U2 360° – Creating The 360 Tour [The production of The Tour] (With Subtitles)

It really has been a long project Bono has been looking for a way of playing in the round, 360, outdoors for years Our idea was really to have the audience be on the stage there with you We learned that in the mid-80s Ne’ve been trying to figure a way to do it outdoors since. I remember […]

2018 Tax Changes For Businesses (2018 Business Tax Rules Explained!) Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018

hello YouTube Mike the CPA here welcome back to money in life TV thank you for joining me I am so excited to see you guys today because I have some great information to share with you and this has been a long time coming and I’ve got nick request after request after request to make this video […]

How We’re Using G Suite as a Business? (G Suite Business Solutions Review)

– One of my favorite and most used tools as a business, team’s most used tools as well, is G Suite, which used to be called Google Apps for Work. And in today’s video I wanna show you why it’s worth investing in, the type of value that we get out of it, etc. So, let’s run through […]

47-2171.00 – Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Workers

It takes nerves of steel and muscles of iron, to work hundreds of feet above the ground, building structures that push up to merge with the clouds. Ironworkers have what it takes to help build the supporting structures for bridges, large buildings, and roads. Consulting sketches and blueprints to guide their work, ironworkers move prefabricated iron and steel […]

Subway Line 9 workers to hold preliminary strike ahead of actual strike from Tuesday

the unionized workers of Sur subway line number nine will go on a preliminary strike today with the actual strike schedule set for Tuesday and Wednesday the strike comes as unittest so launched a work-to-rule protest last month calling for the status of irregular workers to be changed to regular workers and for an expansion of the workforce […]

Peter’s story – an automotive supply chain employer talks

we’re a long-standing company unfortunately our client base now is Ford, Holden and Toyota as a responsible employer where are you going to take a decision that closes the business down there is a moral and ethical responsibility to do as much as possible for you people going forward career transition at I do my resume skills recognition […]