Artificial Intelligence Tools & Cold Emailing Tips – Growth Insights #8

Artificial Intelligence Tools & Cold Emailing Tips – Growth Insights #8

Hey and welcome to Growth Insights episode
number 8. I’m especially excited about this episode. we’ve tested tons of tools for you guys. And as usual we are keeping the best for last! Now kick off with some tools. The team is extremely excited about the results
we’ve being having on AdWords with Zenbids. Zenbid is the first robot Artificial iIntelligence
ppc optimiser and bidmanager that actually delivers on it’s promise. Basically it’s a robot for your AdWords campaigns. It automatically optimizes our campaigns,
flags irregularities and even creates new adgroups when it feels it’s necessary. This is legitimately ground breaking stuff. It’s saving us 1 day per week at the moment. Ok and if for some obscure reason you still
wanna use human beings for your PPC and adwords campaigns (whether that’s employees or agencies). There is a cool little trick if they are actually
do any work. Click on this button in your account to see
how many changes they’ve made to your campaigns. You can then be the judge of how much effort
they’re putting into your campaigns Now back to robots Thanks to Esther for this Google Analytics
Artificial Intelligence tool. Pave A.I. takes your google analytics reports,
looks at 16+ million possible combinations to identify the most important insights across
marketing channels and it gives you recommendations on which channels are working, which pages
from your website are lagging, where to look for irregularities to basically help you focus
your attention better. It’s free to test, so check it out Still on the subject of analytics, but a little bit
more advanced this time If you have a mobile app you should really be excited
about this share from Quentin. Onradar lets you instantly start setting up
geofences so you can adapt your messaging to people’s actual location. Now imagine getting a message when a tinder
match is close by, getting a coupon when you’re close to a Starbucks or a game prompt when
you’re bored at an airport. Radar makes all of these possible with their
geolocation SDK. Super simple to set up…check it out. Ok now let’s jump into content marketing. One of our favorite tools of all time is Buzzsumo. It allows you to see the most shared articles
on the web for certain keywords. The idea being that if they’re the most
shared articles, we should probably create similar pieces of content. Well they’ve just released a new feature
called “Question Analyzer” Type in a keyword or an expression relevant
to your business and see the most asked questions about this subject…once again. This is a goldmine for content ideas and understanding
blockers to purchase. Now. If you are the type of person to prefer cold
emailing over content marketing to attract customers. We’ve being used a tool called
for a year now to guess email addresses based on Linkedin account. The problem is: the tool doesn’t work anymore. Really sed right? Wrong No worries, the new kid on the block is It’ll allow you to extract email addresses
from Linkedin profiles or first name, last name, domain name It’s free to use, so check it out. And another similar share from Quentin.This
one is really blackhat so use with caution This allows you to scrape Google for Linkedin,
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts and look for email addresses that
people leave based on their interests. Ok. So now you’ve got a ton of email addresses,
what do you do next? If you want to check if those email addresses
are valid before you run garbage through your smtp, allows you to test whether
this emails are valid or not for super cheap. Thanks for Jim for sharing a similar tool
called which makes sure emails are delivered and not in spam box. It does an automatic spam tests on all major
email clients. Ok. So, once you’ve got those nice clean email
addresses and want to send them out… Thanks to Job for sharing a tool from our
good friend Sujan Patel. Mailshake is possbly the fastest and simplest
way to design and launch a cold email campaign in minutes. Let’s call it the mailchimp of cold email
campaigns So what do you actually put in those email
campaigns? Quentin has being testing out a new tool called
Qwilr. We actually send out 100-200 PDF proposals
per month. Qwilr allows us to build delicious proposal
docs and more importantly track what prospects look at and click. It’s basically sales material on steroids. I really recommend you to check it out. Ok. We’ve being talking a lot about email marketing. If you think email marketing is dying off. Thanks to Quentin for sharing As old channels such as email get saturated,
it’s time to look into new channels to re-engage customers and get them to actually open your
messages. Botletter allows you to create newsletter
campaigns within facebook messenger. This platform is still quite untapped and
will give you a competitive advantage over the competition. They’ve also got a nice plugin which you
can add to your site to get more subscribers to your messenger. Ok, and on the same sunject of Facebook Messenger
messages, Job got pretty excited because you can now
integrate Typeforms directly in your Facebook Messenger. For example you can embed some of your quizzes
or your questionnaire directly into Messenger. In Growth Insights most of the tools that
we share don’t actually require a credit card to test out. But it turns out that some of them do. And I know that you don’t want to put your
credit card informations in all of this tools that you are gonna test. So today we want to share this credit card
generator. It’s the one we use internally. It works on almost all websites. And it will create Visa or Mastercard fake
credit card numbers, so you can test tools that requires credit
card informations. Ok and now for something completely different. Are you launching a new concept and you want
to see if it’s been tried before? Thanks to Stefan for sharing It will allows you to search through a vast
catalogue of dead startups. Or if your startup just died you can write
your own obituary. Thanks to Stefan for this one as well. We usually use to check out what
kind of trackers and tools different websites are using. ’cause is a really simple chrome extension. So here’s a nice similar tool called It also works as a chrome extension. What sets tis one apart is that the UI is
a bit easier to read and the results are loading super fast. Faster then Ghostery. Check it out it’s free to use. Ok and here’s another useful tool for Facebook. This one was shared by Jim. Facebook like inviter allows you to invite
everyone that reacted on your Facebook page to actually like your page. It’s a nice form of Facebook marketing automation. Ok. Now let’s get a little bit serious whit some
powerful readings. This is probably one of the most powerful
article that we actually red in the past mont. It’s from the Boston Consulting Group, and
at Growth Tribe we’ve been training people and companies on Machine learning for marketing
and growth. This article correctly reflects our sentiments. 85% of executives believe AI will allow their
companies to competitive advantage. However, only 30% said that their organisations
actually have a strategy in place. We believe A.I. and machine learning is actually
becoming the new growth hack that can allow small and big companies to have a competitive
advantage. But you’ve got to jump on the boat right now. According to the Boston Consulting Group,
one of the biggest blockers to implementing A.I. within companies it’s actually education. Understanding what A.I. means, what you can
do whit it. This is why we are starting a new series where
we are going to demystify all the complicated A.I. terms and show you what you can do with
A.I. for growth and marketing. Link is in the description below. Now. Speaking of Machine Learning, let’s look at
Natural Language Processing. A while back Luke shared a really cool tool
from IBM’s Watson. Thanks to IBM Watson’s API, you can run rapid
sentiment analysis on text. You can infer whether the person writing this
text was pretty open, consciousness and extrovert. Pretty powerful….take it for a spin. Ok. Now let’s talk a little bit about websites
optimization. Thanks to Luke for sharing Dareboost. Is the only free tool that he has found that
does a comprehensive website’s speed and performance competitive analysis for two websites. So basically you can take your competitors
and see who’s website is actually faster. The results are fast, easy to interpret and
share with team’s members, using the pdf report download. Oh and by the way…it’s totally free. Ok…here’s another one for our e-commerce
friends… If you’re currently running a shopify store,
check out shopfiystash. It’s got everything and unlimited amount of
resources for Shopify from marketing to product pages, payments, stock and delivery. Check it out. Really excited about this next one. Thanks to Bruno for sharing this really really
nice retargeting tips. We all know retargeting campaigns are one
of the most effective ways of getting multiple touch points of leads. However we all tend to put a pixel on all
visitors who land on your website. Bruno recommends triggering the pixel only
after the visitor has been on the site for 30 to 45 seconds. We’re currently testing this. And we are pretty excited about the results. There is a link to the Javascript code in
the description if you want to set this up on your page. And finally, we’re not recommending a book
this time, we are recommending a list of resources for UX and service design. This was shared by Stefan. I’ve being reading this for the past two weeks
and it’s quite mind blowing. It’s called and it’s a beautifully
curated list of everything service design and UX related. I really highly recommended, especially if
you are trying to create great UX for your customers.


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