can be experienced only in the positive or in a very, very different
way than it is right now. You’ve come here as a volunteer. You are very happy soul, very
ancient soul, lot of wisdom. Because you’ve experienced
many many lifetimes. Most of those lifetimes were not here. And this is one of the reasons that you feel like you don’t belong. Now, what can you do with this? If in the past you felt
like you don’t belong, and today you feel that you
do belong, that’s great. But for those of you, those of us, that’s still feel that in
some way we don’t belong, it’s time to start to ground ourselves. Ground ourselves into the
knowing that we have chosen a temporary human body and
a temporary human experience and we have come here out
of our own choice, okay? When you change that, when
you understand you came here to experience negativity in some way. To experience negativity and
to take the rubber band back so much into the darkness
so when it shoots back up or front, you will go back into the light. That’s why you chose to come here. Also this is why you stood in line and this is why you were selected
from the many many others that have come to this very,
very interesting place. A lightworker will also have a belief that there is something
way, way more in existence. For example, a lot of people don’t
like to talk about aliens. They don’t like to talk
about spiritual stuff. A lightworker will naturally
be a little bit more spiritual than other people. This does not mean or give us
an excuse to be condescending in any way but what
you will understand is, you know, like attracts like. Some certain people mostly
from the mainstream, are just not in the same
vibration as a lightworker. In other words, you
won’t have so many topics to talk to them about you know. Some people are just
interested more by the weather and you will become bored. You will become bored with
a relationship with somebody that is just not in the
same vibrational frequency as you are. Now, it doesn’t mean that you are more. It means that you have a specific mission. You came here not only
to experience human life, but you came here to help, in
other words service to others. Which is something that I’m
really focusing on doing. And this is why so many
lightworkers eventually feel that vibration, they feel authenticity. They feel that the story
sometime is somehow real for them when you are talking and when you are
explaining certain things. More complicated spiritual aspects of life in a very simplified way. That’s for example, my mission. My mission is to break social paradigms, to show that we can do
things that people think that we cannot and by that
opening up people’s minds to different options,
different opportunities. Eventually, people understand
that if I can do it, then they can do it as well. And if they want to do it, they want to experience something
that is more more divine, more clear, all these type of things. This is why I have chosen a
very interesting lifestyle, for example. Another thing about like workers, in the proportion they’re less dramatic but they have to reach a certain age. Because what happens is
that the soul comes down in fragments. So when you’re a child you’re actually your karma is under your parents karma and with time in seven years increments until the age of about 33 34, you get more and more parts of your soul. And that’s why the balanced
state of your character actually finishes with its
real seeking and studying until approximately that age. So you get a lot until 21 and
then another boost until 28 and then just a few years later, you kind of like set to be your true self. This is why it’s really
difficult for people who are about 30 to date
people who are about 21, 22, 23 because there’s a big
change that’s going to come. Now when you understand
this, when you entire soul is actually entered your body and I’m not talking about the higher soul I’m talking about your
true essence in some way, you might have had struggles
and as an adolescent, you might have had a lot of arguments but that’s just a phase. More of your soul came in,
more of your higher self is in connection and you’re
becoming your true self over time. A lightworker can naturally
understand these principles and he will find it difficult
to explain it to others. So when I’m talking about
soul and higher self and meditation and maybe
yoga and aliens and entities and ayahuasca and all these
words that are so hard for us to explain to the mainstream. But when we talk with
each other, it’s clear. It’s clear that everybody
has healing abilities. It’s clear that we are not just
our physical body, isn’t it? It’s clear that our
intuition explains to us what we should do, we
should trust it much more. Our guidance in other words,
our guiding spirits of God it’s clear that there is
something that is way beyond the human experience. It’s clear in some way. The matrix, the illusion,
the Maya everyone to call it. Every one of us calls
it in a different story. But our tummy, our
intuition knows the truth. And that’s the beauty of it. Now, I worked with so far
about 800 lightworkers and I’m talking about a week
and a half all of us together and I’ve conversed with a lot of them. A lot of us come here to help. So obviously, there’s a lot of healers. Sometimes it’s just an
IT guy, just like me. Someone that’s very mental,
very highly educated person that wants to understand more about life and put the pieces together. And again, a light work could
be an any job in any country, both sexes, of course. But the discovery that
you are a lightworker for example, for me it was
hard to grasp that fact because I thought it’s my ego
that wants to feel special, that wants to be unique. I understood maybe my ego
wanted to be an old soul. I’m ancient, I feel like
I know a lot of things stuff like that. Maybe it’s not. But then the discovery made
it clear and simple for me. Why? Because the light work
who comes with a mission. Because the lightworker has
something that he has to do and all this concept of service to others. I used to judge young
souls for being egoistic, for being selfish, for
thinking only about themselves, for hurting the planet,
for doing all these things because I’m an old soul so I know more. But that’s not the way to go. The way to go is just to
show, to set an example for other younger souls. You can’t come to young soul and say, dude you’re, a young
soul, you have no idea. That’s very condescending,
nobody’s going to like that okay? He’s not going to learn anything, they’re not gonna learn anything. They’re gonna look at
you and open their eyes and gonna say a lot of bad,
nasty things about you. Nobody’s going to enjoy this. But when you understand
that you are a lightworker and what a lightworker actually is, you start opening your
mind to more options, to more opportunities. You start serving others. You start for me, it was when I understood that all of these channelings
that I’m listening to if it’s Bashar or Seth
and all these books. I stopped reading any other book. I was so addicted. And these channelings they always said, this message is for you. And I said, what do you mean
this message is for you? This message is for the lightworkers. They also called it the
earth team that has come here and because we’re part of an alliance and when we go to sleep we go
up our consciousness moves up to the 5D, to our higher
self, to spaceships, to different planets, to understand and continue
our different lives as one might say. So eventually, I started
believing these channelings because I just couldn’t stop listening. I just couldn’t stop and It
wasn’t only about information, it was even the same type of channeling that I heard over and over again because I understood
that there’s something that is way beyond the words themselves but kept me interested and
kept me coming back to it. I didn’t want to have any
knowledge from teachers here. I wanted knowledge from above. From those that have already
ascended to higher dimensions. That have moved and helped
their planet to rebalance itself and to move to a 4 or 5D experience. So I understood, they have
much more to teach me. And when I understood
that I am one of them and I’m only beginning to
remember that I’m one of them, then I stopped seeking
information outside of myself and started channeling,
downloading it, improvising it, understanding that
everything is already within. Now this is of course, my
experience as a lightworker or the discovery. Every one of you already knows this. It doesn’t mean that you
have to have a big job, a lot of YouTube subscribers. It can be that you’re
just setting the light. You are a light beam, okay? You are already resonating
in a higher vibration than most of the population. So you’re sort of like a
pole and with the other probably millions of
other lightworkers here, you’re setting the vibration up and preparing this whole
planet for their transformation that it’s experiencing. Now there are others younger than you are that are born right now that
have an even higher vibration, higher frequency. So we are considered
to be the second wave. The first wave came
after the first world war and the second world war and we’re still considered
to be the second wave that are preparing this
path for the children that are going to be have
an even higher vibration. And again, preparing for the
ascension process itself. So you don’t have to do anything. So don’t have any stress
in your life, okay? You are already doing what
it is that you came to do. Simply let go and enjoy
being a human being. So my friend, thank you
very much for watching me. I would love to hear your comments. So anything you want to say, your experience as a Lightworker. If you still have a question about if you are a lightworker or not, please write a comment right down here I’ll try to answer it. I’ll review them about once a week. I’m very interesting to meet
and see more lightworkers because we have so much in common. We can talk in the same language and this is something that I’m really missing out with my I would say a
mainstream friends that I have. And I still keep and
they help me to ground into this reality. So once again, thank you very
much for watching my video. If you enjoy it, please
like it right here, comment, share it. My name is Ray Maor, namaste.


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