Sky Business News – David Hornery discussing finance and capital for SMEs

(upbeat music plays) – [Narrator] On Sky News Business, this is The Enterprise. – Hi there, and welcome to The Enterprise. A show devoted solely to issues affecting your small business. I’m your host Chloé James. Ahead on today’s show, we’ll get the latest on getting your SME into the Chinese market with Vanessa Xing from the Australia […]

Omar Hussain discusses security in healthcare on Fox Business News

straight ahead 2015 quickly becoming the year of the healthcare hack to major healthcare breaches we’ve got the risks next for you tell you about those stores 2015 fast becoming the year of the healthcare hack cyber attacks have hit at them and premier premiera affecting more than 90 million customers with insurance companies and hospitals now going […]

What Do Employers Value Most? Be Fearless.

[music] JULIE RUSCIOLELLI: There’s some real basic fundamentals to get you through the door. Being able to communicate an idea is essential. George Brown grads really care and they’re fearless and they’re going to try something new. What they’ve learned in their curriculum they bring into practicality. But they do it with swagger. And I think that’s the […]

Designated Doctors | Division of Workers’ Compensation

I’m Dr. Ray Morales, and I’m a designated doctor. After I got started I really enjoyed it, I felt like this is something I could become an expert at. The basic role of the designated doctor in the workers’ comp system is to resolve disputes particularly when it comes to the medical status of the injured employee. Can […]

Intro to Parental Leave: What Employers Should Know about FMLA and Leave Policies

NARRATOR: Every year, close to 4 million babies are welcomed by families across the US. That’s a lot of diapers. New parenthood can be a wonderful – and often – overwhelming time. It can also be a bit confusing for employers. VICKI SHABO: I’ve looked very carefully at data on paid parental leave for employers. There’s really nothing […]

What Are the Worst Problems for Florida Employers?

I’d like to ask business owners if they’ve considered the question, what’s the worst that could happen with your employees? I’m Reed Bloodworth, managing partner of Bloodworth Law in Orlando, Florida. We handle employment law and work with clients across the state. We know that most companies have human resources staff and an employee handbook which covers their […]