How Julia Reichert Gained The Trust of Workers & Factory Chairman for ‘American Factory’ | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Access is a big part of subject choice, as well. Julia, in your case, you were dealing with this Chinese entrepreneur who gave you extraordinary access even when he was going through some rocky times. Can you talk about navigating that relationship? – You know, I live in Dayton, Ohio and it’s you know, kind […]

Growth or Life?

Our world is a diverse place brimming with ideas and stories but isn’t it strange when it comes to economics for some reason we’ve all ended up settling for the same system a single-story capitalism Here’s the thing. We tend to talk a lot about what it does: private enterprise advertising, stocks and bonds, the market, but we […]

Recruiting and supporting migrant workers Avondale Foods

I’m Mia McKeown and I am the Human Resources Manager of Avondale Foods. We have 450 direct employees and during the summer and Christmas which are our busy periods we employ about 250 extra coming from recruitment agencies. Now 61 per cent of our workforce are all migrant workers. We have about 12 different nationalities: Polish, Slovaks, Czech, […]