Alan Walker – Darkside (feat. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket)

♪ D-Darkside ♪ ♪We’re not in love♪ ♪We share no stories♪ ♪Just something in your eyes♪ ♪Don’t be afraid♪ ♪The shadows know me♪ ♪Let’s leave the world behind♪ ♪Take me through the night♪ ♪Fall into the darkside♪ ♪We don’t need the light♪ ♪We’ll live on the darkside♪ ♪I see it♪ ♪ let’s feel it♪ ♪While we’re still young […]

Labour Split, Jihadi Bride and More – Weekly Woolfe Roundup.

INTRODUCTORY MUSIC Hi everybody and welcome again to another Weekly Woolfe Report Here I’m going live from Brussels this time. Last week Strasbourg, London before and even on the road when we saw that those people trying to sneak into the backs of lorries and the traffic jams in Calais Well I’m here again and not a week […]

Türkei: Das Ehe-Business mit den geflüchteten Frauen

Sherihan kann nicht mehr. Und bricht das Interview mit mir ab. Sie kann einfach nicht mehr auf meine Frage antworten. Sherian. 27 Jahre. Eine Zweitfrau. Um Frauen wie sie geht es hier. Ich war total … Ich wusste überhaupt nicht was ich machen soll, ehrlich gesagt. Ich wusste nicht, bleibe ich weiter drin. Ich wusste nicht was in […]

The National Employment Rights Authority Ireland(NERA)-A Check List for Employers

hello there in this short video I’m just going to give you an overview about the work of the national employment rights authority in ireland nearer and how employers can prepare for nearer inspections in ireland nearer has the statutory power to prosecute employers in ireland for non-compliance with employment legislation hopefully what follows is useful enough checklist […]

Three tips to hear back from employers – How to find a job [Part 1]

Hi guys. I’m Kim with Snagajob and welcome to our video series where we’re going to walk you through the steps on how to find a job. We love to hear success stories from our members who say Snagajob helped them find their job but it really pains us to hear that some of you have applied to […]